Meat Causes #Cancer and Dairy Feeds The Disease [#WHO #Vegan #GoVegan]


BigBacon (1)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is making headlines around the world today announcing that meat (primarily processed meat, and to some extent, red meat) causes cancer. Setting aside my own feeling on consuming animals (there is no legitimate reason, in this day and age, to eat an animal … none), this news is really nothing new (and the risk is extremely low) but these headlines are a welcome site across my social media channels.

Prompting this blog post.

I am fortunate to personally know many of the leaders in the whole-foods, plant-based movement and have had one-on-one conversations with them about the risks of eating meat. While many of these doctors will dig their heels in to make their point, they are usually very diplomatic and try not to come across too strong when delivering their message.

Me, on the other hand? I have nothing to lose.

Meat causes cancer and dairy feeds this disease.

When you consider the health advantages of eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet (vegan) and weigh it against the known risks of consuming dead animals, the writing’s on the wall pointing to the diet for optimum health. Meat eaters can yell “bacon!” and “cheese!” all they want but they know full well that these foods are killing them slowly.

Meat causes cancer in any quantity. Casein, in dairy, fuels this cancer and helps it grow. Put the two together and you’ve just eaten a hand grenade and you pulled the pin long ago.

As an aside, meat and dairy also cause heart disease but I’ll leave that for another blog post.

Many of my animal eating friends are debunking the WHO report (since, of course, they will do anything to continue eating animals) and that’s fine. “Let them eat steak!” as the saying goes. I’m not going to change their minds and any report coming from any government agency is also not going to change their actions. They choose to eat what they want and I choose to eat what I want and ne’er shall the two “meat.”

Which is fine. I suppose.

I will say, however, that I’ve known a few animal eaters who are well aware of what they are doing to their bodies. Animal eaters who have been prescribed a “magic pill” (or two) that will keep their arteries nice and clean so they can carry on with their bacon-eating ways. I’ve also been seeing many animal eaters posting comments today like “tell this to the woman who lives to be 100 and ate bacon every day.” To which I reply: “No. Tell this to the 8.5 million people who die from cancer every year.” Oh, wait, you can’t … they’re dead.

Stop looking for the cure for cancer and start looking at the cause.

Animal eaters swear that humans were meant to consume other sentient beings with no regard to the fact that they sense fear and feel pain. If these animal eaters are not going to stop eating meat for their own health and well-being, why would we think they would stop for the health and well-being of animals?

They won’t.

Go vegan.


There’s Nuttin’ Ordinary About This #Vegan Cheese



Anyone who knows me knows I am pretty “connected” in the world of vegan cheeses. From Miyoko’s Kitchen to VioLife, I’ve been very fortunate to always have on-hand any number of flavors or varieties of simple sliced or artisanal variety vegan cheeses. So, when I have an opportunity to try one I’ve never tried before … of course, I jump at the chance,


Nuttin’ Ordinary is a plant based company in New Hampshire that manufactures naturally dairy-free, naturally-delicious, palate pleasing foods. The company was created after plans to launch a plant based restaurant in NH fell through back in 2011 and now we can all enjoy their inspirational flavors through their innovative line of vegan cheeses.

In 2013 Nuttin’ Ordinary built a commercial kitchen in Harrisville, NH and started producing cashew cheeses that are described as “clean, simple, and great tasting“… and they are truly GREAT TASTING. Sort of a cross between Treeline and Miyoko’s Kitchen, these spreadable cheeses have all the “Umami: the 5th taste” you’d ever expect from an artisan cheese while at home on a simple cracker or melted into a creamy pasta sauce.

Nuttin’ Ordinary continues to grow and is getting ready to launch their plant based cashew filled ravioli, and will be introducing a couple of new products in 2016. They are a true contender in the new plant based cheese industry that continues to expand everyday and I feel so fortunate that I got to try two of their delicious flavors (original and Italian herb) and I will also get to try their Spicy in the coming weeks.

Nuttin’ Ordinary is currently available at Whole Foods in the North Atlantic region (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, RI, and Northern CT) and are also available at co-ops and independent stores throughout New England.

AND … they now have distribution in New York City at Mrs Greens in The West Village and are looking to pick up more locations in the coming months. For more information, visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

And, for your health, the environment, and the animals …

Go Vegan.


