Got GlutenFree Vegan Sourdough? Vegan Mario’s Has You Covered.



Our household is gluten-free and vegan. Jen was diagnosed with celiac over a decade ago, my dad has celiac, and one of our babies has celiac. I am predisposed to have it, too. For obvious reasons, we keep wheat gluten out of our kitchen and create meals that are just as delicious by finding amazing replacements.

Finding amazing replacements for gluten-free, vegan bread is almost impossible.

However, every so often we discover a new product that is both gluten-free and vegan and we immediately have to try it. This was the case with Vegan Mario’s sourdough bread from Vegan Mario’s Gluten Free Shop in¬†Oak View, California.¬†While Vegan Mario‚Äôs is no longer open to walk-in customers they have shifted focus to their wholesale orders and online storefront (LOCALS are welcome to come in and pick up anything they¬†see on their¬†site and can use promotional code ‚ÄúCALOCAL‚ÄĚ to remove any shipping charges) and I highly recommend placing an order today!

An innovative organic, gluten-free, vegan bakery like Vegan Mario’s is just one more reason to move to California.


The loaf arrived simply slid into a white paper bag, adding to the authenticity of the bread itself. No plastic liner. Not frozen solid. A loaf of bread the way nature intended. In a white paper bag. It was as if Mario’s was right here in Upstate New York dropping it off to us.

The loaf we tried was their quinoa, brown rice and it was delicious. I can now say was, because we finished it within a couple of days. The hand-written note from the bakery said we could “refresh the bread” by putting it in the oven at 350¬į for 12 minutes.

Instead, we sliced it and started eating it right away.


Jen spent many years living in California and is no stranger to the nuanced properties of a great sourdough and this bread from Mario’s did not disappoint. We toasted, grilled, sliced, buttered, baked, sandwiched, and grill cheesed it … just to make sure it could hold up to any culinary challenge.

It did.

A real delicious loaf of organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan sourdough available at any time online? Yes. We’ll be back to Mario’s for more! Visit them at the Ojai Certified Farmers Market, on¬†their website to see their other amazing options, and get to know them better on Facebook today!

Go vegan.

Watch for the release of The Reluctant Vegan from Skyhorse Publishing in fall 2017!

Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking: Annie and Dan Shannon Are At It Again



You know those friends you always extend an invite to for your vegan potlucks? The ones who never know what to bring? Or, better yet, how about your friends who aren’t vegan and panic at the idea of coming up with a dish that everyone will love.

Get them Master the Art of Vegan Cooking (Grand Central Publishing) by Annie and Dan Shannon (Betty Goes Vegan) and these very same people will RSVP with confidence.


As a matter of fact, get everyone you know this book. As is the case with the authors’ first successful tome, Betty Goes Vegan, this book masterfully guides the aspiring chef through “standards” that everyone knows and loves. A very personal introduction gives you a sense of the authors’ lives (who now¬†reside in Brooklyn) and this lets you know that every recipe comes from the heart.

And, as it turns out, is good for your heart.


Dr. Greger (among other whole-foods, plant-based doctors) of has gone so far as to say the #1 killer of Americans, heart disease, is 100% preventable.

100% preventable.

How? Well start with the recipes created by the couple behind the successful blog, “Meet the Shannons.” Stick to these recipes and your heart (and waistline) and taste buds will thank you.


The first recipe I tried was their Vegan Bacon, White Bean, and Spinach Risotto (page 155). To give you an idea of how easy this recipe is, I made this on my lunchbreak. And it turned out amazing.


Onions and risotto begin to crack in your pan as you introduce white wine and vegetable stock over the course of thirty or so minutes. Stir in the spinach, beans, nooch, and spices and a simple dish is elevated into something amazing.


As an aside, ¬†I think these two photos of nutritional yeast should be stolen from my blog and circulated widely. “Nooch,” as it’s known to those who use it nearly every day deserves more glamour shots like these. Meanwhile, back to the recipe.


The step-by-step instructions and use of the phrase “pinch of celery salt,” makes me love this book more than anything. It should be noted that almost every ingredient was Wegmans brand. Wegmans is considered the #1 grocery store in America and they are about to break ground on a NEW store in Brooklyn (so “The Shannons” will soon know why everyone loves Wegmans). The headline of this linked article, by the way, is:¬†Brooklyn Freaks Out Over Wegmans.


