Right-Wing Conservative Republican Vegan Wanted



Can a Conservative Republican Vegan exist? Technically speaking, your political affiliation has nothing to do with your diet so, by that logic, a dietary Conservative Republican Vegan can exist. But can a full-on ethical vegan also be a Conservative Republican?

I’ve never met one. I live in a very liberal city. So much so, that in any given race for any open office, Republicans have stopped running. There have been ballots with one person’s name on it. The Republicans have stopped trying.

But what about the rest of America? The blood red states? Are there households in the Midwest, with a framed photo of George W. Bush in the kitchen, where the family is sitting down to a kale salad, tofu loaf, and quinoa dinner? Discussing Reaganomics and how they are going to spend the afternoon protesting fracking or volunteering at an animal shelter?

I am actually curious to know if people like this exist. Are you out there?

If you take everything that veganism stands for. The high octane version of the vegan lifestyle — I truly don’t think it’s possible. Diet, yes (still seems random), lifestyle, no. The two ideals are polar opposites. I can’t see a Conservative Republican getting behind the recent charter of a jet transporting 750 hens from California to the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. Or, a Conservative Republican wearing a “I Don’t Eat Animals” t-shirt. Unless they were trying to be ironic.

But, then again, the Republican party was founded by anti-slavery activists in 1854 and they established equal rights to all men (women would have to wait) — that seems pretty liberal. There is a website dedicated to moderate republicans who are vegan. The Vegan Republican  states on their homepage: “Everybody thinks vegans are always liberals. Not true. Some of us are moderate Republicans.” The do have to mention that the commentary needs to stay “mild.” The publisher of Forbes, Rich Karlgaard, is a Republican and wrote an excellent HuffPost article about being vegan. However, within the article he calls himself an “almost vegan.” Of course, there is no such thing. So, do they truly exist?

On another note, Meatloaf (the singer) is Republican but obviously not vegan. The official animal of the GOP is an herbivore. That has to count for something.

Maybe Republican vegans existed at one time in American history? To quote one very well-known Republican vegetarian:

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”

~ Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President, Republican

So, is it possible? I want to hear from you!

Go vegan.

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121 thoughts on “Right-Wing Conservative Republican Vegan Wanted

    • Lisa


      My family and I are 100% plant based, conservative, Christian, republicans. Yes, we are out here! We are all plant based for health and I am plant based because I do not believe it is appropriate to kill and eat animals when we can healthfully live on plant foods. As a Christian, I believe biblically that God’s perfect world is a plant based one. Man and animal lived in harmony prior to “the fall of man”, as can be read about in Genesis, where everyone was an herbivore during this time. It was only after “the flood” of the earth that God “allowed” meat eating. While he allowed it, he did not demand it nor did he state that is best for man to eat meat. Finally, upon Christ’s return “the lion will lay with the lamb” once again; meaning everyone will once again be an herbivore therefore, I believe biblically that God’s perfect, harmonious world is one where all man and animal alike are herbivores/vegan/plant based. As for the republican side of me, I believe fully in the strength of the free market and everyone without serious mental or physical disability being accountable for making their own way. No able bodied individual should be allowed to ride freely on the hard work of others. However, on that note, we also believe in supporting financially, and are involved in physically, nearly 10 charitable organizations and we provide others jobs through our small business. Those who work to become “the haves” or “the wealthy” in this country are those who can support jobs, give to the needy, and generally provide others a better way of life than the government ever can. The free market supports success for all while a socialist society supports everyone being at a disadvantage. In a socialist based society, no one has the incentive to work hard because it will all be taken away and when that happens it also leaves nothing for those seeking a hand out. Everyone is poor and downtrodden in this scenario.


    • Erica

      Hi! I’m a vegan libertarian, but vote republican. I believe voting democrat is better for the animals in the SHORT term but voting republican is better for the animals in the LONG run. This is why. Republicans are constantly voting to end the the corn subsidies while democrats vote to keep it. 90% of corn is used to feed livestock and the subsidies artificially decrease the price of meat. The 1 pound of meat that you buy at the grocery that normally costs $6/pound, without the corn subsidy, would actually cost around $30/pound. If the price of meat was it’s normal price, people would naturally eat less meat because it’s so damn expensive. Therefore, the american diet would decrease from being 50% animal products to something like 5% animal products. Alright, what about the 5% animals still being killed? Well, if we flat out ban the consumption of animals underground industries will unfortunately still exist. We need people to come to the realization that animals are sentient and not want to eat them on their own. This is why it is important to keep our internet free and open (something republicans are fighting for). Democrats are pretending to fight for a free and open internet, but they are not, do not be fooled.