A Vegan Dream Come True: Fast Food Across America Veganized


I get it. There are vegans who will only eat organic sprouted tofu on top of a quinoa kale salad sprinkled with non-gmo goji berries. More power to them. However, from my personal experience, the vast majority of vegans I know love junk food and many have expressed a longing for (convenient) vegan fast food (evidenced by the incredible success of the new Amy’s Drive Thru [@amysdrivethru] in Northern California … open 11.5 hours a day/7 days a week and the line is consistently around the block).

So, ThankTank Creative, in conjunction with, presents the following famous fast food franchises … veganized.


Avacados BurgerKing DrMcD KFC LittleCaesars PIzzaHut TacoBell VeganDonuts

“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free if you truly wish to be. If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it.”

~ Willy Wonka (from Charlie and the Dark Chocolate Factory)

Go vegan.


Kids Need Healthy Food!



Remember what your mom said:

“Eat your vegetables.”

Of course, as a father of two vegan babies, we never have to say this because … well, that’s pretty much all they eat. Vegetables, fruit, rice, brown rice pasta, and so many more plant-based foods are the entirety of their every meal and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Not sure how many parents of a two-year-old boy can say their kid hangs out in the refrigerator looking for broccoli. Or grapes. Or hummus. Or guacamole. Ours does and the 11-month-old baby is right behind him.

Raising kids vegan gives them an enormous head-start on a healthy future and it also is a compassionate reminder that animals are not food.

Animals are not food.

There are a growing number of organizations committed to ensuring that kids have access to plant-based meals (you should check out what PlantPure Nation is up to with their PlantPure Pods). Another organization near (geographically) and dear (I am friends with the Executive Director) to me is the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.

I met Amie Hamlin years ago at the whole-foods, plant-based Friday Dinner held in nearby Brooktondale, New York. She is an incredibly committed and passionate woman who is helping to bring plant-based foods to all public schools in New York (if you’ve heard about this on the news recently, Amie was behind it). We all want a healthy future for our children and the Coalition is making this happen … one school at a time.

The Coalition’s vegan recipes have been distributed to 25,000 schools nationwide and their Wellness Wakeup Call program is heard by tens of thousands of students around the country every day! And today (8/28/15) is a very important day to the organization.

Giving is Gorges.

The Coalition for Healthy School Food is teaching healthy plant-based cooking and nutrition classes in Ithaca and New York City and today is Giving is Gorges day in Ithaca. In the Ithaca classes, students cook vegan entrees that will be on their school menu for lunch that week. Kids, teachers, and parents love the program. Some teachers and parents are surprised to see the kids eating the food they make.

And the kids agree that the international recipes from different cultures are delicious. Today, your donation can help the Coalition for Healthy School Food raise additional funds. The group with the most donations (greatest number of donations) will get an additional $500! Please help them get this! Click here to find out why they had to tell kids to stop eating vegetables, and to donate.

Please share and Go Vegan.


WIN FREE @BeyondMeat! #FindtheChicken



It’s no secret that I love BeyondMeat. It started with their chicken and has since expanded into their beef (specifically The Beast and the Beastly Sliders). I’ve gotten to a point where I am coming up with recipes just to incorporate one of their products.

I’ve been lucky enough to try them all at this point. All flavors of the chicken strips, the chicken tenders and poppers, the meatballs, beefy crumbles, the sliders, and The Beast. NOW is your chance to try some yourself by entering to win THREE FREE coupons for any of their products.*


Entering is so easy. All you have to do is click this link to and then click OUR WORK from the top menu and browse through our designs. Scroll through them until you find the chicken with the 2-digit number across its breast, then use the form on the bottom of the ThankTank Creative website to enter (simply fill out the few fields and insert the 2-digit number in the subject or message box and click SEND). By the way, we are vegan so we never spam.

That’s it!

We will randomly draw one lucky winner on September 1st from all who enter and mail you the coupons! *

Go Vegan.


* No purchase necessary. Limited to U.S. residents only. One winner chosen via

WE HAVE A WINNER: Natalie from Colorado won three BeyondMeat coupons! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered!

#Periscope and the #Vegan Community 


Few things in life can compare to watching Leslie Durso make a homemade marinara sauce while being accompanied by her own personal guitarist; live from her Southern California home. 

Or listening to Jason Wrobel belt out rock tunes or sing happy birthday to a fellow vegan at a vegan restaurant. That man can sing. 

Or maybe you’re into watching Eco-Vegan Gal’s Whitney Lauritsen as she walks her dog, takes questions, and provides virtual hugs along the way to anyone tuning in. 

