ThankTank Creative: Vegan Consulting, Design, and Marketing


Aside from writing this very popular blog, co-parenting two vegan babies, and supporting Jen as she works full-time while also pursuing a Ph.D., I am the President of ThankTank Creative, one of a handful of ethical-vegan-owned design and marketing firms. 

With over 25 years experience in design, advertising, and marketing (experience that pre-dates desktop publishing and the Internet, if that’s possible), last year I made the decision to combine my skills in graphic design (born a cartoonist) with my passion for compassion and ThankTank Creative was incorporated

It was the best decision of my life. 

We were so fortunate early on to secure Miyoko’s Kitchen and PlantPure Nation (from the writer and producer of Forks Over Knives) as our flagship accounts. We were also fortunate enough to work with both Nelson and Dr. Tom Campbell as well as their father, the distinguished Dr. T. Colin Campell. 

From there the work has been so rewarding and the variety of projects has been just incredible. 

This past week we finally got around to populating our testimonials page; it’s really worth checking out. We have been so fortunate to work with so many amazing vegan, socially-just, and environmentally-conscious companies from around the world. 

If you own a company and need a new logo (packages start at $375) or brand; or perhaps a dynamic package design for that incredible new product you want to bring to market; or, maybe you need a full-fledged marketing plan …

ThankTank Creative can help.  

Know someone who owns a business that could use a brand update or social media campaign? Or perhaps you know someone about to launch a crowdfunding campaign? Referrals are welcome and you’ll actually get a finder’s fee (upon successful completion of the project). 

Browse our online portfolio. Fill out the contact form and click send. NO obligation at all to discuss your project. We want to work with you. We want to show you how much we love what we do and the creative ways we can make your business more profitable. And, of course, we want the world to …

Go vegan. 

Get Chef’d, Go Beyond, and Go #Vegan



Through my association with BeyondMeat, I had the opportunity to place an order with the online menu/recipe ordering service Chef’d and … I’ve never been more impressed with a meal delivery service. I mean, who sends TWO leaves of Romaine lettuce across the country? AND two RIPE avocados? I can’t even buy a rip avocados at my local grocer.

Chef’d does.


… and they do it with style.

I placed an order on a Monday for the two new vegan offerings that featured my favorite Beyond Meat. One was the Beast Burger meal and the other was tacos using the beefy crumbles. After placing the order, I chose the optimum day to receive the package (Thursday), received a confirmation and waited.

Thursday arrived along with this bad boy:


A GIANT orange (be still my graphic designer heart) box. I rushed home and cracked it open to find two recipe cards for my meals (along with free seed packets from Seeds of Change). Under the shiny insulation were two STUFFED bags full of fresh produce and ingredients to make two complete meals (enough to feed 2-4 very hungry people) and under the bags were the BeyondMeat products (still slightly frozen). Chef’d included everything … and I mean everything you needs to prepare an entire meal.

I had some cooking to do!


Now, obviously, I’ve got experience making BeyondMeat products but what was so nice about this delivery was that it included everything needed to make a complete meal (including fresh tomatoes … who ships ONE fresh tomato?).

Chef’d does.

Chef’d is perfect for busy professionals, families who don’t have time to meal plan AND shop, and people who may live in a more remote location and can’t get all of what they need locally. Heck … it’s perfect for anyone who wants an amazing meal delivered to their doorstep.

Chef’d does the meal planning, recipe development, shopping, and color-photo instructions for you … you are an instant chef! Trust me … your friends will be impressed.


Of course, I chose the vegan options (which included this incredibly simple champagne vinegar cucumber red onion dill salad … yes, ALL of those ingredients were included) but there are MANY other options for every diet and lifestyle (including gluten-free). Not shown here is the taco meal I ordered which also turned out incredible!

Finally, many of the recipes are created by famous chefs (many of whom are on the Food Network) and all of the recipes/meals would be PERFECT for your holiday dinners and gatherings!

Go Chef’d and …

Go vegan.