To finish off the overall “retro” aspect of this dish, I plated the risotto in my vintage Mikasa bowl that belonged to my Nana. The pattern on this set will always remind me of her and we’ve eaten many wonderful dishes from this set.


One more¬†cool thing about this book is that each recipe let’s you know how much each serving costs (just in case you want to charge your friends at the potluck). This creamy risotto costs $1.87/serving and I bet I could charge $5. Maybe $7 (depending on the friend).

You can buy Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking now at most bookstores around the country and online here.


Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking makes it easier, and tastier, than ever to …

Go vegan.


Miyokos Kitchen Launches New Website (and ThankTank Creative was there …)!


MiyokosKitchenFullSiteI first met Miyoko Schinner at the Vegetarian Summerfest two years ago. That was a huge turning point for me as a vegan. As with many before me, cheese (especially creamy, rich, artisan cheese) was something I was not looking forward to giving up. During this event, Miyoko conducted a demonstration and tasting of her amazing culinary skills and actually performed a miracle … she made vegan cheese right before my¬†eyes (in one instance, she made mozzarella … which, on its own is not an easy task). I was immediately in love.

So, years later when I started my vegan marketing and design firm, I knew I wanted to work with Miyoko as she launched her incredible collections of vegan cheeses (referred to as cultured nut products because of California state law) to the world.

Interesting to note, that mid-way through the design and programming of the site, Miyoko was invited to New York to speak at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen (about 40 minutes from where I live). Being the amazing woman that she is, she drove to have dinner with us in the pouring rain and got to be a part of one of our last-minute vegan potlucks. Needless to say, I became somewhat of a hero that day since she also traveled with three wheels of cheese. Plus, I got to introduce her to the Ithaca Vegan Mafia and take her on a post-rain walk around Cornell campus. It was a really nice evening.

So, today finally¬†launches. With the help of ThankTank Creative and a huge team effort, is open for business. The new site (which is still in its “organic” stage) features collections of cheeses that will satisfy anyone … especially omnivores. What I am most excited about, beyond having had this opportunity to be a part of history, is that Miyoko’s cheeses are so good … SO good … that they will help so many thousands of people take that next step toward veganism.

And that makes the world a better place.

Follow Miyoko’s Kitchen on Twitter and Facebook and go buy some cheese!



Sometimes You Just Have to Fake It



Just outside of Chicago there is a company that ships meats around the world. Everything from “chicken” to “beef” to “pork,” “jerky,” and even “eggs.” However, this “meat market” is decidedly different than any of the others in the Midwest. All the¬†meat they ship is, well, fake., a family-owned and operated business, is every Meaty Vegan’s dream come true. Delicious, different, decadent, and innovative vegan meat substitutes that make making any meal meaty.

When I first met co-owner¬†Steven, the connection was immediate. He and his wife, Kim, are the two nicest and accommodating people you would ever know and are passionate about their products. Just browse their amazing website … I’ll wait.

See? Pretty much everything you would ever need to make any omnivore convert! I am in love with all of their products but a few stand out as my favorites.

One of these favorites is the Butler Soy Curls. I first had these at a Super Bowl Party where they became fried crunchy Buffalo bites. After that, I always make sure to have a bag on hand. They are perfect in chicken cheesy burritos and as a topping on a Buffalo pizza.


What I really love about these soy curls (besides the incredible price), is that they are shelf-stable. As a sailor, I am always looking for dried foods that are versatile and delicious and these soy curls fit the bill. To re-hydrate these, simple soak in warm water for ten minutes and drain. They immediately become “shredded meat” that can be used in almost any recipe.


Once my soy curls are reanimated, I season them with my favorite Arizona Gunslinger Jalapeno Pepper Sauce, GF/V BBQ sauce, a touch of salt and a dash of cinnamon.


The soy curls take on a delicious flavor and color and one cup of dry soy curls is enough to make four crunchy cheesy burritos.


I warm my brown rice tortilla (Food for Life), with a neatly centered slice of VioLife cheddar cheese and microwave for exactly 35 seconds. The tortilla becomes very pliable and while it’s still warm, I add the seasoned soy curls, some avocado, a little salsa and fresh cilantro and fold and roll.


I lay the burrito seam-side down on a pre-heated non-stick pan and cook for two minutes on medium heat (don’t turn it over yet … be patient). After two minutes, flip it over. See? Aren’t you glad you waited? Cook on top side for 2-3 minutes more.


