“Vegan is Love” and Other Books by Ruby Roth


#Vegan is Love and Other Books by @RubyRoth

I was first introduced to Ruby Roth’s book “Vegan is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action” at Friday Dinner when vegan friends brought it and showed it around. I was immediately drawn in by the amazing illustrations and then further impressed with the excellent writing! A children’s book about being vegan! This is just what I needed!

Lovingly, Jen bought me “Vegan is Love” and “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals” for Christmas last year so I could read them over and over again at home. Sometimes I need help with the big words but that’s okay because the drawings are SO good. These were the best books ever since “Steven the Vegan! The books cover all important topics and issues about being kind to all animals and not hurting or eating them! I kept reading them over and over and then suddenly … BOOMwe had a baby! Now we have someone else who can enjoy Ruby Roth’s books besides me!

Ruby’s one-of-a-kind illustrations are vibrant and colorful and her words are so meaningful. I highly recommend buying these and displaying them on your coffee table. Adults will be tempted by the books, they’ll start reading them … and then they’ll become vegan! If these books don’t do it, nothing will. Oddly, when “Vegan is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action” came out, there were some mean people who didn’t like it. They don’t like being reminded about how poorly animals are treated, I guess. Anyway, these books are not for them! These books are for me and baby (and millions of other lovers of great literature). I can’t wait for the movie!

Now Ruby has a NEW book! “V is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind.” I am very excited to get this book, too!

Find out more about Ruby Roth and all her creative goodness at We Don’t Eat Animals or follow her on Twitter at @Ruby_Roth.

Go vegan.


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