Brad’s Raw Foods Big Box of Hot Love


IMG_5075This weekend I was pleasantly surprised when a shipment of four Brad’s Raw Foods products arrived at the Meaty Vegan headquarters: Vampire Killer raw crunchy kale chips, Nasty Hot raw crunchy kale chips, Raw Sweet Potato crackers and Raw Cheddar snack crackers. Organic. Gluten-free. Non-GMO. Kosher. Not Baked. Not Fried.

And vegan.

Raw food is food that, as its name implies, is uncooked. Technically, it’s food that is uncooked or cooked at temperatures below 118°. Your food dehydrator is a very slow oven for raw foods.

When I think of raw foodism, I usually equate it to veganism because other than some fish and carpaccio, meats need to be cooked. I also like to think of it as a Level 11 vegan diet (sans any meat or fish). The raw foodists I know eat a 100% plant-based diet and seem to thrive. Raw foods are higher in nutritional value since all the nutritional value isn’t “cooked out.”

I can only imagine that having products from Brad’s Raw Foods must truly make being raw that much more pleasurable.

Jen makes kale chips in our dehydrator from time to time. One Ranch-flavored and one Cheese. Both vegan and both delicious. Brad’s has done an incredible job of capturing everything great about kale chips, kicking it up a notch and packaging it in such a way that you can buy it at your grocery whenever you’re in the mood.

I first tried the Vampire Killer flavor. The kale chips exploded in my mouth (as it should) and left garlic shrapnel on my taste buds. Every crunchy leaf was coated in flavor and, as with any kale chip recipe, you are always trying to find the biggest piece amongst the broken bits since they have the greatest coverage.

After enjoying some Vampire Killer, I ventured into the Nasty Hot package. I’ve become a big fan of hot (started with my friend Ralph’s Sweet Hot Sauce) and feel like eating something with a kick can be half the fun of food.

Nasty Hot has a kick.

At first I stuffed a few of the larger pieces in my mouth and immediately swallowed. Seemed tasty enough but not hot. Then, from out of nowhere it hit. Heat. Hot heat. Tasty, zesty, feisty heat. In the back of my throat heat.

I loved it. Dove back in for more and piled the spicy kale chips on the esophageal fire. If you like hot, want a healthy snack with a tongue-tingling smack, get some of these.

The other two bags sent were the Sweet Potato Chips and Cheddar Chips, both more like crackers. These are delicious and nice to have on hand to snack on or to lay down some Treeline cheese on top of.

The story behind Brad’s is an inspiring one of a man, Brad, who, like me, took control of his life in his later years by switching his diet. Proving once again that it’s never too late to undo all the damage done from decades of meat, egg, and dairy.

In fact, you can adopt Brad’s life-changing program in his new book “Brad’s Raw Made Easy.” An inspired and inspiring way that you can turn your life around through diet. Available now at Amazon.

With people like Brad and companies like Brad’s Raw Foods, it’s even easier to …

Go vegan. And raw.

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