Or perhaps, live from London, you fancy watching the Fat Gay Vegan miss his bus.  

All vegan. All live. And all in the palm of your hand. 

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s Periscope. The new app from the people who brought you Twitter. Downloaded free, and accessed on your smartphone or tablet, Periscope provides voyeuristic access to thousands of live broadcasts from around the world. 

While the individual broadcasting transmits full audio and video (oftentimes with mixed quality results), the viewer (you) can send short chat-style messages to have read (or ignored). While I’ve done one broadcast from the desk of ThankTank Creative (working on a logo design) and got pretty good reviews (@ThankTankCr8), for the most part, I just watch and interact. 

So far in the vegan community, Periscope has found a nice niche in cooking demos, Q&A sessions, community support, and live events. Some of the known names in the vegan world worth watching include:

  • @lesliedurso
  • @jasonwrobel
  • @ecovegangal
  • @tesschallis
  • @joyfulvegan
  • @wtfveganfood
  • @jlfields
  • @veganyakattack
  • @fatgayvegan
  • @thesexyvegan
  • @abigailcoopertv

While any one of these would be entertaining, nothing can compare to the NEW weekly broadcast that showcases the very best of what Periscope has to offer.  

The new, innovative game show from the always-entertaining Brian Patton of The Sexy Vegan fame, called: “Flex Your Foodie.”

Using Periscope’s live streaming video platform, your host Brian Patton, vegan chef and cookbook author asks food trivia questions during his outrageous weekly game show. 

To make the show even more legit, Brian broadcasts from his garage in California. 

Ranging from easy to mind melting, his questions cover everything from corn dogs to cookies, noodles to nasturtium, and everything in between. The first viewer to type the correct answer into the comment box wins prizes from amazing vegan companies like Beyond Meat, Follow Your Heart, Eat Pastry and more!

A quirky, fast paced, highly dramatic battle of brains (and thumbs) ensues every week, while the host sweats his balls off in this non climate-controlled garage — complete with game show sound effects and broadcast-quality title graphics. 

Not only can viewers win awesome prizes but they learn all kinds of rare and interesting food facts. So even the losers are winners! For the most part I just try to trip Brian up with my own distracting comments. He has yet to block me but I’m sure it’s coming. 

To tune into “Flex your Foodie,” just download the free app to your mobile device, create an account (sign in with your Twitter account), and follow: @thesexyvegan.

“Flex Your Foodie” goes live every Thursday at 7:45 p.m. PDT, and runs about 15 minutes. 

Do you have a favorite Periscope user? Are you broadcasting vegan content? Let me know in the comment box below and, as always …

Go vegan

Oklahoma Farmers Eat Drone



[BARTLESVILLE, OK] The Greater Bartlesville Police Department is investigating claims that two Oklahoma pig farmers shot down and ate a drone being utilized by a film crew as part of an ongoing exposé investigating factory farms and the health risks of “open sewage lagoons,” that surround them.

“Apparently, these two believed the drone was ‘trespassing’ and they shot it down with their .22,” said Deputy Gregory Smalls. “And once they downed the drone, they proceeded to cut it into pieces, bread it, deep fry it, and eat it.” The exact details of the report are closed at this point as the investigation is ongoing.

Drones have been used in the past to gain access to appalling conditions on factory farms. One such filmmaker made news recently for uncovering sewage lagoons in North Carolina where nearly 1,000 local residents are forming a class action suit against Smithfield Farms claiming they are contracting deadly diseases by breathing the contaminated air sprayed from these lagoons.

Deborah Johnson, chief executive officer of the N.C. Pork Council, said it is “alarming to see farmers who work hard every day to comply with regulations and laws operating their farms be targeted with actions like this.” Really?

The filmmaker, who also directed the documentary Speciesism, commented about the sewage lagoons by stating they are “among the most bizarre and disturbing environmental phenomena that I have ever confronted in America.” You can watch the video of Mark Devries’ footage here. In the video, the drones capture shocking aerial footage of several massive facilities that supply pigs for Smithfield Foods.


In a recent radio interview on KTOK, Oklahoma’s News Source, one of the Oklahoma pig farmers commented: “… that thing [drone] was scaring up some of our hogs and we don’t want no scared hogs. So, hell yeah, we shot it down and ate it. Tasted like chicken.”

The investigation is ongoing and details will be posted here as they become available.

Go vegan.