      • I agree with Erica on almost everything she said. 🙂 On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 9:00 PM Meaty Vegan wrote:

        > Erica commented: “Hi! I’m a vegan libertarian, but vote republican. I > believe voting democrat is better for the animals in the SHORT term but > voting republican is better for the animals in the LONG run. This is why. > Republicans are constantly voting to end the the corn su” >


    • Hi 🙂 Republican, pro-life, love Jesus, love cats, have been rescued by many of them since 1979, and I am very happily Vegan. And my list is not in order of importance at all 😀

      To be honest, I am probably more Indy than Republican, but when I registered to vote, the party looked and was so different than today.
      A lot of people who are Christians find it interesting to talk and think about (and i am not preachy about my faith or veganism, I feel actions speak louder than words but thought this might be interesting to someone) Anyway! That before the Fall of man, humans were made to be vegan. So if you want to live a life that is closer to the sweet, Good life that God intended, veganism is a step in that direction.

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    • I am also a very conservative vegan. Most people assume I am liberal on all issues, but it could not be further from the truth. I am a vegan for health reasons: the science is very clear on this, animal products are directly linked to the top reasons for death in the western world due to their meat centric diets. On social issues I am very conservative and take a biblical view on everything from gay unions to abortion.

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    • John clark

      I like this a lot. Seeing vegans on both sides of the political spectrum shows me thatthe message is spreading. People equate being vegan with having to be a left on a lot of issues, but lately the left has been out of control.

      Lets not forget ben carson is a vegetarian haha


    • A True Pro-Life Person

      We exist, definitely. My family is Pro-Life, so we stand against abortion (killing unborn and innocent babies) and against killing animals, as they are innocent as well. We are also (almost all of us) against the death penalty, because thats what pro-life really should be- no killing unless necessary for the safety of others. I really don’t understand why all pro-lifers aren’t vegan. It doesn’t make sense to me… Regardless, we absolutely exist, and we are happy to fight for the right to life for everyone!


    • Geia

      What a condescending “fuck you Republican” blog. I’m so tired of the bullshit from vegans against conservatives. I was an animal lover, animal activist since I’ve been 5 years old. I am a vegetarian with about 95% veganism. I allow some cheese here and there. The condescending attitude about Republicans is so sickening in “your” community. It is rampant on youtube. I can’t even watch it anymore. You all disgust me. Hey, be vegan – you asshole Republicans! Oh, wait, you can’t, you are Republicans.
      Hey, you liberals. I used to be the biggest meat eating liberal out there and from an ex-liberal, meat eater to all you vegans = Get some commons sense and stop feeding from the masses community bullshit bowl and learn some real news and some real history – oh wait, you can’t you are a liberal who only allows lies and bullshit into your tiny little wasted mind. Oh, and fuck off.


  1. While not a vegan, I support and buy local, organic and I’m a conservative libertarian.

    I hold that the current alliance of big agri-business and big-government go hand in hand and has created our food crisis through artificially sustaining our food production via subsidies and regulation, which nearly always benefit and are tyically written by the big producers.

    Furthermore, I see the current local movement as being more in sync with and able to exist because of the free market principles of competition and property rights put forth by Republicans as opposed to those ideas of the statist, big government advocates and the unholy alliance between Democrats and big agri-business that results.

    When left to function properly, the market, with millions of consumers making choices will prosper and local choice will dominate over what is forced from the top down.


  2. Absolutely conservative, and basically vegetarian. There are tons of us who actually respect and give money (what? lucrative and/or Republican/Libertarian people giving money??) to great causes that protect trees, animals, and despise MONSANTO (which our current president supports, no different from the ones before him who have strategic greed implanted in their bones to gain population control), GMOs, and non-organic foods. We are extremely conscious eaters, who spend our hard-earned money in direct respect for life. So there. You’ve met one:) Just sayin…..


    • Great response. Thank you! Vegetarian (basically) is a LONG way from vegan but I love that you’re committed to sustainability and being (as conscious as you choose to be) thoughtful with what you consume.

      The world needs more people like you!


  3. What exactly is in conflict of being a conservative living a vegan lifestyle? Conservatism and yes as you pointed out the Republican Party are rooted in compassion and respect for life. The only things you may find as being polar opposites are when veganism is taken and applied to things that have nothing to do with it, such as your line about protesting fracking.

    Anyway, me personally I have been vegan for over 13 years, solidly conservative and a registered Republican. I am one of many, and we’re not ironic or halfway on conservatism and compassion for animals. We’re also as a whole less in your face about being vegan so we’re not as easy to spot. Lots of Libertarian vegans too, as well as vegetarians.

    Matthew Scully is mentioned in the above comments. He is a political speech writer and worked for George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan among others. He wrote a really good book called Dominion; you should check it out.


  4. I am a social conservative, I am also a dyed in the (non-wool) vegan since the mid 90s (the days before vegan cheeses that melted, vitasoy, and Jolly Green Giant sausages), and though I didn’t participate in the hen jet, two of my best friends were part of the process. I don’t believe that veganism or the related concept of stewardship of the Earth are tied to any one political party so I laugh at your framing veganism as somehow only belonging to the left. I am pro-life, anti-death penalty, and anti-vivisection, no party represents me in that regard! I’m not sure if I meet your particular definition of a “real vegan” but I have participated in fur free Friday demos, bailed friends out of jail after demos, and volunteered at a farm sanctuary. (specifically the one in Orland, CA).
    I don’t often blog about veganism, but here’s a few pieces here http://area43.net/tag/veganism/

    PS Check out the hashtag #tofupartypatriots on Twitter!


