45,000,000 Deaths this Holiday Season: #GoVegan



Please share widely (right mouseclick on image and select “save image as” and post on your own blog or social media). We can’t stop the holiday but we have the power to make people think.

Go vegan.

FoodPorn Pizza: Gluten-free, Vegan, Beef Not, with Onions


#FoodPorn Pizza: #Gluten-free, #vegan, #BeefNot, with Onions

Didn’t know what I was going to make for dinner and opened the recently-received box from FakeMeats.com … lo and behold! Beef Not! The perfect topping for my #vegan pizza. SO good and animal, sugar, dairy and gluten-free (Dixie Diner’s Club).

Not sure if you’ve got the right vegan/meat-free ingredients in your pantry? Fear not. FakeMeats.com can hook you up with a wide variety of eclectic ingredients that, when used with their included recipes, can make any meal meat-free.

I can’t wait to explore the other goodies in the box! It’s like being on a FakeMeat version of the Food Network’s Chopped. “Open you baskets … you have to make an entree out of the following items …”

FakeMeats.com offers a subscription service for MeatyVegans like me. An 8-item pack is just $24/month with free shipping and you get a wide array of meat-free offerings along with recipes. It’s a deal.

Will post many more recipes and reviews once I start exploring the rest of the products …

Go vegan.


Food Porn: Where Baby Carrots Come From


#FoodPorn: Where Baby Carrots Come From [#vegan #govegan #carrotsmating]

“The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.”

~ Paul Cezanne
Go vegan.

Vegan T-Shirt Design Concept – Passion for Compassion


Grey Vegan T

Testing out a t-shirt design and wondering what the vegan community thinks (click image for enlarged view)! Would be available in white on dark grey (or should it be kale green?) in three sizes (S/M/L). Made in America and 100% cotton. Probably sell for $19?

Yes? Or, no? Comment on this post or email me directly (ericcharleslindstrom@gmail.com).

UPDATE: You can now purchase it here!

London 2013: A Vegan Journey


London 2013

Jen and I traveled to London this summer for a belated honeymoon (and then Chunneled over to Paris). While there, we got to visit nearly every vegan restaurant in the city and explored many of the streets and sights that were a part of Jen’s high school experience (she attended the American School in London). I have always loved London and this trip was particularly special since we were able to spend so much time together.

While we found so many of the restaurants we visited to be wonderful, we actually fell in love with SAF, which was two blocks from our hotel on Kensington High Street and located on the second floor of the Whole Foods market. It’s always great finding these unknown gems that are 100% vegan (with many GF options).

I would love to one day see a restaurant like SAF located in Ithaca. The menu was fresh and unique — the kind of food I love to prepare. If you’re ever in London, it’s really worth a visit (… and you’ll be just three blocks from Kensington Gardens).

Go vegan.

Darling Live Pet Monkey! Live Delivery Guaranteed!


Darling Live Pet #Monkey! Guaranteed Live Delivery [#vegan #govegan]

This is a real ad. Not only is this a real ad, but I remember this ad in the back of my Spiderman comic when I was a kid! To think that they were selling live monkeys for $18.95 and guaranteeing a live delivery … is just so wrong. I mean, not that a live delivery is wrong but just that they were shipping monkeys for $18.95 is wrong. They also mention in the ad that these little Squirrel Monkeys are “almost human” and like lollipops (which, of course, is their primary source of nutrition in the wild).

Does anyone know anyone who ordered one of these? Comments, please.

Go vegan.

NATIONWIDE ALERT: Cows Everywhere Getting Pregnant. Bulls Nowhere to be Seen.


Cows Getting Pregnant. Bulls Nowhere to be Seen.

NATIONWIDE ALERT: Cows by the millions are finding themselves in a constant state of pregnancy but claim they haven’t been around a bull in years.  “I’m not sure why this keeps happening,” said one cow who had just gotten a positive read on her EPT. “If I’m not mistaken, you need a ‘boy cow’ to get pregnant? This is the third time in as many years.” The cow did later admit that the farmer may have had his hand (or entire arm) in this phenomenon. More details as this story mounts.

Bovine intervention? Jesus Calves? An utterly good reason to …

Go vegan.

Beyond Meat Buffalo Style Chicken Wings – The Return of My Favorite Food …



Buffalo Wings were my favorite food. I can’t lie. Ate 68 of them at one sitting. Going vegan took them away. Beyond Meat has brought them back. Just as spicy, chewy, hot, moist and delicious as the real thing and I can eat them with my pet chickens sitting beside me without feeling guilty. Gluten-free and vegan. Just take your grilled un-chicken variety of Beyond Meat and lightly fry in a little olive oil until glistening and crispy. Toss in your favorite wing sauce or make the original recipe from Buffalo: Frank’s Hot Sauce blended with some vegan butter and a teaspoon of vinegar. Serve with celery sticks and a vegan dipping sauce to cool them down.

Every time I eat Beyond Meat, I think Ashton Kutcher is going to pop out of some hiding place.

Thank you, Beyond Meat.

Go vegan.


DDT is Good for Me! And, is a Benefactor of all Humanity!


#DDT is Good for Me!

When I stumbled on this ad for “Pennsalt Chemicals” from 1947, I thought it was a parody. A housewife, farm animals, food, and a dog, all dancing and singing the praises of DDT. DDT is now illegal. Back in the day it was used for everything from agricultural sprays to household pesticides. DDT is depicted as the answer to all the world’s problems in this fun-filled, full-page, full-color ad.

The U.S. was just coming off a high of its own, having defeated (with the Allies) the Axis power in WWII just a couple years earlier. It was time for this country to innovate and support the just blossoming baby boom. What better way to do that, than to take hazardous materials and introduce them into our daily lives?

America was booming with opportunity and DDT was (as the ad claims):

  • Good for fruits –  Making them bigger and free from worms! Who doesn’t want a bigger apple?
  • Good for steers – They’ll grow bigger cows because of DDT. Bigger, like in Texas.
  • Good for homes – That’s right, sprinkle some DDT in your kid’s nursery to chase away those pests!
  • Good for dairies – Now that we’re about to go big with this milk thing, gotta figure out how to make more milk!
  • Good for row crops – We’re pushing out the ‘taters in numbers never seen before
  • Good for industry – Pennsalt Products is going to make industry in America strong!

Does all of this sound familiar? Monsanto, one of the companies that originally manufactured DDT, is the target of much debate and protest today for similar actions. This ad is 66 years old. Like Pennsalt, Monsanto is placing its genetically modified products on store shelves before researchers have a total understanding of their scientific impact. The cycle continues.

Since then, DDT has been shown to damage the nervous, immune, endocrine, and neurological systems, not to mention its devastating influence on the natural environment. DDT was being introduced to our nation’s foods without our approval as far back as the 1940’s. So, to those of you standing up against Monsanto and thinking that GMOs and food science and tampering with what you eat is a new thing — think again. It’s as old as your mother.

So, what can you do? Always try to buy organic (although even that is also no guarantee), local, and …

Go vegan.