The #Vegan Web Series Based on the Book Based on the Blog. #GoVegan


Coming Friday, August 17th (with a sneak peek video being posted on Tuesday, August 14), subscribe to the new YouTube series that’s based on the book based on the blog. The Skeptical Vegan is the NEWEST vegan variety show and, trust me, you don’t want to miss one minute.

DIY recipes, easy vegan fast food hacks, hilarious commentary, and black coffee. Hosted by me (The Skeptical Vegan), I promise that you’ve never seen anything like this before.


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DC VegFest 2018! See You There! #GoVegan



Come see me at DC VegFest this year on Saturday, September 15th (11-4)! This one-day event held in Yard’s Park in Washington DC draws in as many as 20,000 vegans and veg-curious and I want to see YOU there this year! Oh, and I’d also be incredibly grateful if you helped support this amazing annual vegan venture!

Compassion Over Killing (COK) hosts this unparalleled day of vegan speakers, vendors, vegan food, fun, cooking demos, music, and ME … cartooning for the kids (more on this below). But, they can’t keep doing it without your help and support! Give $1 or $10 or $100 to keep DC VegFest happening! Every dollar counts and every dollar goes straight back to the event!

To donate, click here. See? That was easy!

Now, back to the event! Hosted once again by Grey (who will be featured in a Facebook Live Broadcast with me this Monday, August 6th from the DC VegFest Facebook page), this event also features:

  • Tracye McQuirter
  • Chef Nikki
  • Carol Adams
  • Dr. Neil Barnard
  • Jerri Evans
  • Jo Yonan
  • Ginny Messina
  • Beverly Kumari
  • … and SO many more!

In addition to the main stage events there’s also a Kids’ Zone! And … that’s where you’ll find me. Hanging out with the kids teaching them how to draw farm animals. Cartooning Animals 101 with The Skeptical Vegan! If THIS isn’t incentive enough … I don’t know what is!

Remember, to donate, click here. Not in the DC area? Be sure to share this blog post and invite your DC-area friends!

Go Vegan.


New #Vegan Variety Show to Launch August 17! #GoVegan


Check out the teaser trailer for Season Three of “Give Peas a Chance” featuring ME! That’s right! I am taking over the handle bars of the bike and steering this vegan variety show into directions it probably shouldn’t be steered toward.

The new format starts on August 17 (new episodes featuring Claire’s Vegan Kitchen will continue through August 10). We have LOVED working with Claire and he recipes are unparalleled! You’ll find something super tasty and easy-to-make in every one of her episodes.

You’ll find me eating Reddi-Whip in mine.

You’re going to want to comment, like, and subscribe. There has never been a vegan YouTube series like this and there are many surprises in store (including a guest appearance by Richard Marx).

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My Interview on #GoGreenRadio: #GoVegan



I recently had an hour-long interview on Go Green Radio and the whole thing is available now to stream or download and take with you. Got to talk a lot about my new book, The Smart Parent’s Guide to Raising Vegan Kids, my last book, The Skeptical Vegan, and much more about going vegan. It’s worth a listen (especially if you are a vegan parent or know a vegan parent).

You can listen here, and …

Go Vegan!

PS – Stay tuned for a special announcement about Give Peas a Chance!

Join Me at Dun-well Doughnuts! #Vegan #Brooklyn #Donuts!



Come meet The Skeptical Vegan and order a dozen vegan doughnuts! June 16th from 1-2 pm at Dun-Well Doughnuts in Brooklyn. You can grab a copy of The Skeptical Vegan ($20), get it signed (or bring your copy to get signed), meet me, eat donuts, sip coffee, and not talk politics! This will be my only NYC appearance this year!

I’m SO excited to host my first New York City book signing event at Dun-Well Doughnuts! 1) I love doughnuts; 2) see 1. ALSO, I am super-excited that I will also have copies of my NEW book The Smart Parent’s Guide to Raising Vegan Kids.

Share the event with all your NYC vegan (and veg-curious) friends! June 16th. 1-2 pm. Dun-Well! You can see the Facebook event here.


Join Me at Albany VegFest! June 2, 2018!



I’m so excited to be a featured speaker at the 10th Anniversary of Albany VegFest! I will take the stage at 1:30 pm (through 2:15) and talk about the “Business of Ethics.” How I went from a very unlikely vegan to an ethical vegan to a vegan business owner to the Director of Marketing for Compassion Over Killing.

Then, after my talk, I head over to the VIP tent to spend time with fellow speakers and VIP (very important vegans) and round out my day with a book signing at 3:00!

SO much more information below (check out the other speakers, entertainment, sponsors, and vendors. The event is FREE (suggested $5 donation at door) but The Skeptical Vegan (signed) will cost $20 (show special price). I’m also selling the very popular Mind Your Peas and Cukes coffee mugs ($10).

Also, Compassion Over Killing will be tabling! If you’re interested in volunteering, please let me know!

So, join me Saturday, June 2nd from 10AM-5PM {9AM early entry for VIP ticket holders} at the Polish Community Center in Albany, NY!

