I have to admit, I have been somewhat overwhelmed and incredibly honored to have so many vegan companies around the world send me their products to review. Below is the current (as current as I can keep up) list of reviews posted with links to the full blog post.

Thanks again to all the wonderful companies and if you’d like to see your product review on, please fill out the contact form on the “ABOUT MEATY VEGAN link (or simply send me an email at and I will send you my contact info and more information about my blog following and traffic. You can also read more on this blog post.






In other news, I’ve taken all my leather, wool, and silk clothing items and have replaced them with 100% vegan and cruelty-free substitutes. I’ve also explored every shelf of every store finding the most interesting and decadent vegan foods out there (keep in mind, we are both vegan and gluten-free, so these lists are even shorter than simply vegan).

Check back often to visit all my favorite vegan destinations and finds. This list will certainly grow over time and if you have anything you want to add, please comment (click the LEAVE A COMMENT link below)!

VEGAN IN ITHACA, NY (where I currently reside):

  • Surprisingly, the “Nation’s Most Enlightened City” (Utne Read) and home to countless hippies, Ithaca has NO vegan restaurants. With more eateries per capita than New York City, one can only hope this will change. There is, however, a vegan, gluten-free, macro destination every Friday night that is kept a secret. I’m giving it away here.
  • Check out the Ithaca Vegan Facebook page for updates on vegan events (like the Vegan Drinks events that actually feature vegans drinking drinks and not a night of drinking Kale Marys).
  • Koko – Collegetown Korean restaurant. Restaurants need to understand is that all we want is for their staff to accommodate with a smile. The staff and kitchen at Koko go above and beyond. Ask for the dol sat bibim bap vegan or the soon doobu. Just typing this makes me want to go.
  • Taste of Thai and Taste of Thai Express both offer gluten-free and vegan options that are delicious (vegan and gluten free pad Thai can’t be beat).
  • Saigon Kitchen – For GF/V Vietnamese pho and mei fun noodles and a spring roll starter. I think we will go there today!
  • Viva – I have to list them here although I can’t stand their seating policy. They have clearly marked vegan “Mexican” options and most can be ordered gluten-free.


  • Check out the Strong Hearts Cafe website here. See what that says? 100% vegan. 100% delicious. All true. While many of their items are not gluten-free, at least they get it. They understand. This is the kind of place Ithaca, NY should have but no one is smart enough to make it work.


  • Moo Shoes – Vegan and cruelty-free clothing and accessories. This is where I walked in with my last pair of leather boots and walked out in my Vegetarian Shoes Chelsea Boots.
  • Hangawi – A restaurant by which every other vegan restaurant should be compared. Amazing Korean food that happens to be vegan.
  • Babycakes NYC – This little bakery in Soho is a must-stop on any vegan NYC journey. Allergen-free, mostly sugar-free, and amazingly delicious. Now if they only served Gimme! Cofffee.
  • Gimme Coffee – Yes, coffee is vegan and, yes, you can order your latte with soy milk … however, Gimme! Coffee’s coffee is SO good, you won’t need soy milk. Or sugar. Ask for a pour-over of any single origin coffee and bring home a bag. Mott Street Soho and in BK.


  • Vedge – Okay, can’t lie. Haven’t been here yet but it’s a vegan restaurant that makes everyone’s top ten restaurants in the U.S. list … so for that reason alone I have to give it props (also, saw the chef compete and win on Chopped and was very impressed).
  • Virago Baking Company (Lansdale, PA) – How does a tiny suburb of Philly have such an amazing gluten free and vegan bakery? Beats me but they do. Went here and ate everything (including the most incredible GF/V pizza) and then ordered everything to go.


  • Busboys and Poets – While not officially a vegan restaurant, this cool hangout features some very nice vegan items (tofu scramble) and is very accommodating. Check out their “Tribal Statement” on their website.


  • Chicago Diner – Seriously amazing eats. As a fan of the classic American Diner (and someone who will never again be able to eat in a classic American diner), this place has it all. French fries with gravy and “milk”shakes to die for.
  • Bombay Spice – Whenever we travel, I am in charge of finding the restaurants. Somehow I always (almost) strike gold. This was one of those times. Elegant, yet funky with flavors that explode in your mouth! This gluten-free, vegan Indian paradise has another advantage: they’re also in Phoenix … another place we visit.


  • Green – Best vegan restaurant in the Phoenix area. THIS is the kind of place I want to open.


  • Vegan X – Vegan shopping in London and one of the official headquarters of the Secret Society of Vegans. This is where we discovered Violife Vegan Cheese.
  • SAF – Best vegan and gluten free food in London is located in a Whole Foods Market? Sure! Stop in and ask for Perry. JUST found out tonight that SAF is closing … forever! Good bye best vegan restaurant in London.


  • Hungry Hungry Hippie – This is as good a list as any of the numerous vegan shops and restaurants in Paris. While there, you must visit Saveurs VĂ©gĂ©t’Halles. Was my favorite vegan meal the entire trip.
  • There is also a small shop in Paris that sells vegan items and cheeses (Un Monde Vegan). Depending on which direction you’re coming from, you may be “welcomed” along the way by some very scantily-clad “ladies.” Viva Paris!

6 thoughts on “VEGAN REVIEWS

  1. You forgot to include Taste of Thai and Taste of Thai Express (in Ithaca). They have some amazing vegan food.

    And – I run a totally vegan B&B just outside of Watkins Glen: The Ginger Cat.


    • You are right! We order from TOT all the time. In fact, they were the very first to offer a full GF menu which includes numerous vegan options. I will make those edits today.

      I’ve heard of your B&B and would love to visit sometime. You’re mentioned in VegNews often.

      Let me know if you’d be interested is writing a guest blog post about your B&B, I know there would be many readers interested.

      Thanks for stopping by!



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