Pousse Pousse Paris – Raw Vegan Wholesome Goodness


Pousse Pousse Paris

Delicious “live” crackers from Pousse Pousse in Paris are made every day with sprouted grains in a dehydrator set at 40°c. These were the best tasting raw crackers I have ever eaten and it was at this point I realized I was truly enjoying bird food. What have I become?

An expert in organic cuisine for many years the owner, Lawrence, has a passion for sprouted grains. Her restaurant/boutique isn’t called “Pousse-Pousse” (or “Sprout-Sprout” in French) for nothing –- it offers a large selection of grains and wheat grass shots in a very convivial setting where customers feel at home. It’s a very comfortable and welcoming small restaurant.

At Pousse-Pousse, you can opt to eat-in or take-out delicious vegetarian (vegan) meals, and can also learn to make Pousse-Pousse’s delectable creations themselves at home thanks to Lawrence’s high-energy cooking classes where she reveals many of her secrets, ingredients and techniques [from their website].

Click the photo to visit their website.

One thought on “Pousse Pousse Paris – Raw Vegan Wholesome Goodness

  1. Meaty Vegan Fan

    Delicious! I love all the food on your blog! Makes me hungry and realize that being vegan can be so delicious! You need to update your recipe page!


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