Meanwhile, Back at Babycakes: Vegan, Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies


Last weekend I made the Vanilla Cupcakes, this week it’s all about the Chocolate Chip Cookies. Having received both mixes in a recent shipment to the Meaty Vegan headquarters, I knew I had to stagger preparing these sweets for the sake of my belt. I made it roughly two days between cupcakes and cookies. A new personal best.


What I really love about the Babycakes mixes is that they require few extra ingredients (think “apple sauce” instead of eggs) and can be prepared with a bowl and a whisk. Later this quarter, I am planning on releasing my gluten-free, vegan bread mix (after testing it next month) and would love to be able to mix the batter with a whisk (as opposed to a huge piece of kitchen equipment). More on the release of my first product soon!


The chocolate chip cookie mix blended easily with a whisk and spatula and within minutes I was ready to drop balls of goodness onto my parchment paper (for those of you zooming into these photos, yes, I did add more vegan chocolate chunks to the recipe … because I am a grown up and I can do whatever the hell I want).


The cookies baked for about 20 minutes (rotating them once mid-way) and came out hot and moist and delicious. Since I added more chips, it actually yielded three sheet pans (as opposed to the two mentioned on the box) and, as you can imagine, that made me happy. Very.


We always make chocolate chunk cookies and this Babycakes mix makes making them that much easier. We store the extras in the freezer and can grab a cookie when needed. Yes, needed.

I love Babycakes. Want you to try Babycakes. And, think that Babycakes is the sweetest reason to …

Go vegan.

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at Babycakes: Vegan, Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. While I mostly enjoyed Babycakes in both NYC and Orlando, there is no way I’d pay $16 plus $12.15 (cheapest shipping option) to mail myself a mix for something as easy as chocolate chip cookies. But that’s just me! I’m sure they were tasty.


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