DC VegFest 2018! See You There! #GoVegan



Come see me at DC VegFest this year on Saturday, September 15th (11-4)! This one-day event held in Yard’s Park in Washington DC draws in as many as 20,000 vegans and veg-curious and I want to see YOU there this year! Oh, and I’d also be incredibly grateful if you helped support this amazing annual vegan venture!

Compassion Over Killing (COK) hosts this unparalleled day of vegan speakers, vendors, vegan food, fun, cooking demos, music, and ME … cartooning for the kids (more on this below). But, they can’t keep doing it without your help and support! Give $1 or $10 or $100 to keep DC VegFest happening! Every dollar counts and every dollar goes straight back to the event!

To donate, click here. See? That was easy!

Now, back to the event! Hosted once again by Grey (who will be featured in a Facebook Live Broadcast with me this Monday, August 6th from the DC VegFest Facebook page), this event also features:

  • Tracye McQuirter
  • Chef Nikki
  • Carol Adams
  • Dr. Neil Barnard
  • Jerri Evans
  • Jo Yonan
  • Ginny Messina
  • Beverly Kumari
  • … and SO many more!

In addition to the main stage events there’s also a Kids’ Zone! And … that’s where you’ll find me. Hanging out with the kids teaching them how to draw farm animals. Cartooning Animals 101 with The Skeptical Vegan! If THIS isn’t incentive enough … I don’t know what is!

Remember, to donate, click here. Not in the DC area? Be sure to share this blog post and invite your DC-area friends!

Go Vegan.


Want to End Government Shutdown? Sticky Fingers. Washington DC



Want to know how to fix the economy, end the healthcare debate and generally have an effective U.S. Government? Treat Congress to Sticky Fingers.

It’s been proven that a vegan diet is better for your health so send Congress vegan sweets and treats from Sticky Fingers and watch their blood pressure and cholesterol levels go down. Sticky Fingers cupcakes should be included in the U.S. RDA diet.

Since we were in DC visiting family and attending DC VegFest, I knew we had to check out Sticky Fingers, a single-location vegan bakery (and lunch stop). Since it was minutes from were we where staying and on our way out of town, this was the perfect opportunity.

Sticky Fingers is located in a newer building in Columbia Heights. The space is open and airy and the cases are filled with beautifully prepared vegan sweets. Since we are both gluten-free, the selection was slightly limited (unlike Babycakes NYC) but we were still able to order cupcakes, cookies and two breakfast burritos to go.

And it was all delicious!

I was able to claim my free cup of Counter Culture coffee while waiting for our order (Yelp) and struck up a conversation with the helpful young man who took our order. I learned about the bakery, the history, and the retro kitchen appliances that decorate the large cafe. I also found out that during DC VegFest, they handed out over 2,500 samples of vegan cake!

I know if President Obama stopped in and purchased a few dozen vegan cupcakes for Congress, they would be much more cooperative and government would run much more smoothly.

So, how does Sticky Fingers also improve the U.S. bottom line? Our to-go order cost $30 … providing quite the boost to the economy!

Go vegan.