  5. jim severs

    In my life I have seen that most people who buy in to the bullshit of a meat based diet come from both sides of the isle but for the most part the people who truly believe in self reliance and charity ultimately find some sort of plant based diet. so modern day libertarian old timey republican. less is more when it comes to harming animals in diet and in government.


  6. Louise

    I am offended by your piece. Why do you think loving animals is a political issue? Maybe this is why vegans get a bad rap, often being called strident in all of their views. I cant attend local vegan functions because, God forbid, I am a conservative republican. Why are most vegans so closed minded in this regard? Many are very intolerant. It’s too bad, because I like being around people who love animals and are disgusted by the thought of eating an animal or their secretions. For this upcoming Turkey Holocaust, I will be hosting several republicans and democrats for our tofurkey dinner.
    Please see pieces by Matthew Scully and Charles Camosy on National Review.com
    And as Vegan Patriot mentioned, one of the most important books on animal welfare in the last fifty years, Dominion, was written by Matthew Scully, vegan, conservative and best friend of Wayne Pacelle, HSUS president.


    • I, in no way, meant to offend. You have to understand where I live: Ithaca, NY. Might be the most liberal city in the world. Hippies everywhere. Democrats run for EVERY office unopposed. Every conservative Republican is in hiding. This is all no exaggeration.

      So, when I am with vegans … they are ALL very liberal. I don’t think of veganism as a political belief (I do think of it more as a religion than anything). So, I posed this question and wrote this piece believing that YOU didn’t exist.

      I really didn’t. And if I asked the 20 or so vegans I know whether THEY know anyone who voted for Bush who is vegan … they would ALL say “no.”

      With this said, I am SO happy to make your acquaintance and the acquaintance of the others who have commented here.

      And I’d love to invite you all to my next potluck (THAT would be interesting).

      Thanks for commenting!


      • Louise

        Thank you for your nice response! As you can see, I am sensitive about this issue. I also get grief from dems and reps about being vegan and I sometimes get testy. I enjoy your tweets and just discovered your blog. Thanks much and look forward to other posts!


  7. Member of the British Conservative Party and Vegan – on the libertarian wing

    (in British English I would say liberal wing – but that word has a very different meaning over here and is associated with the economic right and social left)

    I believe in a live and let live approach in my economics, social views and in my dietary choices.


  8. You many think of veganism as a religion – but I guess its part of a wider political philosophy for both of us – very distinct philosophies that just happen to overlap in the animal rights area.


    • Would love to find a guest blogger from “your side” of veganism. Am so glad I put that question out there and am overwhelmed and delighted with the responses. Has broadened my thinking even further.


  9. Lars, the Viking

    I am a vegetarian-vegan purely for health reasons. Sometimes I do fall off the wagon. But as the Swami said, it is the goal. Smart people do take care of their health. Smart people have self discipline. Former President Clinton is an example of a smart person who went vegan. There are plenty of dumb Republicans, God bless them, I love them, they will see Jesus before me.


  10. As you’ve found out there are Vegan conservatives out there. I’m one also, Black, vegan and conservative boy does that confuse some folks. 😉 I’ve been vegan for about 20 years, turned vegetarian 23 years ago. I’m involved with several ministries the main being a local Homeless shelter and our Lutheran Churches Food closet. I also knit and donate hats to NICU and cancer patients.


  11. Fra

    Hi, I’m not an American so I don’t know if I count, anyhow I’m vegan and very right wing. I’m from Italy.
    I would like to say that I’m living proof that right wing vegans exist, but I agree with Meaty Vegan that they don’t actually seem to exist, in fact I often get the feeling that I must be the only one in the world.
    The reason for this is, to me, a mystery. My fellow right wing people seem to love animals, so why do they continue to eat them? Why is it that almost all vegans are on the left? I don’t get it.


  12. Somewhere in Syracuse

    As a musician who is usually surrounded by people younger than myself I love to bring up this point… “Who do you think gave you the freedom to play in your crappy punk rock band and wear your “f” Bush/ Reagan/ whatever shirt and complain about other people who are more successful than you?”

    If you pull away pro-life and religion I would consider myself an independent conservative (to put it generically). The current Republican party in power are nothing more than the flip side of the coin to the Dems (think otherwise just look at who’s pushing for immigration reform). The Tea Party are some of the last Americans standing. Allen West (FL) and Scott Walker (WI) would make a great team to clean up the mess this country is in.

    Been vegan for around 20 years now and live a clean lifestyle all around.

    Anyone who’s both conservative and vegan must be a truly unique individual… this makes you not only compassionate, but smart!