Slice diagonally to reveal all the goodness that is contained within. Seriously, look at all that goodness!

The same recipe can be created using the Dixie Diner’s Club’s Beef (Not). Another wonderful dehydrated soy product that is the perfect starting point for ground beef or, more importantly, soy chorizo. This product is also available in other variations and I would recommend buying one bag of each and experimenting.

Not sure what to buy? Subscribe to any of their meat-of-the-month plans and let them send you samples of their best new products. Meal packs … jerky of the month … snack packs … makes it simple to enjoy meat again … without harming a single animal.

Find them online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Go vegan.

STAY TUNED for more reviews including a New York City cupcake spectacular using this amazing product from Vegg.


Vegan Cuts Snack Box: Think Inside the Box



You know that excitement when you sit down at a restaurant and the top of the menu reads: “Everything is Vegan.” Or you discover that unique gift shop just down the road and find out that the owners are vegan (this happened to me today at Heron Creek Cards and Gifts¬†in Ithaca). Well, Vegan Cuts, a website entirely dedicated to finding and selling the very best vegan products, feels the same way.

It’s your home base for everything vegan.

Whether you’re looking for beauty supplies or books; or trying to buy purses or Parmesan cheese … Vegan Cuts probably carries it. Entering their website is like entering your favorite vegan restaurant, diner, snack shop, bookstore, clothing store, or jewelry store all in one. It’s the General Store for Vegans.

In addition to buying single items, Vegan Cuts offers a Beauty Box jammed with vegan beauty products and toiletries and their popular Snack Box that I was lucky enough to receive this week. An unassuming small box that spills out with a potpourri of delicious and nutritious vegan foods and more.

This particular month (May) included items like Baked Lentil Chips, Vegan Protein Blend, Superfood Instant Breakfast, teas, chocolates, Nuttzo To Go, and even a glass straw.

And, what’s so great about these boxes (and similar offerings by the amazing, which I will be reviewing this week) is that it gives you an opportunity to try vegan (and in this case, gluten-free) items you otherwise wouldn’t try. To get this wide array of vegan food and products, you’d have to go to 4-5 different stores and, in most cases, you might not ever find most¬†of it.

As they say on the Vegan Cuts website, the Snack Box offers products:

From chips to cookies and sodas to teas, each month we’ll send 7-10 vegan goodies straight to your door.

And all for just $19.95 per month with FREE shipping. You can check out the Snack Box page of their site here, but you will also want to check out the rest of their products. Where else would you find Vegan Caviar? Or, nyl Whipped Hand and Body Lotion? I don’t even know what that is but I suddenly want it all over me.

Vegan Cuts has done all the shopping for you, all you have to do is browse, click, choose and order¬†which items you want. makes it easier than ever to …

Go vegan.


The Wildwood VioLife LeGardenBakery FollowYourHeart Tomato Burger Patty Melt: Part 1



As luck would have it, I had on-hand some of my favorite ingredients and decided to whip up a diner classic burger melt with sweet potato fries. Of course this one had to be gluten-free and vegan.


I heated my skillet and melted 2T vegan butter and added the two slices of Le Garden Bakery grainless Italian bread. This is a local Ithaca baker that has an innovative line of grainless products. They are not only gluten-free but they are also grain-free. Made from bean flour, potato starch and fairy dust, their baked goods are delicious and nutritious. However, at this point, all I cared about was getting it to soak up the butter.

Once it started to lightly brown, I added my heated Wildwood shiitake mushroom burger on one side and covered that with two slices of VioLife cheddar cheese and put a lid on it.

Under low heat, the cheese can start to melt without the bread burning.

Meanwhile, I had my sweet potato fries cooking in the oven as I was preparing my tomato, organic ketchup, and chipotle Vegenaise.

Seeing the cheese starting to melt, I uncovered the sandwich and added the last three ingredients and assembled the sandwich right in the cooling skillet.


I then plated the cut sandwich with the fries and a side of chipotle Vegenaisse for dipping! Proving, yet again, that vegans can eat well … very well.

Go vegan.



DFMavens. Why Does Everything Amazing Come from Queens, NY?


DF Maven Ice Cream

Earlier this year there was some buzz on Cornell campus by the Cornell Vegan Society about this “new” vegan ice cream’s availability at a few locations around the university. I shrugged it off thinking this would be “just another dairy-free dessert” and didn’t really make it a priority to try it. The dairy-free frozen dessert I’m referring to is DF Mavens and it’s probably a good thing I didn’t discover it months ago since that would be been another 5-10 quarts I would have consumed since then.

