“Give Peas A Chance” NEW @YouTube #Vegan Cooking Show!


Prompted, in part, by the July 2018 release of my new book Mind Your Peas and Cukes: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Vegan Kids, (available now on pre-order) I’ve produced a vegan cooking show on YouTube (official premiere is February 1 with new episodes every Friday! SUBSCRIBE today on YouTube so you don’t miss a single minute!

The show features Claire Peters, vegan chef, and wait until you see her super-simple, delicious recipes that are perfect for the whole family! To watch some teaser videos and subscribe, visit: MindYourPeasAndCukes.com.


#cr8: Always Hatching Ideas.



For the past 20 years I have been developing designs and managing marketing for small to mid-sized businesses around the world. Today, ThankTankCreative.com expands on this rich history by offering complete consulting, award-winning graphic design, and marketing support alongside social media management, product and package design, as well as complete marketing plans. Some of our recent clients include:

  • ASI Energy
  • By Any Greens Necessary
  • Campbell Plan
  • Cornell University
  • Center for Nutrition Studies
  • Great Life Cookbook
  • Honeycomb Consulting
  • Miyoko’s Kitchen
  • New Moon Harvest
  • Nuttin’ Ordinary
  • Optimized Partners
  • Plant Based Solutions
  • PlantPure Nation
  • Vegan Business Media
  • VoltageXchange

Want to read what our clients are saying? Click here.

For more information, visit ThankTankCreative.com. Browse the OUR WORK link and use the simple contact form on the bottom of the page to get started.

ThankTank Creative. Ideas in Action.

Kids Need Healthy Food!



Remember what your mom said:

“Eat your vegetables.”

Of course, as a father of two vegan babies, we never have to say this because … well, that’s pretty much all they eat. Vegetables, fruit, rice, brown rice pasta, and so many more plant-based foods are the entirety of their every meal and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Not sure how many parents of a two-year-old boy can say their kid hangs out in the refrigerator looking for broccoli. Or grapes. Or hummus. Or guacamole. Ours does and the 11-month-old baby is right behind him.

Raising kids vegan gives them an enormous head-start on a healthy future and it also is a compassionate reminder that animals are not food.

Animals are not food.

There are a growing number of organizations committed to ensuring that kids have access to plant-based meals (you should check out what PlantPure Nation is up to with their PlantPure Pods). Another organization near (geographically) and dear (I am friends with the Executive Director) to me is the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.

I met Amie Hamlin years ago at the whole-foods, plant-based Friday Dinner held in nearby Brooktondale, New York. She is an incredibly committed and passionate woman who is helping to bring plant-based foods to all public schools in New York (if you’ve heard about this on the news recently, Amie was behind it). We all want a healthy future for our children and the Coalition is making this happen … one school at a time.

The Coalition’s vegan recipes have been distributed to 25,000 schools nationwide and their Wellness Wakeup Call program is heard by tens of thousands of students around the country every day! And today (8/28/15) is a very important day to the organization.

Giving is Gorges.

The Coalition for Healthy School Food is teaching healthy plant-based cooking and nutrition classes in Ithaca and New York City and today is Giving is Gorges day in Ithaca. In the Ithaca classes, students cook vegan entrees that will be on their school menu for lunch that week. Kids, teachers, and parents love the program. Some teachers and parents are surprised to see the kids eating the food they make.

And the kids agree that the international recipes from different cultures are delicious. Today, your donation can help the Coalition for Healthy School Food raise additional funds. The group with the most donations (greatest number of donations) will get an additional $500! Please help them get this! Click here to find out why they had to tell kids to stop eating vegetables, and to donate.

Please share and Go Vegan.


@Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret to Screen in #Ithaca



 COWSPIRACY: the Sustainability Secret,” the documentary uncovering the immense environemental impact of large-scale factory farming, to Screen in Ithaca, NY in October …

Cornell University Vegan Society and ThankTank Creative Present

[ITHACA, NY] Cornell University Vegan Society and ThankTank Creative present a limited screening of the controversial documentary “COWSPIRACY: the Sustainability Secret” on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 7:30 PM at Regal Ithaca Mall Stadium 14. Reserved seating tickets are currently available and recommended.