The Animal Lyrics Project: A #Vegan Exhibition


Presenting: The Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition

One thing about being vegan and owning a business is you soon discover that all vegan businesses, even those that may consider each other “competition,” work together. Ultimately, we are all on the same mission and anything we can do to make each other successful — leads to an stronger vegan network.

This is why ThankTank Creative invited more than a dozen vegan graphic designers to enter designs into the first Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition. An online gallery of memes (posters) dedicated to music, graphic art, and veganism. Herein is the result of this invitation.


AAERI_AnimalLyricsProject_071515-01 (1)

















Represented in this first round of designs:

“Boris The Spider” ~ The Who


“Octopus’s Garden” ~ The Beatles

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Shannon Claire Hickman / / Instagram: @anotherhungryvegan

“Barracuda” ~ Heart

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Jennifer Adler / Survival By Design / / @SBDCards / FB/survivalbydesigncards

“Blackbird” ~ The Beatles

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Laurie Johnston/Two Trick Pony | | @LauriePony | Instagram: TwoTrickLaurie We are on FB and Pinterest as well

“Crocodile Rock” ~ Elton John


“White Rabbit” ~ Jefferson Airplane

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Anna Magombe Creative Thinking / / FB/AnnaMagombeCreativeThinking | / @annamagombe

“I Am The Walrus” ~ The Beatles

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: ThankTank Creative / Teenus McManus

“Karma Chameleon” ~ Culture Club

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Carmella Lanni, The Food Duo / / / @thefoodduo

“I Like Birds” ~ The Eels

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: ThankTank Creative / Teenus McManus

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” ~ The Tokens

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Elana Lavine / Klean-Slate @klean_slate /

“Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey” ~ The Beatles


“Piggies” ~ The Beatles

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Holly Mae Taylor: Motion, Digital, Print, and Web Design /

“When Doves Cry” ~ Prince

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Carmella Lanni, The Food Duo / / FB/thefoodduo / @thefoodduo

“Wild Horses” ~ Rolling Stones


“Year Of The Cat” ~ Al Stewart

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Eric C Lindstrom / ThankTank Creative /


Each of these above graphics are optimized to be shared (clicking brings up the source file) as well as proportional to most smartphone screens (they make excellent wallpaper). Promote veganism … promote the vegan lifestyle.

“The moment I began to understand what was going on with the treatment of animals, it led me more and more in the way of the path I am [on] now, which is a complete vegan.'”
~ Bryan Adams

You can read more about the project and designers here as well as browse the full gallery of images in another format on the ThankTankCreative website. Thank you to all the designers who took part in this exhibition and thank you for all you do for the animals.

Please share and comment below and support these designers as they produce beautiful work … for the animals.

Go vegan.

Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition (Working Title)


vegan poster art

I have always been a fan of great poster art and typography. The way in which type is used to effectively, and hopefully beautifully, communicate a message is the very foundation of design excellence. We often remind our clients that content comes first and that design follows.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

~ Jeffrey Zeldman

This was the inspiration for an online art exhibition we are curating at ThankTank Creative.

The “Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition (Working Title)” is a collection of assorted posters dedicated to three of our favorite things: animals, veganism, and music.

Inspired by lyrics from songs inspired by animals, written by some of the greatest song writers of our time, we are provided  exemplary content to drive our designs.

Not wanting to have all the fun ourselves (and wanting to make sure we didn’t end up with 10 orange posters), we invited nine other vegan designers to come on board to show of their design chops and to help this exhibit be as diverse as the song titles themselves. The list of designers, so far:

The “Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition (Working Title)” will officially go live on/around July 15th and be featured on numerous vegan blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and through numerous respected media channels. Our hope is that these graphics will be shared and re-shared, promoting great design as well as the message of veganism.

Do you have an animal lyric you’d love to see turned into poster art? Comment below and, as always …

Go vegan.


The Beast in Me.


I’ve been a BeyondMeat fan pretty much from the start. The first time I tried the “chicken” I, like many vegans before and since, had to check the ingredients twice to make sure it didn’t contain actual chicken. Taste and texture are so spot-on that its been known to even fool world-class chefs.

BeyondMeat has done it again. This time with beef. The Beast Burger, packed with 23 grams of protein, this is not your ordinary “veggie burger.” In fact, if a veggie burger were walking down the sidewalk and saw The Beast coming from the other direction, it would cross the street. Against the light.

Move over wimpy veggie burgers. The Beast is in town.