It’s pretty amazing.

We were lucky enough to buy a variety of flavors at the Ivy Room and sample each and eventually devour them. From their Madagascar Vanilla Bean to their New Orleans Salted Praline to my personal favorite, the Mint Almond Cookie. We took home 5-6 quarts and some minis and have been getting fatter by the minute. You can browse all their offerings on their beautiful website.

And, with the variety of varieties they offer ranging from soy to coconut, to no sugar and almond, they also cover all the common allergens so that everyone on the planet can enjoy their desserts. This is very important to the future of our planet, after all.

Something else amazing about this company? They give back. A portion of their proceeds goes to Mercy for Animals, so you know this company backs up what they believe in.

But what’s most exciting about DF Mavens? It’s comes from¬†New York. As in, New York City. As in, the borough of Queens. Which, as it turns out … is also where I come from.

A little meaty vegan to be in Queens, NY (1969)

This is me in 1969 in Queens Village at my second birthday with my Nana, my mom, and my big sister who also blogs about being vegan. Our little sister is inside my mom and would make an appearance in August of that year.

If only DF Mavens were around back then, it would have gone great with that cake!

Go vegan.

Tofurky! You Did It! Gluten-free Vegan Pesto Pizza Goodness!



I have longed for Tofurky. Not so much that lump of tofu they became famous for making to replace the bird at Thanksgiving but all their other products.

Products like:

  • Deli slices – bologna? Are you kidding me?
  • Hot dogs and sausage
  • Breakfast links. A perfect accoutrement¬†to my tofu scramble.
  • Ground beef.
  • Pocket sandwiches. Hot pockets? I. Want. Inside. Me.

But alas, I can’t eat any of these. They all contain gluten.

You can see for yourself the full-line of vegan foods that Turtle Island Foods makes and how many of them contain “vital wheat gluten” on their website. Not sure why it’s considered vital but apparently it’s in high demand or something. Just not by me.

So, needless to say, when fellow blogger Tuxedo Cat posted a photo of the NEW (not even on their website yet) gluten-free pesto supreme pizza … I waited outside Greenstar, our local¬†food co-op, the next morning at 7:29 am.


From the above photo you probably can see that it looks exactly like MY meat-free gluten-free pepper and onion pizza (check out other posts on this blog, or follow me on Twitter). This pizza is twinning my pizza.

But, the fact that this store-bought, pre-built, loaded. pesto supreme pizza is available in the freezer section of my local co-op already made… is just shy of a miracle. This thin-crust pie is delicious.

I’m talking really delicious.

A perfect blend of vegetables, cheese, pesto sauce, and a gluten-free meat alternative? Fuggedaboutit.

How good is it? Jen has an aversion to all things fake and hasn’t had an urge to try one of my pizzas. She also avoids processed foods whenever possible and very rarely engages in the same sinful decadence of vegan junk food overindulgence that I enjoy … but she loves this pizza.

Most importantly though, since¬†this pizza came from Tofurky, there may be an oven light at the end of this vital wheat gluten tunnel. Maybe this is the first of many products that they’ll roll out that are gluten-free? Maybe they’ll start rethinking all their other products sans gluten?

Or …

Maybe they will read this blog post and hold a special meeting in the big boardroom at the Turtle Island Foods headquarters in Hood River, Oregon, and have agenda item #1: “Replace vital wheat gluten in all our products with a gluten-free alternative. All in favor. Say aye.”

Aye! It’s unanimous.

Go, Tofurky and …

Go vegan.


Fusilli Pasta Grilled Chicken with White Mushroom Cream Sauce: @MeatfreeMonday



While I wait to get my hands on more BeyondBeef, the beefy new product from the good folks at Beyond Meat, (so I can create my soon-to-be-award-winning BeyondBeef Stroganoff), ¬†I whipped up this recipe for tonight’s dinner.

Fusilli Pasta and Grilled Chicken with White Mushroom Cream Sauce.

It’s gluten-free and vegan, rich with flavor and PACKED with protein. I threw in some ingredients we had in the kitchen and it turned out delicious. Just how delicious? My 15-year-old daughter (who is not yet vegan) loves it … and that always makes a father proud.

Want to get started on your own Beyond Meat recipes? Start here and print out this buy one get one FREE coupon!