“COWSPIRACY: the Sustainability Secret” is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it. As eye-opening as “Blackfish” and as inspiring as “An Inconvenient Truth,” this shocking yet humorous documentary reveals the absolutely devastating environmental impact large-scale factory farming has on our planet.

“This is an important film for everyone to see,” said Eric C Lindstrom, President of ThankTank Creative. “Every few years a documentary comes along that everyone who cares about this planet needs to see, this is one of those documentaries.”

“COWSPIRACY: the Sustainability Secret” has been screening across the world since its release and this limited engagement screening at Regal Ithaca Mall Stadium 14 provides the Finger Lakes Region an opportunity to learn more about the environmental impact of large-scale factory farming around the world.

For more information visit and to reserve your seats, www.tugg.com.


Miyokos Kitchen Launches New Website (and ThankTank Creative was there …)!


MiyokosKitchenFullSiteI first met Miyoko Schinner at the Vegetarian Summerfest two years ago. That was a huge turning point for me as a vegan. As with many before me, cheese (especially creamy, rich, artisan cheese) was something I was not looking forward to giving up. During this event, Miyoko conducted a demonstration and tasting of her amazing culinary skills and actually performed a miracle … she made vegan cheese right before my eyes (in one instance, she made mozzarella … which, on its own is not an easy task). I was immediately in love.

So, years later when I started my vegan marketing and design firm, I knew I wanted to work with Miyoko as she launched her incredible collections of vegan cheeses (referred to as cultured nut products because of California state law) to the world.

Interesting to note, that mid-way through the design and programming of the site, Miyoko was invited to New York to speak at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen (about 40 minutes from where I live). Being the amazing woman that she is, she drove to have dinner with us in the pouring rain and got to be a part of one of our last-minute vegan potlucks. Needless to say, I became somewhat of a hero that day since she also traveled with three wheels of cheese. Plus, I got to introduce her to the Ithaca Vegan Mafia and take her on a post-rain walk around Cornell campus. It was a really nice evening.

So, today MiyokosKitchen.com finally launches. With the help of ThankTank Creative and a huge team effort, MiyokosKitchen.com is open for business. The new site (which is still in its “organic” stage) features collections of cheeses that will satisfy anyone … especially omnivores. What I am most excited about, beyond having had this opportunity to be a part of history, is that Miyoko’s cheeses are so good … SO good … that they will help so many thousands of people take that next step toward veganism.

And that makes the world a better place.

Follow Miyoko’s Kitchen on Twitter and Facebook and go buy some cheese!



ThankTank Creative to Launch 6.4.2014



[ITHACA, NY] ThankTank Creative to launch new agency on June 4, 2014. The firm, headed by Eric C Lindstrom, will provide expert consulting, design, and marketing for the socially just, environmentally-conscious, and vegan communities.

“ThankTank Creative ties together my two passions: creative communication with veganism,” said company President, Eric C Lindstrom. “With my two decades of experience in marketing small and mid-sized businesses around the world, ThankTank helps me target and focus better on what I believe most in: saving animals and helping the environment.”

ThankTank Creative has partnered with an impressive array of socially just, environmentally-conscious, and/or vegan not-for-profit organizations with their GiveBack8 program. 8% of every project they work on is directly donated, in the client’s name, to the organization of your choice from the list of participating organizations.

The company mission?
Provide unparalleled creative services to socially-just, environmentally-conscious, and vegan companies worldwide; give back to like-minded businesses; and promote compassionate living in everything we do.

Working with like-minded businesses, ThankTank Creative takes socially just, environmentally-conscious, vegan businesses to that next level. Some of the services the firm provides are:

Expert small business consulting – Boardroom-level advice that, through branding and positioning, grows your business.

Award-winning design – From corporate identities to package design, to brochure and collateral design, the award-winning design team has done it all.

Sound ROI marketing – Whether you need an online social media campaign or a robust annual marketing plan, ThankTank Creative gets the job done. On time and on budget.

Photography and online videography – Take your message to the next level with professional images and video production.

For more information visit ThankTankCreative.com or “like” them on Facebook.