I didn’t know what to expect although I had a tiny taste when I was at ExpoWest. The Beast had babies (of course it did) in the form of sliders. I got to sample a BeyondMeat slider and was blown away. Their booth, reminiscent of a certain burgercentric fast food franchise, was slinging the sliders alongside some chicken tenders (which I am anxious to get into my belly after drowning them in Buffalo sauce). The Beast Baby (Beastly Sliders) was very convincing. I was hopeful The Beast was just as good; and it is.

But bigger.


This is the burger you bring to the BBQ when everyone is expecting you to bring hummus.

This is the burger you bring to the potluck when everyone is expecting you to bring kale salad.

This is the burger you bring to the marina when everyone is expecting you to bring quinoa. But bring quinoa anyway since it’s a superfood.

The very same day that I got to try The Beast for the first time, also happened to be Taco Tuesday so I whipped up some pepper quesadillas with the BeyondMeat chicken. Folded into a gluten-free brown rice tortilla, glued it all together with melted VioLife cheese and Tofutti sour cream, and served with some Mexican rice and hot sauce.

It was a very good day. Beyond very good.

There is no reason whatsoever to eat animals ever again thanks to companies like BeyondMeat (and other trend setters in the meat-replacement market). Delicious, nutritious alternatives make it easier than ever to …

Go vegan. 

Banner_ResizedCOMMENT ON THIS POST if you want me to send you an online coupon toward any BeyondMeat product.

Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking: Annie and Dan Shannon Are At It Again



You know those friends you always extend an invite to for your vegan potlucks? The ones who never know what to bring? Or, better yet, how about your friends who aren’t vegan and panic at the idea of coming up with a dish that everyone will love.

Get them Master the Art of Vegan Cooking (Grand Central Publishing) by Annie and Dan Shannon (Betty Goes Vegan) and these very same people will RSVP with confidence.


As a matter of fact, get everyone you know this book. As is the case with the authors’ first successful tome, Betty Goes Vegan, this book masterfully guides the aspiring chef through “standards” that everyone knows and loves. A very personal introduction gives you a sense of the authors’ lives (who now reside in Brooklyn) and this lets you know that every recipe comes from the heart.

And, as it turns out, is good for your heart.


Dr. Greger (among other whole-foods, plant-based doctors) of has gone so far as to say the #1 killer of Americans, heart disease, is 100% preventable.

100% preventable.

How? Well start with the recipes created by the couple behind the successful blog, “Meet the Shannons.” Stick to these recipes and your heart (and waistline) and taste buds will thank you.


The first recipe I tried was their Vegan Bacon, White Bean, and Spinach Risotto (page 155). To give you an idea of how easy this recipe is, I made this on my lunchbreak. And it turned out amazing.


Onions and risotto begin to crack in your pan as you introduce white wine and vegetable stock over the course of thirty or so minutes. Stir in the spinach, beans, nooch, and spices and a simple dish is elevated into something amazing.


As an aside,  I think these two photos of nutritional yeast should be stolen from my blog and circulated widely. “Nooch,” as it’s known to those who use it nearly every day deserves more glamour shots like these. Meanwhile, back to the recipe.


The step-by-step instructions and use of the phrase “pinch of celery salt,” makes me love this book more than anything. It should be noted that almost every ingredient was Wegmans brand. Wegmans is considered the #1 grocery store in America and they are about to break ground on a NEW store in Brooklyn (so “The Shannons” will soon know why everyone loves Wegmans). The headline of this linked article, by the way, is: Brooklyn Freaks Out Over Wegmans.


To finish off the overall “retro” aspect of this dish, I plated the risotto in my vintage Mikasa bowl that belonged to my Nana. The pattern on this set will always remind me of her and we’ve eaten many wonderful dishes from this set.


One more cool thing about this book is that each recipe let’s you know how much each serving costs (just in case you want to charge your friends at the potluck). This creamy risotto costs $1.87/serving and I bet I could charge $5. Maybe $7 (depending on the friend).

You can buy Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking now at most bookstores around the country and online here.


Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking makes it easier, and tastier, than ever to …

Go vegan.


Shoot to Kill: Vegans and Video Games



There is a Facebook group called “Veganism” that has over 30,000 members. From time to time I like to post comments or questions, share my vegan point of view, or get feedback from fellow vegans.

This past weekend I posted an image of a video game, Big Buck Safari (this link is to the trailer and worth watching before finishing this post), that I saw at our local mall, with the following caption:

… unbelievable. This is an actual arcade game? In addition to the “Big Buck” you can also kill elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, and … ostriches. Really?

