Meet me at The Chicago Diner


Meet me @Chicago Diner

Chicago is one of our favorite cities. It’s on the list of places we would move. Big city with a ton of personality, arts, architecture, and great dining on a freshwater lake — what more could you ask for? In fact, I’ve often said that Chicago has an opportunity to be the best city in the U.S. It also happens to be the city where Jen and I got married so it will always have fond memories for us.

And I thought all of this before going vegan and before discovering The Chicago Diner.

Imagine an old-fashioned American-style diner. Bottomless cup of coffee. French fries with gravy. Milkshakes. Reuben sandwiches. Now, imagine that same diner meat-free. 100% cruelty-free, classic American food. The place is as relaxed and hip as the staff and the menu is a long list of foods forgotten. I’ve gone on in my blog about missing breakfast as a vegan and missing diners as an institution, and The Chicago Diner has addressed all of this. It’s a must-go destination for vegans (and, even more so, for omnivores … to show them it CAN be done).

Dear, America: Every city should have a Chicago Diner. Truly, I only have one issue with The Chicago Diner and that’s that it’s not in Ithaca.

Find them on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

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