Celebrate a Vegan Cinco de Mayo with Chef’d and BeyondMeat!



Cinco de Mayo is in just under two weeks but don’t fret, Chef’d and Beyond Meat have you covered for your dinner party needs. In fact, read on to get your own special DISCOUNT CODE and a UNIQUE LINK to save on your order with delivery by May 5th! You don’t even have to go shopping! Can you think of a better way to celebrate independence?

But wait.

As I was writing this blog post, Jen asked me if I knew what Cinco de Mayo is. My normative whiteness had me thinking forever that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day, a day that most celebrate through block parties, sombreros, mojitos, margaritas, tacos, nachos, Corona, and flamenco guitars, where we think we are showing how “multicultural” we are by celebrating a holiday that isn’t ours to begin with and that very few Americans actually know anything about.

I’ve been schooled. Cinco de Mayo is really the commemoration of the Battle of Puebla.

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo by white European Americans marginalizes Mexicans through cultural appropriation. If we took the time to educate ourselves about Mexican cultural holidays such as Cinco de Mayo and Dieciseis de Septiembre (the real Mexican Independence Day and this Wiki entry starts with “Not to be confused with Cinco de Mayo” and is in September), we would recognize these are holidays of great importance to Mexican and Chicano communities, beyond an excuse for Americans to party, eat tacos, and get drunk on tequila.

So if you want to be an ally to Mexican and Chicano communities, you can start with this history lesson. And when you celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your friends and family, remember to be culturally sensitive and aware of the possibility of appropriating what isn’t yours.

At that party you can tell your friends what you know about Cinco de Mayo and that the victory was viewed as a symbol that proved to the world that national sovereignty would not be compromised (I know you Bernie and Trump supporters can relate to this).

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Chef’d has made it easy and fun for vegans to commemorate Cinco de Mayo cruelty-free with their Beyond Meat Feisty Beefy Crumbles meals. An easy-to-make and delicious meal delivered right to your door. When I say this bright orange box comes with everything you need, I’m not kidding. Onions, shallots, garlic cloves (peeled? yes!), Romaine lettuce, oregano, cilantro, limes, spices and more!

And, of course, Beyond Meat Feisty crumbles that are heated and folded into the included tortillas and topped with Follow Your Heart cheddar cheese. Everything you need!

And, as a follower of Meaty Vegan, you can redeem a 15% DISCOUNT on any of these meals when you use discount code TACOS. There are three different Cinco de Mayo bundles for you to choose from and the one featured here is the Beyond Meat Feisty Tacos.

Pre-sale STARTS TODAY (4/22) and ends 5/1 at 11 am PST. Boxes will be delivered 5/3 and 5/4 to ensure you’ll have your meal in hand before 5/5. Just as a reminder, they ship EVERYWHERE in the continental US!

Click this link to PRE-ORDER your Cinco de Mayo Chef’d party!

Go vegan (and don’t vote Trump).

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How Not to Starve to Death as a Vegan (and Get More Protein in the Process)



If you scroll back through all my blog posts since launching MeatyVegan.com, you’ll find a pattern evolving. I have gone from the Reluctant Vegan (of which I still own a very handsome t-shirt Jen bought me with that blazoned across the front) to full-fledged compassionate, ethical, out-of-the-cupboard vegan. A man who constantly complained about there being nothing to eat, is now eating more than ever before. I can still recall the early days of veganism and going on and on about there being no selection of foods for vegans … at gas stations (while on the road) and vending machines (trying to get a quick snack). I now fully realize how ridiculous that was.

Imagine that. I can no longer enjoy a greasy breakfast sandwich that has been in a warmer for eight hours nor can I consume an 800-calorie chocolate bar.

Back then, I didn’t see the ignorance in this.

Today, I am not only thriving with amazing food every day, I am cooking up a storm all week long (and mostly on the weekends), trying out new recipes and creating foods that rival any omnivores best day. Not only are these meals tasty and filling, they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein … yes, protein. In fact, most of the meals I make are loaded with more protein than any person would need for a year.

Since making this life-changing, lane-changing, game-changing shift in thinking, some of my more popular dishes include:

  • Pizza. Gluten-free and vegan and every bit as good as a meat and dairy cheese pizza (the one here is pictured with soy chorizo).
  • Soy chorizo. I originally discovered the one at Trader Joe’s but have since made my own homemade version (using TVP) and it’s pretty amazing. Spicy and delicious!
  • Macaroni and cheese. Some soy milk and dairy-free cheese. A little nutritional yeast. Melted and poured over gluten-free elbows. You can broil it at the end to get that crispy top.
  • Chocolate chunk cookies. Jen’s recipe. These are so bad to have around the house because they are so good. Recipe on my recipe link.
  • Burritos and tacos. Pretty much all variations of Mexican cuisine translates beautifully to vegan.
  • Kimchi. I make a spicy vegan version of this Korean side dish that is so good for you that you can eat an entire jar in one sitting (it’s known to happen).
  • Lasagna. Red or white, this layered pasta dish is the perfect addition to any potluck and it’ll go fast.
  • Gluten free vegan bread. Took me 9 tries to get my recipe right but I got it right. Straight from the oven, this is one tasty, steamy loaf!
  • Broccoli quiche. Perfect for any brunch. Completely egg and dairy free.
  • Fettuccine Alfredo. There is so much you can do with cashews and this Alfredo sauce rivals any out there. Cashews also make wonderful cream/s.
  • Sweet Potato Fries. Toss in sesame oil, garlic powder, and paprika. Bake at 400° for 30 minutes (flip once midway) and serve with chipotle Veganaisse dipping sauce. Shut the front door.
  • PĂŁo de Queijo. Simple and gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread, or PĂŁo de Queijo, made with tapioca flour and dairy-free cheese. Seriously, kids will kill each other for this. Brings new meaning to “Hunger Games.”
  • Bacon. That’s right. Bacon is no longer a cut of meat, it’s now designated a flavor. So, with that, making bacon out of shiitake mushrooms is allowed and are great on baked potatoes with sour cream.
  • Chicken wings. With a product like Beyond Meat available, this dish is a no-brainer. Serve with your favorite wing sauce and celery and you can enjoy this while your pet chicken watches.
  • Salads. Yes I eat salads, too. Probably not as many as I should but I also cut myself some slack here … since eating all these other foods is so much fun!

So, for those of you who wonder what vegans eat or think that we only eat salads? Think again. And think about going vegan … and …

Go vegan.