*** SPEAKERS ***



Bob Comis (The Last Pig documentary)
Susie Coston (Farm Sanctuary)
Kathy Stevens (Catskill Animal Sanctuary)
Rache McCrystal (Woodstock Animal Sanctuary)
Cydney Cross (Out of the Pits)


Sarah Preston
Cam F Awesome
Jamie Robinson



Stranger at Home (3-piece acoustic newgrass band)
Don Ferlazzo (vegan singer/songwriter)


3 Chicks and a P
Aba’s Falafel
Albany KTC Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center
Albany Vegan Lady Gang + Anonymous for the Voiceless
Albany Vegan Network
Alexander’s Bakery
Allstate: The Ferlazzo Agency
Arbonne International + ‘vegan makeup corner’ by distributor BJ Pierce
Beirut Restaurant
Ben & Jerry’s of RPI & Madison Ave. Albany
Berben and Wolff’s
Black Metal Chef
Broome Animal Sanctuary
Burning Books
Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Coalition for Healthy School Foods
Compassion Clothing Company
Compassion Over Killing
Dust Bunny’s Boutique
EverYoung Natural Foods
Farm Sanctuary
Field Goods
Filfil Foods
Green Mountain Energy
Handbag Heaven & More
Hanna’s Meatballs
Happy Pits Deodorant by Woods & Whimsy
HippieCakes Vegan Bakery
Honest Weight Food Coop
HorseRacing Wrongs
Hudson Solar
Hudson Valley Vegans
Larry’s All Natural
Lundberg Family Farms
Maya Gottfried, author
Natural Awakenings
Neal’s Yard Remedies
Merv’s Meatless
New York State Humane Association
North American Animal Liberation Press Office
NY Farm Animal Save (NYFAS)
Out of The Pits
Parlor City Vegan
Pasta Dreams
Pho Yum
Pingala Cafe, The Broccoli Bar
Pride Enjoy
Pure Elements an Organic Salon
Rad Soap
Red Robin Song Animal Sanctuary and Beaver Rescue
Seed Solar & Engineering
Sisters Vintage Aprons
Skin2ition Skin Care
Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue
Sloppiest Joe
Sound Earth
Stay Vocal
The Vegetarian Resource Group
Vital Eats
V Marks the Shop
Whole Clarity
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
Woodstock Herbal Products
Yeah Dawg
Young Living Essential Oils


Atlantic Natural Foods
Beirut Restaurant
Follow Your Heart
Foundation Youth
Green Energy Times
Happy Pits
Healthy Living Cafe
Herbivore Clothing
Little Anthony’s
Nutrition Facts
Natural Awakenings
North East Paranormal Society
Parlor City Vegan
Peaceful Fruits
Primal Spirit Foods
Raw Revolution
Sanavi Water
Sevia Soda
Tess Challis
Trader Joe’s
The Herbivore Clothing Co.
Vegan Cuts
Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
Will Travel for Vegan Food
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
Young Living
Zippy Cook

Their aim is to bring together the global health benefits of green sustainable living, environmental awareness, and compassion for animals and all beings. Learn more:

Vendor registration IS FULL. VIP tickets are SOLD OUT.


“Give Peas A Chance” NEW @YouTube #Vegan Cooking Show!


Prompted, in part, by the July 2018 release of my new book Mind Your Peas and Cukes: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Vegan Kids, (available now on pre-order) I’ve produced a vegan cooking show on YouTube (official premiere is February 1 with new episodes every Friday! SUBSCRIBE today on YouTube so you don’t miss a single minute!

The show features Claire Peters, vegan chef, and wait until you see her super-simple, delicious recipes that are perfect for the whole family! To watch some teaser videos and subscribe, visit:


“Mind Your Peas and Cukes: The Ultimate Guide to Raising #Vegan Kids” – July 2018



IN case you haven’t heard, The Skeptical Vegan‘s success opened the door for my “follow up” tome, Mind Your Peas and Cukes: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Vegan Kids. If I was excited about the first book, I may be twice as excited about this one.

Picking up where the first book left off, this funny, practical book about raising vegan kids features, well … our vegan kids. And vegan dog. It also features contributions from some of the leading names in plant-based nutrition and anecdotes from numerous other parents who have had to deal with the challenges of just trying to give their kids a healthy, and compassionate, head start.

This book covers so much more than food and snacks and all the important things we put inside our little ones, it also features the true essence of veganism: ethical veganism. Being vegan for the animals. Since … animals are not food.

Coming out July 2018 from Skyhorse Publishing … and I need to get back to writing.


PS – Please pick up a copy of The Skeptical Vegan. Sold wherever books are sold.

Savory, Crunchy, Crispy (Rice Paper) #Bacon Recipe [The Skeptical #Vegan]


For those of you so kind to have purchased The Skeptical Vegan: 1) thank you!; 2) there is an error in printing for one of the more popular/requested recipes: Rice Paper Bacon. The column with the ingredients for the marinade/sauce somehow got lost between the PDF and the printers but, no worries, you can download the full recipe on The Skeptical Vegan website or watch this short video!

Get fryin’!

