These Vegetarian Boots Were Made for Walking


The #Vegetarian Boots Were Make for Walking

Shortly after becoming vegan, I decided to go “all in.” It didn’t make sense to me to stop eating meat but to continue wearing meat. I went through my closets and gave away or sold some very nice leather, wool, and silk items and started over. Since then, I’ve talked with other vegans who actually still own and wear clothing and accessories derived from animals and I am amazed they can do that. To each their own. I was so pleased that all of these items were gone and that each day I would put on something that was not contributing to the torture and murder of animals (yes, even silkworms).

Two items were tough to part with. I had a Limited Edition Tommy Bahama silk shirt I bought in Grand Cayman. It was gorgeous and it looked great on me. Recently, I gave this to someone at work to give to a friend. I am sure it is being well cared for and worn. The other item was a pair of Canadian Blondo boots that were far from being worn out. I loved those boots. I talked about them like they were people. Matching leather people.

One day, while in New York City, I stopped into Moo Shoes and found the replacement pair. A gorgeous pair of black Chelsea Style Vegetarian Shoes ankle boots. Totally hot. Totally vegan. At that point, my Blondos still had some life in them, so I didn’t buy them.

But I did think about them every day after that.

Then, while on business in Manhattan earlier this year, it was time. I treated my Blondos to a walk from Brooklyn to Soho so they could see that view once before they were put to pasture. I walked into Moo Shoes and knew exactly what I wanted, put them on, paid for them and walked out (I also bought a vegan belt). After about a year, I was fully rid of all those items that were not in alignment with my beliefs. And I love my new boots more than my old boots.

Interested in knowing more about Vegetarian Shoes (a UK company)? Here they are on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “These Vegetarian Boots Were Made for Walking

  1. Hello 🙂

    I know you made this post 2 years ago but I need to know if this shoes perfectly fitted for the size…I want to make an order on their website…. Thanks a lot !
    & sorry for my english

    Julie from France


  2. giulia

    I love those boots and I am planning to buy them but I need some info to be really sure: are these shoes really transpiring?bought a couple of other brand long time ago and was terrible as rubber boots, I got wet feet because they were not transpiring.
    please help!
    Giulia from Italy


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