  13. Dan

    I live in Spain, where veganism is highly influenced by anarchism and radical left wing people. It is sad to see vegan fighting for their political ideology, rather than promoting veganism. I’m not American, but I lived in the states for almost 4 years, and I consider myself a libertarian in some sense. And I’m thrilled to see that some republican conservatives are actually vegan, because veganism is about the animals, not about political affiliation. If it were about political affiliation, I’d never become a vegan, because I don’t want anything to do with anarchists or communists like many vegans in Spain are. They believe that because they are left-wing, they are better vegans than the rest, and it just feeds to their narcissism. So, I’m glad to read this post, to open the idea of conservatives going vegan. We need to all go vegan, doesn’t matter who you vote. Thank you!


  14. I enjoyed this post, as well as your commenters’ additions. This is a question I too have pondered, but unlike you, I came up in a staunchly Republican Texas city.

    That said, I am surrounded by conservatives. They are my friends, my family, my kids’ friends’ parents, my kids’ teachers…practically everyone I know and associate with. I manage 400+ PTA members, all of whom know that I’m vegan (they call me Dirt Girl), so I’ve met a few Liberals in that group too. You know what? I’ve not met a single other vegan in the flesh. Period.

    I have no political affiliation, though I do have issue with the dichotomy that is the right-to-life and Old Testament types, whose platform is conveniently not extended to others (non-humans), because that would mean giving up eating and stealing from them as well. It does drive a wedge between me and my closest family members.

    After running several election campaigns and being quite in the fold of local politics, I finally gave it up completely. Like a good drug habit, I’ve learned to just say NO.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead


    • Thanks for commenting.

      Someone else I know just recently decided to not choose a political party at all. He is vegan. So, I guess some of his leanings might lean to the right now and again.

      I cannot imagine being the only vegan. Not having met another vegan. Being surrounded by that many people without one of them thinking like you think.

      Send them all a link to my blog. 😉


      • Already have! Send some of your vegans down here too. We could use some.

        My kids are the “weirdos” who don’t eat the cheese pizzas at the parties. My daughter’s hero for a school project wasn’t her mom, not her dad either. It was (get this) Ric O’Barry. Made my heart smile, but it would be nice for us to have a fan club to join, much as the sports teams and rap fans. Thank you for what you do.


      • Our vegan “mafia” totals about 20 people. We meet for potluck, drinks, fim screenings, etc. I’m sure many of them would love to move there (I assume it’s warmer than here right now). I admire you for standing your ground and making a smart, and healthy, and compassionate future for your family.

        BTW, tell your kids that the other kids are the weirdos. I mean who would drink the milk of another species and tear flesh off the bone of a dead animal? Weirdos … that’s who.

        Thank you for thanking me. Everyone once in a while I get someone like you who understands what this blog is about and that means a great deal to me.



      • Well, I find myself driving through Ithaca, I’ll rip off the “No-Bama” bumper sticker, take down the shotgun off the rack (kidding) and meet you for a smoothie somewhere to drink a toast to the voiceless. Your mafia sounds smashing.

        PS — Flip flops. Shorts. Yes. Amazingly warm. Just stole 20 bags of leaves and grass clippings (for my garden habit) off of people’s curbs before the trash pick-up took them.


      • Louise

        I love those “No-Bama” stickers! You aren’t alone, Shannon, although I often feel that way, too. My boyfriend and I are conservative vegans (libertarian on social issues) and we only know 3 others. There was some Gallup poll I think last year that showed vegans being evenly divided in political beliefs.
        One of the best books on animal welfare is “Dominion” by Matthew Scully. Matthew worked in the Bush White House as a speechwriter and recently wrote Paul Ryan’s speech at the 2012 convention. He is a conservative vegan and best friends with Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS.
        I worked in the communications office during the Republican convention in Tampa in 2012 and can tell you I was pleasantly surprised that the meals they catered for lunch and dinner everyday for the volunteers always included a vegetarian option and it was often a vegan one. I had packed a million protein bars in my suitcase thinking I wouldn’t be able to eat anything. Times are changing! Also, it was reported that before Romney’s first debate ( where he demolished Obama), he had a veggie burger for dinner!
        Hang in there! You aren’t alone.


  15. Fred

    I often wonder how someone who cares about animal welfare would also be republican/ conservative.
    The left boycotts a company because they discriminate, the right boycotts because the company doesn’t.
    we just saw the right wing trying to pass a law in Arizona that said a business could refuse to sell to a gay or lesbian person.
    The right wing is doing their best to deny Americans their right to vote using a phony ploy of illegal voting.
    Republicans are trying to pass laws that give a rapist visitation rights to a baby resulting from a violent sexual assault on a woman.
    I could do this all day.
    And by the way, pathological liar Mitt Romney “won” the first debate with President Obama because Mitt Romney didn’t show up.
    Also, remember the Republican party of Lincoln was in no way the same party of today’s Republicans. That would be the Whig Party.


  16. Fred

    Have been thinking about this all night.
    Right wingers love to call PeTA a “radical” animal rights group, label vegans as animal rights “nuts”. Answering the writer who said she loves the ‘nobama’ sticker, i was driving up in rochester ( i live in naples ny) a while back and got behind a pick up with a ‘nobama’ sticker, a george w bush sticker, and one of those window stickers of the little boy peeing on some expression the driver identifies with, and under the stream of piss was the word PeTA.
    all i could think of was what a wonderful organization PeTA is, they have devoted their lives to fighting animal cruelty, in all it’s forms, and here is this man with so much hatred in his heart.
    to the writer who said she was so insulted that you would even question the notion that conservatives could be vegans, all i can say is we are known by the company we keep. so maybe she needs to redirect her anger.