I’m worried about the kids who enjoy playing this.

I clicked “post” and expected overwhelming support, encouragement, and understanding about why I was disgusted by this video game featuring elaborate, gorgeous, detailed animations of wild animals frolicking in their virtual habitat — with a target on their back. 

What I didn’t expect (in the 150+ comments) was:

It´s just a game! I prefer that people kill animals in a game rather than in real life.

… and …

Eric get a reality check. It’s NOT REAL. Every gamer knows this. Do you think people get possessed by Satan just because they like heavy metal too?

… or, this winner …

Anyone who thinks this way is a fucking idiot. I’m more worried about oppressive fuckstains than about kids playing hunting games. Those games are harmless fun.

Keep in mind, I posted this on a vegan page.

Now I’m all for video games. In fact, I used to spend hours playing Doom over a 9600 baud modem and loved grabbing the BFG (Big Fucking Gun) and blasting away all the bad guys. Or my opponent.

At bad guys or my opponent.


Not wildlife. Elephants and ostriches. Animals.

As each comment was posted I felt my point drifting further and further away. I started to feel like I discovered the dark underbelly of some people’s idea of veganism. Ahimsa, anyone? Again, I am not ignorant in thinking that this is real life but I am clear in my thinking that these comments are being made by vegans. Vegans who apparently enjoy (and will spend money on) lifting a rifle, pointing it toward a running animal and pulling the trigger. I wonder if this is where Kendall Jones got started?

Want to know what these “vegans” might look like? Click here. Notice how before each round the player is reminded to aim for vital areas: HEAD and HEART.


As I continued to try to make my point (as well as fuel the content for this blog post), one other phrase kept coming up by my opposition: you need to separate reality from fantasy.

Fantasy: the forming of mental images, especially wondrous or strange fancies; imaginative conceptualizing.

One of the last comments on this post pretty much summed up my entire experience and my point about the disconnect between some vegans and video games promoting the killing of animals:

Well, Eric C Lindstrom, it’s too bad you thought this kind of oppressive and classist bullshit was welcome here. Next time you think that you have any business expressing this sort of shit opinion, maybe just shove a handful of rocks in your mouth instead.

Spoken like a true vegan.

Go vegan.


BeyondMeat Helper Classic Vegan Cheeseburger Glutenfree Macaroni



I’ll admit it. When I was an omnivore, I used to eat Hamburger Helper. Partly because it was easy to make but also partly because it is so damn delicious. Saute the meat, add the pouch, pour in the water, add the noodles, cover and pace around for 25 minutes while it became a meal as delicious as an angel’s wing.

I don’t eat meat anymore. Nor angels.

But, I am a BeyondMeat fan and, in addition to their chicken strips (and nuggets and The Beast), they make a delicious beefy crumble. Perfect addition to chili, vegan shepard’s pie, and now, my masterpiece: The BeyondMeat Helper Classic Vegan Cheeseburger Glutenfree Macaroni.

The name alone is a mouthful.

To get the party started, finely chop one white onion (think about those onions hidden under the bun of your favorite fast food burger). Saute in a little olive oil until very soft (probably 10 minutes on medium heat). Now put your meat in them. One bag of BeyondMeat beefy crumbles and stir clockwise. Add a little water to keep things moist and at the end add a big squirt of organic ketchup. Stir and set aside.

Bring to boil 4 quarts of salted water to cook your pasta (penne, elbows or spirals). We use only Tinkyada gluten-free brown rice pasta in our house. Cook until done, drain and set aside.

In your 4-quart pot, bring to a simmer a cup of soy (or any non-dairy) milk and stir in one shredded block (or shredded bag) of your favorite vegan cheese (I use VioLife). Stir frequently as this will quickly become a sticky sauce. Just as it looks perfect (add more milk if needed) add salt, pepper and a 1/4 cup of nooch. Keep stirring as your assistant pours in the pasta. Keep stirring. Did I say stop?

Once the pasta is fully coated in cheese, stir in the BeyondMeat mixture and serve immediately (as if you wanted to wait). Tastes just like a cheeseburger … doesn’t it?

You’re welcome.

Go vegan.


BONUS for MEATY VEGAN FOLLOWERS! For a LIMITED TIME, you can use this code 25Off2015 at checkout in the BeyondMeat swag shop to get 25% off your order!