Green New American Vegetarian – Phoenix and Tempe, AZ


Phoenix, Arizona needs more vegan restaurants and I’m not talking about restaurants with vegan options, I’m talking 100% vegan restaurants. A city the size of Phoenix should have a couple dozen. So far, I’ve found two.

And Green New American Vegetarian (in spite of its name) is one of them. And it’s worthy of a visit if you’re in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe area.

We were meeting two vegan friends and their (not vegan) kids for lunch and decided to check out Green in Tempe. Located in the corner of a small strip mall (next to Salvation Army), the little tucked away cafe was bustling with patrons at 1:00 on a Saturday. A very long line that never got shorter, while managing to move quickly, led us to the front counter where you place your order, pay, and are given a number to bring back to your table. While the atmosphere is laid back, to say the least, there seemed to be good turnover and as many people as there were in line, there seemed to be that many seats.

Jen ordered from the gluten free menu (which, by the way and sadly, the French fries are not on) and ordered the Jerk Tofu Salad, the Ranchero Salad and, because she knows and loves me … The Spicy Buffalo “Wings.”

Both salads were delicious and the tofu was cooked perfectly. The added crunch of tortilla strips in the Ranchero Salad was a nice surprise and each oversized bowl would make an excellent lunch.

The “wings,” however were a different story. Unlike the hearty chunks on a stick I fell in love with at Eden (in Scranton, PA), these were small, bite-sized spicy nuggets served with carrot, cucumber, and a dipping sauce and I have to say …

I loved them.

Thinking nothing would top my Buffalo wing craving more than the wings at Eden, the wings at Green were “meatier” and spicier and a perfect texture. I think the serving included a dozen bites (for $5) and I would easily get addicted to these if Green was located in Ithaca.

Our lunch was sweetly finished with a soft-serve soy ice cream and a very thick peanut butter and chocolate bar that was so sickeningly sweet I almost couldn’t eat it.

I ate it.

Reasonably priced and very satisfying, I would say you should check them out on N. 7th in Phoenix and on N. Scottsdale Road in Tempe. And check out their website at

As an aside, the non-vegan kids ate “chicken” nuggets, French fries, and a “cheese” quesadilla … and they loved every bite.

2 thoughts on “Green New American Vegetarian – Phoenix and Tempe, AZ

  1. Perri

    Nice review! I was so pleasantly surprised that my kids liked more than just the French fries. Considering how incredibly picky they are, that’s saying quite a bit. When Jen asked me what’s good when she was thinking of what to order, I honestly told her everything we’ve ever had there has been great. Of course we like certain things better than others, but we have never had anything there that we did not really enjoy. Next time, we need to go to the one downtown and hit nami! Better yet, we should do Sunday brunch at nami next time. I’m dying to try it!


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