    • Fred,

      Thanks again for commenting and that sticker (I assume it was Calvin peeing the the PeTA logo) just how how drastic the “other side” of all this can be. To not only purchase that sticker but to put it on your vehicle?

      … and we’re the weirdos.

      The one thing that this post (which keeps coming back up over and over again) is that there ARE conservative vegans out there and not a single liberal vegan I hang out with believes me. This post was never intended to draw a correlation between veganism and politics (since there is none) but it seemed impossible for me that they exist.

      But they do.
      And in BIG numbers.
      Think of all the 7th Day Adventists alone.

      It’s kind of bad but I would love to facilitate a meeting between my tree hugging anti-fracking vegans and these Bush/Palin-loving vegans. I think we would learn a lot about each other and a lot about being truly compassionate toward our own species.


    • Danny

      Would just like to say I’ve read that PETA kills 90% of the animals they take in within 24 hours without even trying to find them a home. Supposedly they don’t consider the right to love part of being considerate of animals! Don’t attack me! Just what I read! Btw I’m vegan democrat/libertarian


  17. Megan

    I’m pretty late to this party but I was excited to find this post! I’m a conservative and am nearly always vegan (I’ll eat some dairy at restaurants and relative’s homes.) I gradually stopped eating meat about 7 years ago, completely stopping about 5. I value all life, not just human. I think a lot more conservatives would become vegan/vegetarian if someone explained it that way.
    It is lonely out there for us, I can tell you! I live in MD and my friends are a mix of political affiliations, probably leaning to the right. I only have one friend that is a vegan conservative too, so we decided to check out the “scene” in Baltimore. We took a cooking class which had a happy hour afterwards and, needless to say, it got a little awkward when politics came up. No one was outright rude but we were immediately the “others” in the group.
    Thanks for this post, glad to see there are other like me out there!


      • Megan

        Yes, it is delicious! I went there for my birthday last year with my (mostly Democrat) family. The ladies in the family loved it, while my dad and uncles ate their veggie burgers and grumbled.
        The raw chocolate tart is to die for!


  18. I’m a big Rand Paul fan! I lean right/libertarian. I’m a traditional moralist. I must say that I admire Matthew Scully and Charles Camosy for advancing veganism among conservatives.

    The way I fit my I veganism into my political ideology is that I believe that negative/natural rights should be extended to animals too. Someone else has written a good post on this: http://www.strike-the-root.com/4/graham/graham1.html

    I have been a vegan for about 2-3 years.

    I must say that it would be great to know the people who have commented on this thread on Twitter! Join me @Arpit_Chauhan.

    Also, @SlavLibertarian maintains a list of Vegan/Vegetarian Libertarians here: https://twitter.com/SlavLibertarian/lists/vegan-veggie-libertarians
    Subscribe to it to get to know more right-leaning vegans!


  19. julie id

    your preconceptions are a mess. you and many of the posters equate veganism with being anti-GMO, anti-fracking, anti-corporate, pro-organic, who knows what. well, DUH, if u drag in every liberal cause there is, then OF COURSE you’re not gonna find a conservative that fits. no nukes! stop global warming! raise the minimum wage!! WHERE are the conservatives?!

    circular logic at its best.

    i’m conservative and i’m vegan. END OF STORY. like most conservatives, i’m pro-corporate, pro-fracking, pro-GMO and anti-organic. what do any of those have to do with being vegan?!

    oh, and NO, i wouldn’t volunteer at an animal shelter. i hate animals. don’t want them in my belly, don’t want them in my house, don’t want them in my life. they can live freely in their animal world; i will live freely in my human one. hopefully neither of us will eat the other.

    shelters have their place, but let’s face it, it is the height of hypocrisy for any so-called vegan to POSSESS an animal. great, you don’t eat them, but then u lock them up as CHATTEL for the rest of their lives.

    liberal logic at its best!



    • Excellent comment! Thanks for putting me in my Birkenstock-wearing place. BTW, I don’t wear Birkenstocks. Those are hippie shoes. I really don’t like hippies. They smell funny.

      Conservatives, however, smell great.

      Thanks again for commenting!


  20. Joe

    I would consider myself a right-wing classical liberal. I am member of the UK Conservative Party.

    I believe in sustainability and responsibility. Respect for others and the right to do anything you like as long as it does not harm others (essentially the basic tenement of liberalism).

    Meat eating is neither sustainable nor respectful and hence I favour and advocate avoiding it. I see it as not contradictory in the slightest.

    If I were from your side of the pond I would never vote Democrat – would consider voting for the republicans, but I am a fairly hardcore social liberal and so not a good match with the nutty fundamentalist christian position that many in the party advocate (We have a few in the UK tories – but they are less influential). Probably more likely to go Libertarian.


