Oklahoma Farmers Eat Drone



[BARTLESVILLE, OK] The Greater Bartlesville Police Department is investigating claims that two Oklahoma pig farmers shot down and ate a drone being utilized by a film crew as part of an ongoing exposĂ© investigating factory farms and the health risks of “open sewage lagoons,” that surround them.

“Apparently, these two believed the drone was ‘trespassing’ and they shot it down with their .22,” said Deputy Gregory Smalls. “And once they downed the drone, they proceeded to cut it into pieces, bread it, deep fry it, and eat it.” The exact details of the report are closed at this point as the investigation is ongoing.

Drones have been used in the past to gain access to appalling conditions on factory farms. One such filmmaker made news recently for uncovering sewage lagoons in North Carolina where nearly 1,000 local residents are forming a class action suit against Smithfield Farms claiming they are contracting deadly diseases by breathing the contaminated air sprayed from these lagoons.

Deborah Johnson, chief executive officer of the N.C. Pork Council, said it is “alarming to see farmers who work hard every day to comply with regulations and laws operating their farms be targeted with actions like this.” Really?

The filmmaker, who also directed the documentary Speciesism, commented about the sewage lagoons by stating they are “among the most bizarre and disturbing environmental phenomena that I have ever confronted in America.” You can watch the video of Mark Devries’ footage here. In the video, the drones capture shocking aerial footage of several massive facilities that supply pigs for Smithfield Foods.


In a recent radio interview on KTOK, Oklahoma’s News Source, one of the Oklahoma pig farmers commented: “… that thing [drone] was scaring up some of our hogs and we don’t want no scared hogs. So, hell yeah, we shot it down and ate it. Tasted like chicken.”

The investigation is ongoing and details will be posted here as they become available.

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SeaWorld Plans Massive Rebranding Campaign: Welcome to “MeWorld”



[ORLANDO, FL] With record low attendance and revenue lagging, SeaWorld announced on Memorial Day 2014 a massive rebranding campaign for the company and a “strategic rethinking” of how the controversial parks are operated.

“The reaction to the documentary ‘Blackfish‘ and the negative media coverage we have experienced in Q1 has forced us to change entirely SeaWorld,” stated Robert Sanders, Director of Public Relations. “Starting June 1, 2014, all SeaWorld locations will be known as ‘MeWorld‘.”

The release went on to state that instead of the parks featuring orcas, dolphins, and other marine life, park visitors will now get to experience “life like a whale” by spending days at a time swimming in circles in undersized pools and being hand-fed fresh-caught seafood which is being provided by the new Red Lobster.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for park attendees,” Sanders commented. “They will finally feel what it is like being catered to in the lap of luxury. All they have to do for all-you-can-eat shrimp is occasionally wave to audience members, jump through hoops, and splash kids in the front row. Who wouldn’t want this deal?”

MeWorld Orlando tickets will be discounted throughout the entire month of June ($45) and MeWorld San Antonio and San Diego will extend special admission rates through July 4th. Visitors can also purchase a full season VIP ticket ($89) which allows them to have their belly rubbed daily as well as be masturbated by certified MeWorld trainers.

For more information, visit MeWorld.com.

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Herb-Crusted Vegan Gluten-free Crab Cakes: Annapolis Style



Annapolis, Maryland has long been one of my favorite cities in the U.S. The rich history, the sailing, the architecture, the Naval Academy and … the crab cakes. On one visit, years ago, I ate crab cakes at literally every restaurant that served them. I took diligent notes on what I thought made a crab cake delicious and came home and reverse engineered these notes and created my own award-winning Herb-Crusted Crab Cake. A recipe so good, it was recognized by Bon AppĂ©tit Magazine.

Alas, today I am vegan and crab cakes are off limits. Until now.

I was shopping at our local co-op when I noticed in the freezer section a line of vegan seafood from Sophie’s Kitchen. I have to admit I was a little leery at first but decided to try the vegan crab cakes. Maybe I was, once again, going to be able to enjoy one of my favorite, long-lost, foods. And, I am very pleased to report … I can.

When lightly fried, these vegan crab cakes turn out crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside and they taste very much like crab. With this particular dish (shown) I coated the cakes in chopped herbs (parsley and cilantro) and lightly fried them in sesame oil. Meanwhile, I whipped up a batch of spicy baked sweet potato fries (tossed in sesame oil, garlic powder, paprika and sea salt and baked at 450° for 30 minutes) and treated both the main entree and the side to chipotle dipping sauce. It. Was. Amazing.

The edges of the crab cakes were crispy and the herbs added a nice freshness to the dish. The dipping sauce goes so well with the cakes and the fries that I had to go back for more. I can confidently say that you could serve this dish to any omnivore and they will find it hearty, spicy, decadent, and delicious. And so easy to prepare and plate.

I am anxious to try the other vegan seafood products from Sophie’s Kitchen and encourage you to do the same. You can find them on Facebook here.

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