Savory, Crunchy, Crispy (Rice Paper) #Bacon Recipe [The Skeptical #Vegan]


For those of you so kind to have purchased The Skeptical Vegan: 1) thank you!; 2) there is an error in printing for one of the more popular/requested recipes: Rice Paper Bacon. The column with the ingredients for the marinade/sauce somehow got lost between the PDF and the printers but, no worries, you can download the full recipe on The Skeptical Vegan website or watch this short video!

Get fryin’!

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They LOVE me (so far)! Advance reviews for “The Skeptical Vegan” are coming in …



As a first time author I have NO idea how my words will be received by vegan, and the veg-curious, readers from around the world. So far? So good. The initial reviews on GoodReads are all favorable and the few reviews so far on Amazon … are also great (and the book has gone from #1 New Release in Vegan Diets to Cooking Humor since its release)! I am so grateful!

Of course, I want to sell books but, more importantly, I want to spread the word about going vegan (especially to those people who are looking toward their “golden years”). It’s never too late to go vegan and The Skeptical Vegan proves this in every chapter.

Something else I wasn’t prepare for was seeing my book on the shelves at retail locations (including and AMAZING full window display at our local bookstore, Buffalo Street Books). To think that this is the book based on the blog based on the bet is now a gorgeous hardcover book sharing shelf space with the hundreds of vegans I have admired for years. It’s all so surreal.

And I thank you all.

From here, I am working in preparations to attend the Animal Rights National Conference in Washington DC (August 3-6, 2017) and then back home to get back to writing my next book, Mind Your Peas and Cukes: A Guide to Raising Vegan Kids. You know, all in my spare time.

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The Wait is Over! “The Skeptical Vegan” has arrived! #GoVegan



Just over a year from finishing (draft 1 of) the manuscript for my first book, The Skeptical Vegan, it is finally here … arriving in mailboxes this week! Shipping right now (according to an email I got this morning) from online retailers (and likely to appear in your local bookstore this coming week)!

I have so many people to thank for this (most of whom are listed in the back of the book) and want to thank Skyhorse Publishing for their incredible support and willingness to publish my story: part memoir/part vegan survival guide. 100% cruelty-free!

I really want to thank the many (how many … I have no idea) people who preordered the book and helped it pop to the top of the #1 New Release in the Vegan Diet category on Amazon! THAT was an on-again-off-again thrill!

Also, get it for your Kindle or Nook and read it on your digital device! The price right now for both the Nook version and a hardcover on Barnes & Noble is not to be missed!

If you purchased it and are expecting to receive it this week, please let me know! Post your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (use hashtag #theskepticalvegan) so I can find you and thank you again! Also, there are a number of book signings and appearances happening starting in August! Check out the event link on for more information! Hope to see you there!

I am truly grateful.





The Animal Lyrics Project: A #Vegan Exhibition


Presenting: The Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition

One thing about being vegan and owning a business is you soon discover that all vegan businesses, even those that may consider each other “competition,” work together. Ultimately, we are all on the same mission and anything we can do to make each other successful — leads to an stronger vegan network.

This is why ThankTank Creative invited more than a dozen vegan graphic designers to enter designs into the first Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition. An online gallery of memes (posters) dedicated to music, graphic art, and veganism. Herein is the result of this invitation.


AAERI_AnimalLyricsProject_071515-01 (1)

















Represented in this first round of designs:

“Boris The Spider” ~ The Who


“Octopus’s Garden” ~ The Beatles

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Shannon Claire Hickman / / Instagram: @anotherhungryvegan

“Barracuda” ~ Heart

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Jennifer Adler / Survival By Design / / @SBDCards / FB/survivalbydesigncards

“Blackbird” ~ The Beatles

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Laurie Johnston/Two Trick Pony | | @LauriePony | Instagram: TwoTrickLaurie We are on FB and Pinterest as well

“Crocodile Rock” ~ Elton John


“White Rabbit” ~ Jefferson Airplane

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Anna Magombe Creative Thinking / / FB/AnnaMagombeCreativeThinking | / @annamagombe

“I Am The Walrus” ~ The Beatles

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: ThankTank Creative / Teenus McManus

“Karma Chameleon” ~ Culture Club

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Carmella Lanni, The Food Duo / / / @thefoodduo

“I Like Birds” ~ The Eels

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: ThankTank Creative / Teenus McManus

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” ~ The Tokens

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Elana Lavine / Klean-Slate @klean_slate /

“Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey” ~ The Beatles


“Piggies” ~ The Beatles

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Holly Mae Taylor: Motion, Digital, Print, and Web Design /

“When Doves Cry” ~ Prince

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Carmella Lanni, The Food Duo / / FB/thefoodduo / @thefoodduo

“Wild Horses” ~ Rolling Stones


“Year Of The Cat” ~ Al Stewart

DESIGNER NAME/COMPANY: Eric C Lindstrom / ThankTank Creative /


Each of these above graphics are optimized to be shared (clicking brings up the source file) as well as proportional to most smartphone screens (they make excellent wallpaper). Promote veganism … promote the vegan lifestyle.