  21. Joe

    P.S. I get very confused the American use of the word liberal – you use it like I would use the socialist – but I don’t know whether it is meant more or less the same as “left wing” or whether it is a bit different. I would associate being a liberal with being on the economic right.


    • Thanks for commenting. “Liberal” in the U.S. are the left-leaning “hippies.” Meanwhile, I consider myself liberal but I’m not a hippy!

      Have a great day and thanks again for taking the time to comment! And thanks for all you do for the animals.



  22. Cannot Tell

    I know I’m coming in pretty late, but I found the post above pretty interesting. I am an aspiring vegan and not only am I pretty conservative, I actually support white nationalism. (I realize that historically white nationalists have come from all over the political spectrum, but I think most of the contemporary ones fall on the right.)


    • You know what I love about this blog post? Two things:

      1. It actually taught me that there are right-leaning vegans. I never thought of veganism as a political lifestyle choice but I also never knew a single vegan who voted for Bush. I love that you’re out there!

      2. This post is the most commented on above all my 275 other blog posts. It keeps getting found and I’m very proud to know that I had something to do with bringing the conservative vegans forward.

      I need to come up with a storm follow up post about my findings. It’s really quite fascinating.

      Thanks for commenting and good luck with your vegan transition. It will be the best decision of and for your life.



  23. liz musarra

    I want to commend you on your positive communication style and great attitude. I am an off again/on again vegan/vegetarian and am a fiscal conservative…and out right conservative in many respects. I would be vegan if I could figure out a way to keep my husband and children happy…so I resort to eating less animal products at least until my kids fly the coop. In all honesty, my forays into veganism have left me distraught with the judgmental nature and negative energy of many vegans. I do think a by product of veganism should be, as a result of eliminating animal abuse, to create a more positive and loving energy in the universe. The negativity of some vegans does just the opposite and pushed me in the opposite direction. I found this blog as I have recently considered creating my own blog searching for free market conservatives or libertarians that are vegan in nature and care for our planet and I, too, felt they didn’t exist but do not know why. Respect for animal life certainly would seem to fall within this value system. I think an earlier reply hit upon a key reason….conservatives don’t tend to advertise or even talk about it, nor consider it a part of their “identity” as one of my liberal friends described her liberal/vegetarian nature. Anyway, I will peruse and follow your blog. Keep up the good work!


  24. kat

    Im a very conservative republican but im not 100% vegan. I use eggs from the chickens i raise myself and honey from my bees. I only eat these products because i take excellent care of my animals. Im also an animal welfare advocate.

    I was a very young child when i apparently told my parents i wasnt eating things that have mothers.

    Ive never met another conservative republican, christian, vegetarian or vegan. Its so hard to find a partner in life with my same views. So if there are any single men looking for a woman….. 😉


  25. Rob

    I am a new vegan although I was a vegetarian for years in my 20s and 30s. I am a conservative / libertarian. The conservative viewpoint on life is consistent with a vegan lifestyle. The Republican party ended slavery…perhaps they can end cruelty, rape, and murder of innocent animals as well.


  26. Dave

    yes, i too am out here. I am ethically vegan, and a right wing conservative. The reality is that the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness need not be limited to human animals. The first commandment in the Hebrew bible – though shall not kill, along with Genesis 1:29 make no specification as such. That said, I’m glad to meet others here, and one need not necessarily go hand in hand with the other. I would love to hear what others consider their definition of “conservative” to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Annemarie,

      Thank you so much for commenting and, over time, I think people like you are going to help break a stereotype barrier in the vegan community.

      Thank you for all you do for the animals.

      PS – where are you in college?


  27. Someone

    Hi, I’m not technically a “Republican”, or even American.
    I live in Italy.

    I’m a vegan for ethical reasons, and I’m an actual bona fide right winger. I’m pro-life, in favor of strongly limiting third world immigration to first world countries, want the state to be firm about crime, want taxes and expenditures to be low, don’t care about social justice, don’t want affirmative action to arise in my country, don’t want gay people to get married or adopt children. This is to show that i really mean it when I say I’m on the right. I’m not a centrist.

    I don’t know if I would wear a shirt that says “I don’t eat animals”, but that’s only because I’m not the type of person to wear political t-shirts. But I would probably go to an animal rights demonstration. Why not?

    I don’t understand meat eaters. Eating meat is just stupid. Why use sentient beings for energy when you could just use plants? It’s like making fire with Picasso paintings instead of wood.

    And I’m deeply, deeply frustrated with the fact that right wingers find this incomprehensible, and that when I say I’m vegan people assume I must be a left winger. It’s absurd.

    Yet these right wingers, who eat meat at the lunch table, would feel very uncomfortable with running over an animal on the road. I don’t know anyone who is not nice to animals in ordinary life. Not one person! Yet they eat them. WTF?

    I talk to Christians about this. Would you kill an animal? Noooo, I never would they say. But you eat them? They eat them in the bible they say. WTF? Not everything they do in the bible is a commandment. Why do you take part in things that you yourself deep down realize are nasty since you wouldn’t do them yourself?