In the meantime, please stop over to the official The Skeptical Vegan Facebook page and click the EVENTS link to see where I have scheduled book signings and speaking events! Hope to see you/meet you in person … soon!


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.45.21 PM.png

Instagram: @anotherskepticalvegan

They LOVE me (so far)! Advance reviews for “The Skeptical Vegan” are coming in …



As a first time author I have NO idea how my words will be received by vegan, and the veg-curious, readers from around the world. So far? So good. The initial reviews on GoodReads are all favorable and the few reviews so far on Amazon … are also great (and the book has gone from #1 New Release in Vegan Diets to Cooking Humor since its release)! I am so grateful!

Of course, I want to sell books but, more importantly, I want to spread the word about going vegan (especially to those people who are looking toward their “golden years”). It’s never too late to go vegan and The Skeptical Vegan proves this in every chapter.

Something else I wasn’t prepare for was seeing my book on the shelves at retail locations (including and AMAZING full window display at our local bookstore, Buffalo Street Books). To think that this is the book based on the blog based on the bet is now a gorgeous hardcover book sharing shelf space with the hundreds of vegans I have admired for years. It’s all so surreal.

And I thank you all.

From here, I am working in preparations to attend the Animal Rights National Conference in Washington DC (August 3-6, 2017) and then back home to get back to writing my next book, Mind Your Peas and Cukes: A Guide to Raising Vegan Kids. You know, all in my spare time.

Here are some recent articles and links worth checking out (also, be sure to follow The Skeptical Vegan on Facebook to keep tab on speaking and signing events):

Please share. Comment. Buy the book. Leave a review. And, most of all …


Movie Marketing Madness: Okja


Chris Thilk

Set in South Korea, the latest Netflix original film Okja is also the latest movie from director Bong Joon Ho, he of Snowpiercer, The Host and more. Okja is the name given to a massive mysterious beast that looks like an elephant crossed with a manatee and a pig who is the closest companion to Mija (An Seo Hyun). The two are always together in an idyllic life being lived with Mija’s family far-removed from much of civilization.

That all comes crashing down when Okja is taken by the Miranda Corporation, owned and run by Lucy Miranda (Tilda Swinton). The company has big plans for Okja, including using it as the basis for a revolution in meat production. Mija isn’t ready to see her friend permanently disappear, though, and sets out to rescue it, variously helped and hindered by individuals who have their own reasons for wanting to see Okja…

View original post 1,080 more words

The Wait is Over! “The Skeptical Vegan” has arrived! #GoVegan



Just over a year from finishing (draft 1 of) the manuscript for my first book, The Skeptical Vegan, it is finally here … arriving in mailboxes this week! Shipping right now (according to an email I got this morning) from online retailers (and likely to appear in your local bookstore this coming week)!

I have so many people to thank for this (most of whom are listed in the back of the book) and want to thank Skyhorse Publishing for their incredible support and willingness to publish my story: part memoir/part vegan survival guide. 100% cruelty-free!

I really want to thank the many (how many … I have no idea) people who preordered the book and helped it pop to the top of the #1 New Release in the Vegan Diet category on Amazon! THAT was an on-again-off-again thrill!

Also, get it for your Kindle or Nook and read it on your digital device! The price right now for both the Nook version and a hardcover on Barnes & Noble is not to be missed!

If you purchased it and are expecting to receive it this week, please let me know! Post your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (use hashtag #theskepticalvegan) so I can find you and thank you again! Also, there are a number of book signings and appearances happening starting in August! Check out the event link on for more information! Hope to see you there!

I am truly grateful.





Let thy Food Delivers #Vegan Goodness! [@letthyfood #veganfood]



I was delighted a while back to see a rather large box from Denver, Colorado knowing that it could be a special gift from the good people at let thy food. And it was. Every so often a new vegan product pops up on the market that changes what people’s perception of “vegan food” is. let thy food‘s products fit this category.

Creamy. Smooth. Cheesy. Tasty. Versatile. 

Five words that are oftentimes not associated with vegan food, let alone vegan dips and spreads.

The shipment (that also contained a beautiful hand-written note from the owners), included their Boulder Ranch and Green Chile Ranch dressings and the Queso Blanco and Hatch Valley Queso dips (could also be sauce for pasta) and arrived just in time for a special wedding weekend where I knew vegan options might be limited (and this wedding would also provide me an opportunity to delight omnivores with delicious vegan foods). Everything I brought was a huge hit.

Creamy. Smooth. Cheesy. Tasty. Versatile. 

… and, the dips? Oh, so spicy! I brought the Ranch dressing to pour over salads and we dipped vegetables in it until it was gone. Then we opened the Queso and dipped pretty much everything else in it. The attendees loved it all!

If you have a chance to get your hands on some … do it now. If you can’t find it at your local grocer or co-op, let thy food has you covered with a huge online assortment (including a selection of SuperFood Parm)! To start shopping, click here.

PS –  PLEASE follow them on social media! Especially on their Instagram account. Some of the most amazing and tempting and gorgeous photos you will ever see!


DON’T FORGET: Preorder The Skeptical Vegan from Skyhorse Publishing! Drops in July but right now it all about preorders!