Was Popeye Vegan?



Are any of history’s classic cartoon characters vegan? What did they eat on and off-screen? How did Betty Boop keep her figure?

Starting with Bugs Bunny who, of course, lived primarily on carrots and was clearly an herbivore, it’s because of this plant-based diet that Bugs had no need to ever visit a doctor. However, he was still strangely interested in occasionally inquiring with them “what’s up”?

Contrary to Dr. Milton Mills’ research, prehistoric man was probably not herbivorous. This is proven in nearly every episode of The Flintstones where Wilma and Betty are oftentimes depicted serving a gigantic bone on the dinner table. This omnivorous lifestyle clearly contributed to Fred and Barney’s obesity, high blood pressure, and overall bad health.

Wile E. Coyote ate birds. It has been said his diet consisted of only fast food. His prey, the Roadrunner ate desert seeds and plants. It is clear then, Wile E. Coyote’s body was craving fiber (evidenced by his overall stress level which is caused by constipation). Mr. Coyote attempted to consume fiber through the Roadrunner.

There is a good chance Mickey Mouse (and Jerry of “Tom and Jerry” fame) ate cheese. Tom and Felix the Cat ate mice. This might explain why these four characters never appeared in the same film. An R-rating had yet to be introduced. Donald and Daffy Ducks were omnivores, as was Porky Pig. Luckily, all of these animals were more than free range as many of them owned land, cars, and clothing.

So, was Popeye vegan? We all know he had a penchant for spinach. He actually found a way to keep a can (hopefully a BPA-free lined can) inside his Navy uniform. Like a true vegan, he knew that for that extra punch and energy kick, reach for the leafy greens. Spinach is an excellent source of iron – especially when combined with acidic foods (a Twitter follower wanted me to mention that Vitamin C is needed along with Fe for proper absorption). Spinach also contains high amounts of “lutein” and “zeaxanthin” … which, as history shows, provides for strong healthy seamen.

Unfortunately, Popeye also had a soft spot for Olive Oil. And olive oil contains a lot of fat. And a lot of any kind of fat, including “healthier” ones, means you’re consuming a lot of calories, which leads to excess weight, which leads to increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, many forms of cancer, and yes, heart disease. Everything in moderation, Popeye … everything in moderation.

That’s all folks.

Go vegan.


8 thoughts on “Was Popeye Vegan?

  1. Mike Downey

    I just started writing my next comic script as Popeye makes a comeback doing body building championships and also turns Wimpy into a Vegan animal rights activist who also loves his fat and competes, and then……. Olive is popeyes gf who cooks for them as she reminds them constantly of a Fruitarian diet (olives) causes less harm to plants. I do believe I have animators that can actually make this into my companies very own vegan comedy skit. 🙂

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  2. JJ Workouts

    Hate to break it to ya but Popeye wasn’t a vegan. In the comics “Rodeo Romeo” he punched a bull and it immediately turned into steaks and sausages and the same kind of thing happened in “Thrill of Fair” and “Popalong Popeye”. Just coz he eats vegies doesn’t mean he’s vegan. Plus he’s a heavy smoker and all his spinach comes from a can……. not exactly the healthiest example 😒


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