    I know I’m ranting.
    You see I found this post by googling “right wing vegan” out of frustration.

    Liked by 1 person

      • someone

        Wow, what a quick reply!

        You’re welcome, thanks to you as well.

        Let me add one things to that list of political position, I would like my country to make war on drugs like you do in the US… and to make war (at least in the form of moderate discouragement) on animal fats too. That’s consistent!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Cannot Tell


      I agree with you on every single one of the political issues you mentioned. It’s pretty rare that I meet people that agree with me on so many issues. I’d love to talk to you if you’re interested. My email address is stdnt8290@gmail.com


  28. Dana

    Hi there,
    I suspect I found your post like many others. I wondered if people like me existed. I am finding myself very lost at 43! I don’t know that there is a political party that represents who I am or what I believe anymore. I am vegan to the extent of which I know and I make changes accordingly when there are new things that I learn. I just recently wrote a post on the need for vegans and carnivores to be nice to each other. I am finding such nastiness on both sides as each is very defensive about what they believe. I think being hateful is, and will always be counterproductive! You said you didn’t think that “conservative” vegans existed and I understand that because I am having a hard time finding “kind” vegans. It confounds me because I feel vegans should represent love for all life, but I find a very different spirit when I watch their vlogs and read their blogs. I literally have to tune out the “hatefulness” to glean any information of true value. If you know of kind resources please share them with me, I’m desperate! Another very touchy subject that I can’t understand that seems to permeate liberal vegan ideals is the abortion. I really can’t wrap my mind around it. I had a very long debate with an extremely liberal friend over the fact that her vegan principles somehow allowed her to be pro choice. I can’t make sense of it. How can you protest for the rights of animals and freak out over their inhumane treatment, but then somehow support the holocaust of the unborn. In my mind it is the most extreme form of hypocrisy. I just don’t get it. I believe that every creature that inhabits the earth is precious. Sometimes I think I must be missing something, but then I ponder it for days and simply cannot reconcile this one precious issue. I believe that my God created each creature intentionally. I believe that all are to be respected and appreciated. I understand that we don’t live in a utopia, but I believe it is possible. We could make it happen if we all had a mutual respect for all life forms. If we put greed, jealousy and hate aside. I don’t agree with gay marriage, I don’t agree with the current welfare system, I don’t agree with socialism “fairness” plus great many more issues. I also don’t make it my business to force someone else to agree with me and do things my way. Who am I to say that my way is the only right way? Maybe that’s why you don’t hear much from people like me. I believe in respect, real honest to goodness respect. So I don’t know what party affiliate that makes me anymore. As far as being vegan goes, I mostly find self-righteous people who live a life of hypocrisy. I say that not because they aren’t “good” vegans, but because they aren’t being “good” to people too. In my opinion you can’t treat people like crap and speak/curse at them the way you do and call yourself a true vegan. That being said there are no perfect vegans on either side of the aisle. Why? Because there is no such thing as perfection…even in the above dream of utopia. We (humanity) all kill bugs unintentionally, we hit animals and bugs with our vehicles whether we drive economic friendly cars or not. Try walking or riding a bicycle without squashing some poor unsuspecting bug. We kill creatures like rabbits, mice and ground fowl and take their resources with our gardening and farming. The list goes on and on. We all make mistakes and let our tempers and frustration get the better of us from time to time. In my quest to be a better person and inhabitat of this beautiful planet, I must continually strive to love it and treat it and all of its inhabitants with kindness. There is no way that I will leave it without making some negative impact, but I can do my best to do as little harm as I possibly can. That means I am continually learning and working to practice what I preach (with more practicing and less preaching). People don’t care what I say, they care what I do. The animals and the environment would say the same if they could speak. I wish we could all learn the art of respecting others, the world would be a much better place. Could we start a new political party…the Party of Respect? It may be a pipe dream, but it’s my pipe dream! Thank you for this post. I found it helpful and very interesting to read all the responses. I hope that somewhere in the future we can all just love each other and respect the differences, love the planet and appreciate it, and love the animals and treat them with the same love and kindness we want to be shown ourselves! Sorry this was so long and surely all over the place 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Dana

    Sorry there was one more thing I wanted to say about my thoughts on liberal vegans being hurtful or hateful in their speech and attitudes. I believe in being passionate about such an important cause. There is a huge difference between caring passion and hatefulness! Talk to people the way you want to be spoken to and you’ll find that more people will listen, even if they choose to disagree. Be respectful and live out your beliefs! You’ll male a much greater impact that way. Peace and blessings 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dana,

      Thank you so much for your comments and insight. I’ll reply with more tomorrow (Monday) but wanted to make sure I acknowledged all your commenting!

      Thank you for all you do for the animals.