Go vegan.


A Slice of Heaven: Gluten-free Vegan Pizza from Verde Pizza in Baltimore


I’ve never reviewed a restaurant on my blog that isn’t vegan. Until now.


Jen and I recently traveled to Baltimore for a conference and of course, any time you go to a new city you have to find the best vegan restaurants and try them out. Unfortunately, after a few failed attempts we discovered Baltimore isn’t as vegan-friendly as we’d hoped.

However, and this is a pretty big however, we did discover Verde Pizza¬†on¬†South Montford Avenue and, while it’s far from vegan, our gluten-free, vegan lives will never be the same.


We met a friend of Jen’s for lunch on her recommendation. I was disappointed that we weren’t going to a vegan restaurant but glancing over the menu online it seemed like there could be some nice options and they do advertise a “nearly gluten free” pizza.

We had no trouble finding¬†the corner restaurant, were promptly seated and¬†ordered one of their “nearly” gluten-free pizzas (the¬†Verdure Miste) with no cheese and what we got was quite simply the greatest gluten-free, vegan, wood-fired pizza we have ever¬†tasted. The crust was out of this world and the freshness of the ingredients was incredible. It was one of those “are you sure this is gluten free?” moments since the crust was stretchy and crispy and delicious. Perfetto!

Now, they probably could sprinkle on some vegan cheese on any of these pies … but they better not. They are perfect just the way they are.¬†Sono stato chiaro?


And the atmosphere? When all my hard work finally pays off and¬†I have an extra million dollars and finally open that really nice vegan restaurant in Ithaca … I’m going to have the people of Verde come help with the decor (and I will consult with them on turning their place vegan). Verde¬†√®¬†Bello!

They did such an incredible job of designing a beautiful, welcoming and upscale space with the perfect touches around every corner. Not convinced? Check out this photo of their bar area on their website. Nice, huh?


The second time we were there (this time for dinner) we actually got to meet the owner, Edward. An Italian-American from Brooklyn. He spent a good 20 minutes telling us about the place and was full of questions about our diet. He really listened and you can tell he puts a ton of care into each item on the menu.

Why are their gluten-free pizzas “nearly” gluten-free? They prepare them with 100% gluten free flour (shipped directly from Italy) in a dedicated gluten-free prep area and use an independent gluten-free paddle to move them in and out of the oven … but their pizza shares the same 900 degree space as the regular pizzas. The crust cooks for about 90 seconds and comes out with tiny air holes and crispy edges. Jen, who has been gluten-free for over ten years, didn’t have a reaction so I am convinced that gluten “can be cooked off,” in spite of what we’ve been told.

From where we were seated, we¬†also got to watch each of our pizzas being handmade in the open kitchen and the dough that is formed is stretchy. Exactly what you would want a pizza dough to act like. I also am convinced¬†Edward is quite proud of his pizza maker … since it’s his son. Tutto in famiglia!


If you live in Baltimore, go to Verde. If you plan to go to Baltimore, plan to go to Verde. If you know someone who lives in Baltimore, send them to Verde. If you’re driving anywhere within an hour of Baltimore … go out of your way to get to Verde. And tell them the Meaty Vegan sent you. Capish?


Really … how good are their pizzas? Jen and I each ate one ourselves that night and we ordered another one to go. Fuhgeddaboudit!


Oh yeah …¬†go vegan.

Who Wants: Gluten-free Vegan Steamy Stretchy Homemade Bready Goodness?


On Jen’s request this weekend I made a loaf of my gluten-free, vegan bread. This also gave me the opportunity to portion out the ingredients for testing since this is the bread that I am taking to market and last night’s loaf is a testament to it’s steamy, stretchy, yeasty goodness that I know those living wheat-free will love.

IMG_5812I put aside all the dry ingredients, and one yeast package, with hand-written instructions for a newly-diagnosed Celiac I know who works at Cornell University. She is going to test my recipe for ease of preparation and to see if this satisfies the one major craving most wheat-free individuals are seeking: really good bread.

IMG_5818This loaf turned out particularly good and we couldn’t wait for it to cool before slicing into it. I always (after learning the hard way) check the center temperature of a loaf of bread (205¬į) for doneness. Tapping on the bottom is for the real experts, sticking a thermometer into the middle … well, that guarantees success every time.

IMG_5820This is the kind of real bread that makes people who are gluten-free ask a few times, “are you sure this is gluten-free?”

