Treeline Cheese: Setting a New Standard for Gourmet Vegan Cheese


Aged. Artisanal. French-style Treenut Cheese.


Every so often a vegan product comes on the market that changes the playing field. Something so spectacular and of such high quality that it raises the bar that others must follow. Most of the reviews I do on this blog showcase these excellent products.

The finest vegan merchandise from around the world.

My Chelsea Boots by Vegetarian Shoes from the UK, Beyond Meat from California, Babycakes from New York City, VioLife from Greece and now Treeline French Style Cheese. I can say, with no hesitation, that this is the finest gourmet vegan cheese on the market and, oh mon dieu, it’s made right here in the state of New York.

Last year I literally travelled to Paris in search of a rich, textured, pungent gourmet vegan cheese and all the while it was being produced in Kingston, New York.


The first time I had Treeline Cheese was at work. My boss brought the soft-style scallion cheese and I tried it on some gluten-free crackers. It spread like cheese, smelled like cheese and tasted like cheese but not just any cheese. Gourmet cheese.

IMG_5029This week I was fortunate enough to also sample the Garlic Herb spreadable and, for the first time, two of the hard cheese flavors: Cracked Pepper and Classic. The hard cheeses are a solid, serious bite of flavor hidden neatly in a folded paper package and sealed with a classy flavor name sticker. Kind of like a wax seal on a very important love letter. Very sexy packaging for a very sexy line of cheeses.

All of the cheeses are made from cashews and all of them are lactose free, cholesterol free, gluten free, non-dairy and non-gmo. Cheese that is good for you? Being vegan is so delicious!

As if the wide array of flavors is not enough to fall in love with Treeline, spend some time on their website and see where their values lie. This is a serious company that is set to be a leader in the industry and proves that cheese doesn’t need dairy to be delectable.

Get your hands on this cheese. Bring any if these flavors to your next vegan potluck or omnivore dinner party. I guarantee the reviews will be as favorable as this one.

Treeline Gourmet Cheeses … one more reason to …

Go vegan.

Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Treeline Cheese: Setting a New Standard for Gourmet Vegan Cheese

    • I think it may be there now! You should check. It is really very good. I am actually falling more in love with the hard cheese (as opposed to the spreadable). It’s VERY strong and cheese-like but not at all “fake” tasting since it’s an actual fermented cheese!


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