  30. Sam

    Chalk up one for another vegan conservative here in Florida! Question ; is the number of replies consistent with your expectations? FWIW, I found your article needlessly patronizing against CV’s…as if you believe the ridiculous character that (liberals) often create, and then find us guilty of.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sam,

      I wrote this piece SO long ago and am delighted (at this point) that so many of “you” have found it and have commented. I apologize for the tone but you have to know I’ve lived in one of the most earthy-crunchy. hippy, hemp-loving cities in the country for over two decades. We are ALL 100% convinced our next president is Bernie Sanders. 100%!

      Thanks so much for chiming in. I am hoping to one day either collect all these comments into a new blog post or find a conservative (presumably Republican) vegan to guest blog post.

      Thank you for all you do for the animals.


      • Sam

        Thanks for the feedback. Have you ever see/read Charles Krauthammer’s (leading conservative thinker) article predicting the extinction of meat eating?



  31. Veglife

    Hi, im a libertarian vegan from germany, exmuslim (parents are iraqi expatriats who migrated to the gdr) and prolife, i became vegan because of ethics, i have another two familymembers who are vegans too, one is a bit left, the other one libertarian like me, my vegan girlfriend is not into politics, we have a very small libertarian party in germany which sadly is prohunting, so i vote for a small animalrightsparty, last time i checked they do not have another agenda than animalsrights (no sjw)


  32. Kimelia

    I’m a vegetarian, not vegan. I’ve been a vegetarian for about as long as I have been conservative — over half my life. 🙂

    I was very young when I realized the importance of (human) life. I am therefore a conservative in that respect.

    I’m old now.

    As I’ve grown and matured, I’ve realized I’m conservative on many issues. That includes tax dollars that I work very hard to earn that is wasted on so-called welfare recipients. If people genuinely need support, help them but otherwise, they need to get off their asses and get a job.

    The government is too big and, at the end of the day, intrusive. I hate how it tries to tell me what to do when it spends my tax dollars to buy expensive garments for Obama and family to wear to a fancy trip to Cuba.

    Fuck that!

    There is not enough room to elaborate on government waste including recent Cuba trip and every other government spending program that amounts to shit for regular people.

    Liberals want to keep the people down. I know that and most of those I associate with know that.

    I despise liberalism and its “let’s all get along” and “feel good” agendas because they open opportunities for terrorists bombers who can nothing for life.

    But animals? Shoot, they are cool with me.


  33. kari

    I grew up in and still live in a small town in Texas, population 200. This area is extremely conservative, including myself, but I am 100% vegan. Defending innocent animals and being their voice has absolutely nothing to do with political views. I am a Christian who is often bothered by other Christians who say that Jesus allows us to eat meat. If Jesus walked through a slaughterhouse, you cannot tell me that he would condone what is happening. There is a reason we take our children apple picking, but not to slaughterhouses. Heart attacks, heart disease, colon cancer…these are not diseases we get by eating plant based. They are punishment for eating God’s babies. I am conservative, Christian, anti-abortion, and a proud VEGAN! I love how everyone is coming together on this issue.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Cat Hamm

    Conservative vegan right here. Got twelve guns but they ain’t for killing animals. Hehe. I’ve been vegan for over three years, grew up in southern California, and I shock people when they realize I’m not a liberal fruit cake (pun intended).

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Kris77

    We; the ethical-vegan, neo-Christian, ‘conservatives’, need to start an off planet colony on the moon. The others seem too confused to handle running a righteous Civilization. Respecting those who are different than us, who were perhaps raised in poor environments leading to crude lifestyles and philosophies is one thing, but infants and children have naturally good hearts which need to be armored and protected so they can maintain this natural, organic moral-integrity, compassion and benevolence as adult citizens. We are the most fit mentally & spiritually to guide the Earth’s children properly and institute a true CIVIL-izaton.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. It's Complicated

    Lifetime NRA member
    Volunteer for animals
    Wish my career was to love on animals each and every day!
    Hold a masters degree
    Single female
    Late 30’s
    Without Children
    Civil Servant
    Home Owner


  37. india_republican

    Very interesting thread. I searched for Vegan Replublicans and found this. here is my ideology
    – hard core whole food plant based
    – love animals, health wise great, great for environment
    – immigrant to US from India. US Citizen now
    – Always voted republicans
    – Will vote for Trump
    – Love Savage show
    – religion – Hindu, spiritual, ahimsa, do no harm philosophy
    – mediate
    – love The Rich Roll Podcast, runner
    – probably only conservative in the bay area apart from peter Thiel 🙂


  38. Aram

    Hello, I lean conservative on many issues, but don’t necessarily identify as a political conservative as I try to have a case-by-case view on each topic. Big time animal rights advocate though, but many other things I am super conservative on such as many social issues and such. Trump fan too.


  39. nationalist vegan

    right wing, anti refugee/mass immigration from the 3rd world, pro traditionalist, nationalist, vegan of 6+ years, checking in.


  40. I believe there are a lot of vegan conservative Christians out there. I am one. We’re like the silent Trump supporters. We speak with our votes. We support animals with our choices, and plant seeds of compassion through our actions and simply living according to our beliefs. No need to get in people’s faces about it. If they ask why, then we answer.


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