Tofutti Milk-Free Makes Everything SO Tasty


I have always been a big fan of cream cheese and sour cream, two things I thought I would have to give up when I went vegan. Thanks to Tofutti (or, maybe not since I cannot stop eating it) … I can still enjoy both!

The sour cream.

The Tofutti brand sour cream tastes just like sour cream but it’s so much better, it’s: VEGAN, DAIRY FREE, KOSHER PARVE, GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE, MILK FREE, NO BUTTERFAT, NO CHOLESTEROL,  and NON-GMO. Plus, you can enjoy it when your cow friends come over to watch the game without feeling guilty.

Want to watch the most incredible woman make the most delectable vegan nachos you’ve ever seen? Leslie Durso, everyone’s Veggie Dream Girl, was recently taped by the Food Network‘s One Last Bite, showing off her amazing vegan nacho recipe. If this doesn’t convince you that going vegan can be easy, delicious, and sinful … I don’t know what will.

When she gets to the point of mentioning non-dairy sour cream, there is a very good chance she is referring to Tofutti brand (at least I like to think she is). Whether you are making nachos, tacos, burritos (all vegan, of course) or want to whip up a simple sour cream and onion dip for those chips you love … this is the stuff. Seriously, you need to give it a try. The only thing slightly better than sour cream is …

The cream cheese.

Tofutti brand cream cheese. Soft and spreadable and it tastes just like cream cheese. Smear it on toast or a bagel. Melt it into some marinara sauce to make a creamy Al Forno Sauce. Or, dip those Snyder’s Gluten Free Vegan Pretzels into it. This cream cheese is every bit as good as “real” cream cheese and it comes in three different flavors: Garlic and Herb, Herb and Chives, and French Onion.

Not in the mood for savory? Boom. Make a cream cheese frosting to put on those Babycakes cupcakes.

Tofutti Brands also makes delicious frozen desserts, pizzas, ravioli, and so much more.

Being vegan doesn’t mean giving up the foods you love … it’s more about trying new things and trying to limit yourself from eating all the amazing foods that are available!

Go vegan.

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6 thoughts on “Tofutti Milk-Free Makes Everything SO Tasty

      • Diane

        I’ve just done a bit of research on this. Some of their products do in fact contain palm oil. Their website says they source their palm oil from sustainable sources but given the dubious track record of the RSPO, I try to avoid all palm oil. If you Google “Tofutti palm oil” you’ll see heaps of sites advising that they do use palm oil in many of their products (it’s not always labelled “palm oil”).


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