IMG_5827When these initial test results come back, I will price out all the ingredients, create some stunning packaging, and offer it to the masses. All you will need on your end is a mixer (standing preferred), 4 X 8 loaf pan, 1 1/2 cups of warm water, and 3 T of olive oil. Oh, and an oven.

IMG_5833With last night’s loaf I made another VioLife grilled cheese sandwich (this time with their Olive Oil flavor). I know I am prone to be hyperbolic, but this was the best grilled cheese I ever had. I later followed it up with a piece of toast topped with Manna Organics’ Coconut Cashew Butter. Delicious!

Think you’d like to purchase this gluten-free, vegan bread for yourself? Fill out this form and I will put you on my list to let you know when it’s ready to go!

Go vegan.

Vegan Foods, Products and Restaurant Review Page Announced!



After 21,000 views to my little blog and over 215 blog posts to date, things have really started to get exciting as I am finding more and more wonderful, thoughtful, and delectable vegan products in my mailbox at the MeatyVegan headquarters. I excitedly check the mailbox each day to see what has arrived.

Just today I received a sample of TheVegg (the 100% plant-based egg yolk replacement) and a copy of their gorgeous little cookbook (shown above)! Cannot wait to try and review this product. I have been wanting to use this since I first heard of it and it was so thoughtful of them to send me a sample.

Also upcoming is a review of Tofutti who sent me some product coupons and an adorable Tofutti Stuffed Bear. We love their sour cream and cream cheese products and I am hoping to share more than a review as I would also love to share some of our Tofutti recipes.

And, expect a long overdue review of the Manna Organics products that were sent to me last week. The gluten-free-vegan cinnamon bread was SO good … I literally didn’t have a chance to take a photo of it before it was gone! If you don’t know about this company yet, please check out their website. It is very inspiring.

Since so many new products are coming in and I am privileged to try and review each, I have now dedicated an entire page to these reviews. Over there on the left hand column is the link titled “VEGAN REVIEWS.” Please start there as I have scoured every blog post and linked directly to the extended review for each.

Have an item you want reviewed?

Please contact me at the “ABOUT MEATY VEGAN” link and I will send my postal address.¬†I love trying new amazing vegan products! You can also simply email me at to get more information. already has a VERY loyal vegan following (so far thousands in just the first 6 months), 21,000 blog views (and growing) and every one of the entertaining posts reaches 50,000 vegans on Facebook and about 5,000 (plus many more retweets) on Twitter and many more on Instagram. A single blog post can easily be seen by 75,000 vegetarians, vegans, and (opinionated) omnivores. I LOVE opinionated omnivores.
Personally, I am also a very active vegan citizen with known followers and guest bloggers from around the world. Having your food, product, or book reviewed on reaches a very targeted, and trusting audience and I would love to add you to my ever-growing list of vegan/cruelty-free products!
Go MeatyVegan and …
Go Vegan.

Meanwhile, Back at Babycakes: Vegan, Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies


Last weekend I made the Vanilla Cupcakes, this week it’s all about the Chocolate Chip Cookies. Having received both mixes in a recent shipment to the Meaty Vegan headquarters, I knew I had to stagger preparing these sweets for the sake of my belt. I made it roughly two days between cupcakes and cookies. A new personal best.


What I really love about the Babycakes mixes is that they require few extra ingredients (think “apple sauce” instead of eggs) and can be prepared with a bowl and a whisk. Later this quarter, I am planning on releasing my gluten-free, vegan bread mix (after testing it next month) and would love to be able to mix the batter with a whisk (as opposed to a huge piece of kitchen equipment). More on the release of my first product soon!


The chocolate chip cookie mix blended easily with a whisk and spatula and within minutes I was ready to drop balls of goodness onto my parchment paper (for those of you zooming into these photos, yes, I did add more vegan chocolate chunks to the recipe … because I am a grown up and I can do whatever the hell I want).


The cookies baked for about 20 minutes (rotating them once mid-way) and came out hot and moist and delicious. Since I added more chips, it actually yielded three sheet pans (as opposed to the two mentioned on the box) and, as you can imagine, that made me happy. Very.


We always make chocolate chunk cookies and this Babycakes mix makes making them that much easier. We store the extras in the freezer and can grab a cookie when needed. Yes, needed.

I love Babycakes. Want you to try Babycakes. And, think that Babycakes is the sweetest reason to …

Go vegan.