Piglets: It’s Where Food Comes From



A person I met recently through a professional network this week posted an album of his kids visiting a nearby pig farm. This is one of those “pasture-raised” farms where the pigs can lounge about happily and interact with visitors. The photos showed his daughter snuggling with some piglets and a family of pigs relaxing in the early summer sun. I wrote a blog post not too long ago that parodied this very notion, you can read it here. Come to find out, that blog posted wasn’t satire at all.

The caption that accompanied the photos read something like: “Took the kids to the The Piggery to ‘show them where food comes from.'”

Where food comes from?* Pigs aren’t food. They are animals. Sentient beings. Wait, am I missing something here? So, I visited the Piggery’s website and found this explanation of this pig paradise located on a 70-acre farm in Trumansburg, just outside of Ithaca, NY:

Here at The Piggery, we’re a different kind of farm. We’re doing everything we can to create pork that is good for the people, good for the land and good for the pigs, with a focus on minimizing our carbon footprint. We raise heirloom breeds of pigs on pasture, supplemented with locally raised GMO-free small grains (barley, wheat, triticale, peas).

Good for the pigs? Now I know I am missing something here. You can actually bring your kids to the farm to play with the piglets who will, most likely the next day, be murdered for their meat? What part of this is “good for the pigs”?

The site then goes on to mention that they breed “handsome Mulefoot & Glouchestshire Old Spot boars with Yorkshire, Durcoc, Hampshire and Tamworth ladies to make some darn cute piglets.” Darn cute piglets? What’s the point of how cute they are if they are going to eventually be slaughtered? Does cuteness get you out of your death sentence?

Rest assured, these well-bred, cute piglets are being “humanely slaughtered.” According to the site, “We have witnessed the slaughtering procedure and are comfortable that the slaughterhouse does a good, humane job.” They should change their tagline to “We Put Laughter Back into Slaughter.”

See what I did there?

There is no such thing as “humanely slaughtered” anything. And educating your kids about their food source being animals they can play with, isn’t an education at all. All of this aside, if you’re looking for a fun field trip in the Finger Lakes and you want to show your kids “where food comes from,” I recommend Indian Creek Farm or Cornell Orchards or Little Tree Orchards in Newfield. I also recommend you …

Go vegan.

Banner_Resized* I should mention that the next day I mentioned this to one of my omnivore friends and she immediately agreed. Food comes from animals. This is such an incredibly foreign concept to me since I made the connection.


Friday Macro Vegan Gluten-free Dinner


The best restaurant in Ithaca, isn’t a restaurant.

Every Friday night for 18 years, Priscilla Timberlake and Lewis Freedman open their hearts and the doors to their home and serve a three-course meal. But not just any meal. Everything served is macrobiotic, vegan, gluten free and 100% … amazing. Don’t believe me? Just ask T. Colin Campbell since he is known to also dine at this special place just 20 minutes outside of Ithaca.


After finding a seat at this often-crowded weekly event, Lewis leads the room in a moment of quiet reflection and then instructs everyone on the technique of blessing the meal. After the blessing, Lewis ignites into a very animated live rendition of the night’s menu. Loudly and enthusiastically announcing each of the courses and many of the ingredients (although he sometimes forgets one or two). I am not sure if any other restaurant in the world does this, but it’s my favorite part of the opening ceremonies.


Every meal starts with soup. In all the years I’ve attended, I’ve never once had a bowl of soup I didn’t love. Soup is such a warm and welcoming way to start a meal and each bowl explodes with flavor and texture.


Following soup is the main entree. A plate loaded with a variety of offerings: pressure-cooked brown rice, kale salad, pressed salad, nori rolls, tempe, tofu, and other seasonal (mostly local) fare. The plate is alive with color and flavor and it’s always very satisfying.

While many of the diners are vegan, some are vegetarians, some are raw foodists, and oftentimes omnivores sneak in and find themselves in welcome company enjoying a meal they might not ordinarily try.

How many people have dinner served with twig tea? Or find a shaker of gomasio on every table?


After all these years of creating amazing recipes, Priscilla and Lewis finally published a beautiful cookbook that takes you through their creations on a month-by-month basis. The secrets are out.

This book is a great way to not only eat well but it could also become the start similar traditions in your own part of the world. Open your own door and serve food that tastes great and treats your body to a healthy, balanced future.

