Vegan Foods, Products and Restaurant Review Page Announced!



After 21,000 views to my little blog and over 215 blog posts to date, things have really started to get exciting as I am finding more and more wonderful, thoughtful, and delectable vegan products in my mailbox at the MeatyVegan headquarters. I excitedly check the mailbox each day to see what has arrived.

Just today I received a sample of TheVegg (the 100% plant-based egg yolk replacement) and a copy of their gorgeous little cookbook (shown above)! Cannot wait to try and review this product. I have been wanting to use this since I first heard of it and it was so thoughtful of them to send me a sample.

Also upcoming is a review of Tofutti who sent me some product coupons and an adorable Tofutti Stuffed Bear. We love their sour cream and cream cheese products and I am hoping to share more than a review as I would also love to share some of our Tofutti recipes.

And, expect a long overdue review of the Manna Organics products that were sent to me last week. The gluten-free-vegan cinnamon bread was SO good … I literally didn’t have a chance to take a photo of it before it was gone! If you don’t know about this company yet, please check out their website. It is very inspiring.

Since so many new products are coming in and I am privileged to try and review each, I have now dedicated an entire page to these reviews. Over there on the left hand column is the link titled “VEGAN REVIEWS.” Please start there as I have scoured every blog post and linked directly to the extended review for each.

Have an item you want reviewed?

Please contact me at the “ABOUT MEATY VEGAN” link and I will send my postal address. I love trying new amazing vegan products! You can also simply email me at to get more information. already has a VERY loyal vegan following (so far thousands in just the first 6 months), 21,000 blog views (and growing) and every one of the entertaining posts reaches 50,000 vegans on Facebook and about 5,000 (plus many more retweets) on Twitter and many more on Instagram. A single blog post can easily be seen by 75,000 vegetarians, vegans, and (opinionated) omnivores. I LOVE opinionated omnivores.
Personally, I am also a very active vegan citizen with known followers and guest bloggers from around the world. Having your food, product, or book reviewed on reaches a very targeted, and trusting audience and I would love to add you to my ever-growing list of vegan/cruelty-free products!
Go MeatyVegan and …
Go Vegan.

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