New #Vegan Variety Show to Launch August 17! #GoVegan


Check out the teaser trailer for Season Three of “Give Peas a Chance” featuring ME! That’s right! I am taking over the handle bars of the bike and steering this vegan variety show into directions it probably shouldn’t be steered toward.

The new format starts on August 17 (new episodes featuring Claire’s Vegan Kitchen will continue through August 10). We have LOVED working with Claire and he recipes are unparalleled! You’ll find something super tasty and easy-to-make in every one of her episodes.

You’ll find me eating Reddi-Whip in mine.

You’re going to want to comment, like, and subscribe. There has never been a vegan YouTube series like this and there are many surprises in store (including a guest appearance by Richard Marx).

To subscribe, visit Mind Your Peas and Cukes and click SUBSCRIBE. Be sure to click the little “bell” icon so you get a notification of new episodes!


My Interview on #GoGreenRadio: #GoVegan



I recently had an hour-long interview on Go Green Radio and the whole thing is available now to stream or download and take with you. Got to talk a lot about my new book, The Smart Parent’s Guide to Raising Vegan Kids, my last book, The Skeptical Vegan, and much more about going vegan. It’s worth a listen (especially if you are a vegan parent or know a vegan parent).

You can listen here, and …

Go Vegan!

PS – Stay tuned for a special announcement about Give Peas a Chance!