For more information on The Great Life Cookbook, click here. For more information on Friday Dinner and to RSVP, please click here. Hope to see you there and, as always …

Go vegan.


Elvis Costello at the State Theatre in Ithaca and the Vegan Connection



Since I was in high school I have been obsessed with Elvis Costello. In many ways, I feel as though his words and music ushered me into adulthood. I can distinctly remember the first time I listened to “Armed Forces” on a cassette tape on my boom box in my bedroom at my Mom’s house on Park Avenue. While “Armed Forces” actually was released in 1979, I didn’t discover it, or Costello, until around 1982. It was this album that sent me on a mission to buy everything Costello had ever recorded (and in those days, I had to buy two copies of everything: vinyl and cassette tape).

I had never heard music like that and it changed my life.

I bought “My Aim is True” and discovered “Watching the Detectives” and “Allison.” I bought “This Year’s Model” and fell in love with “Radio Radio.” I bought “Get Happy” and fell in love with the entire album. It was this album that made me realize how incredible Nick Lowe is and I had to buy everything by Nick Lowe which later made me buy everything by Dave Edmunds and Graham Parker and John Hiatt. The list goes on.

Every album in my collection traces back to Elvis Costello.

Through the years I explored all of Costello’s albums and made connections to all his collaborators. I started a band. We covered Costello. “Imperial Bedroom” and “Punch the Clock” remain two of my favorite albums to date and now, with The Roots, Costello once again is redefining himself and writing incredible music … 37 years after “Less than Zero” was a UK-only release.

That brings us to today. In just over a month, on November 7, I am finally going to see Elvis Costello, solo, in concert at the State Theatre in Ithaca. I originally didn’t want to go.

I’ve had other opportunities to see him perform in the past, and turned them down. I was always selfish about my love for Costello and felt I didn’t want to share him, and the music that raised me, with 2,000 other people. I wanted Costello to myself. Have him come over for dinner and we could talk about the Stiff Record days and everything he’s been up to since. But this concert is different.

It’s where I live. In an intimate venue featuring a solo show. I got one ticket. Front row. Center.

Turns out I am friends with both the Executive Director of the theatre where he is performing as well as the booking agent for the show. They both convinced me that this was the concert. The opportunity. My moment to share with Elvis Costello. This was as close as I could come to having him over for dinner.

Now, since this is a vegan blog, I always insist that each post have something to do with being vegan … so, here it goes (in the style of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon):

  1. Elvis Costello recorded with Nick Lowe.
  2. Nick Lowe married Carlene Carter.
  3. Carlene Carter is Johnny Cash‘s stepdaughter.
  4. Joaquin Phoenix played Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line.”
  5. Joaquin Phoenix is vegan.

Boom. Go Vegan.

Ithaca Farmers Market


Ithaca Farmer's Market - @IthacaMarketThe Ithaca Farmers Market is a destination for locals and it’s on every tourist’s to-do list. A huge covered marketplace situated on the south end of Cayuga Lake, it’s the one place you are absolutely certain you’ll run into friends (and likely make some new ones).

On any given weekend (during market season), you’ll discover an array of perennials and fresh cut flowers. Just picked fruits, and vegetables, as well as delicious food from every corner of the world.

As a side note, Ithaca was just ranked by VegNews Magazine as the #5 vegan friendly city in the U.S. in spite of the fact there isn’t a SINGLE vegan restaurant and, in spite of the fact that there is only ONE vegan food vendor at The Farmer’s Market. Macro Mamas! People, please. Someone open a vegan restaurant in Ithaca.

Macro Mama’s Peanut Lime Noodles are the most delectable dish anywhere. Rich. Creamy. AND gluten free. I could eat two huge portions and still want to take one more home!

I do have to admit my favorite part of The Farmer’s Market is the artists. Painters, textile artists, photographers, carpenters, musicians, and jewelers. I love seeing their work and watching them work as I devour my second helping of Macro Mama’s!

See you at The Market!

August 3 update! It came to our attention that Curry in a Hurry does serve vegan and gluten-free foods. According to the young man working on a Saturday, ALL of their items are vegan and gluten free. However, they do sell a yogurt drink that contains dairy ingredients.