“The moment I began to understand what was going on with the treatment of animals, it led me more and more in the way of the path I am [on] now, which is a complete vegan.'”
~ Bryan Adams

You can read more about the project and designers here as well as browse the full gallery of images in another format on the ThankTankCreative website. Thank you to all the designers who took part in this exhibition and thank you for all you do for the animals.

Please share and comment below and support these designers as they produce beautiful work … for the animals.

Go vegan.

I’m Vegan and I’m Better than You …



I’m vegan and I’m better than you. Not really but kind of. Vegans have a reputation for being judgmental about everything. Somehow thinking we are better than the 97% of Americans who are omnivores (and vegetarians). Of course, vegans aren’t better than 97% of Americans but, really … we are.

Being vegan means you’re trying to suck less. In everything you do. You take the time to make decisions that are good for your health, the well-being of animals, and the sustainability of our planet. You are thinking about all your actions and how they impact the environment (meaning personal environment as well as the world). That seems better.

Being vegan means you’re making smart food choices. A large part of being vegan is the plant-based diet that doesn’t include meat (or fish), dairy, or eggs (or honey). This means that every meal is planned out and thought through. There is no such thing as just stuffing food in your mouth at an all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet (if someone opens a vegan Chinese Buffet, I will be first in line, by the way). Vegans, like myself, can get caught in a vegan junk food spiral but still the food choices are far better for our health than eating animals, drinking milk, and consuming eggs (all the evidence you need is right here).

Being vegan means you truly care for all creatures on the planet. Not just Aunt Janet. We care about all animals and want to end suffering and torture and brutal, senseless murder. Vegans do this by not eating animals and by not supporting industries that torture and kill animals. Vegans won’t wear leather, wool, or silk as a result of these beliefs. Still sounds better.

Being vegan means you have more money for fun things, like vegan vacations. Believe it or not, vegan shopping is far less expensive than shopping as an omnivore. It’s said we “shop around the edges.” Meat costs add up and a plant-based diet leaves you with more money to tuck away or spend on a fabulous vegan vacation (we just returned from London and Paris and ate at every vegan restaurant we could find).

Being vegan means you are healthier. I know some might think we are suffering from a lack of protein and B12 but we really aren’t. All scientific evidence has proven that a plant-based diet is better in the fight against all diseases (including cancer and diabetes), obesity, cholesterol levels (vegan diets are 100% cholesterol free), and our arteries are not clogged with animal fat. Our arteries are like luge tracks. In fact, our blood flow is so great, vegan men don’t suffer from E.D. That’s always a good thing.

Being vegan means you look great! Sure, some vegans are skinny and don’t look healthy at all. Oh, and some vegans are fat. But we all have great skin and great hair and nails! Also, we can wear pretty much anything we want since there is no vegan dress code (old, torn t-shirts with the word “VEGAN” across the front and vegan sandals with socks are fine). Okay, maybe the fashion is lacking but at least it’s 100% cotton.

Being vegan means your appreciation for the little things increases. You have no idea how excited vegans get when they taste a vegan cheese or ice cream that actually tastes good. I mean really, get out much? Palettes become much more sensitive to different flavors, textures, and combinations and, as a result, we really do savor well-prepared food more than most people.

Being vegan means you care. You really do. Care about our own health and well-being, the health and well-being of other humans, the health and well-being of animals, and the health and well-being of planet Earth. This translates to a better world for everyone.

So, if helping to create a better world for everyone doesn’t make you a better person … what does?

Go better …

Go Vegan.

I really like this article about going vegan published last year in The Plain Dealer.


39th Annual Vegetarian Summerfest


Arrived at Johnstown, PA, for Vegetarian Summerfest. Started the weeklong event at a (get this) potluck. Met so many wonderful people already and am looking forward to the programs starting tomorrow (Wednesday).

Had a last minute project of designing some “Vegan” badges to hand out and they are a hit! Will probably wish I made more.

Will hopefully have time nightly to report on the sessions I attend and recap each day’s activities. I know I am going to learn so much about being vegan!

~ Meaty Vegan