NuGo Nutrition and the New Vegan



Five years ago this month I started working for Woodhouse, a timberframe company, as their Vice President of Marketing and Communications. This point in time, and its significance in my life, appears throughout my forthcoming book, The Skeptical Vegan.

It was my first week of being vegan.

During my initial meeting and interview with the company president we had a lunch meeting that would be the very first time I ate out as a vegan (see Chapter Two for more details). Also, an ill-fated trip as a new vegan to a Minneapolis steakhouse with a group of burly builders made for some interesting off-menu ordering (see Chapter Three) and it was during my hour and a half commute to my office in Pennsylvania when I first made “the connection” while staring down a hillside of cows (see Chapter Four).

January 2012 was when it all began.

In case you’re looking for product placement in this blog post, you might think it’s my forthcoming book, The Skeptical Vegan, which is available for preorder NOW (comes out in July) and which I keep mentioning. However, the real product placement for this chapter of my vegan journey belongs to: NuGo.


NuGo Nutrition is an Oakmont, PA-based protein bar manufacturer whose “Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt” pretty much kept me alive for that first year of being an on-the-road vegan, driving to and from Woodhouse.

As a new vegan I was struggling to find something I could grab quick on the road (after dropping our foster twins off at daycare) that was nutritious, delicious, filling, and satisfying (and available at 7:30 am on my way out of town).

My regular stop took me to Wegmans (on the way) and for the first two weeks I would buy a soy vanilla latte and a couple bananas. Then I would expand into more fruits with the latte but it never felt like I was eating a “meal.” I craved more. A few failed attempts at finding a vegan AND gluten-free protein bar finally led me to NuGo. And I’ve been a fan of all their products ever since (still most in love with the pretzel, FWIW).

They have Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Mocha, Peanut Butter Cup and more! Getting hungry? Then don’t click here.

Each delicious bar features:

  • REAL dark chocolate for vegans with a sweet tooth
  • High protein for vegans who think about things like protein
  • Low fat for vegans who want to lose some weight
  • Vegan for vegans
  • Pareve for vegans who look for this kind of thing
  • Certified gluten-free for GF/Vs
  • Certified Kosher for Jewish vegans
  • Antioxidant rich for vegans who need more antioxidants!
  • … and their bars are non-GMO-certified!

Every morning I would buy two bars (pretzel) and my latte and listen to satellite talk radio, trying to make all three last me an hour as I drove into northern Pennsylvania to my office. Since I currently live just an hour from the Pennsylvania border, I recently mapped to see how long it would take to get to the NuGo factory so I could stop in and act like Charlie at the chocolate factory but, alas, it’s 5 1/2 hours from home.

Next time I am in the Pittsburgh area … I will hopefully have a chance to stop in and thank the good people of Nugo for helping me become (and stay) vegan.



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Got GlutenFree Vegan Sourdough? Vegan Mario’s Has You Covered.



Our household is gluten-free and vegan. Jen was diagnosed with celiac over a decade ago, my dad has celiac, and one of our babies has celiac. I am predisposed to have it, too. For obvious reasons, we keep wheat gluten out of our kitchen and create meals that are just as delicious by finding amazing replacements.

Finding amazing replacements for gluten-free, vegan bread is almost impossible.

However, every so often we discover a new product that is both gluten-free and vegan and we immediately have to try it. This was the case with Vegan Mario’s sourdough bread from Vegan Mario’s Gluten Free Shop in Oak View, California. While Vegan Mario’s is no longer open to walk-in customers they have shifted focus to their wholesale orders and online storefront (LOCALS are welcome to come in and pick up anything they see on their site and can use promotional code “CALOCAL” to remove any shipping charges) and I highly recommend placing an order today!

An innovative organic, gluten-free, vegan bakery like Vegan Mario’s is just one more reason to move to California.


The loaf arrived simply slid into a white paper bag, adding to the authenticity of the bread itself. No plastic liner. Not frozen solid. A loaf of bread the way nature intended. In a white paper bag. It was as if Mario’s was right here in Upstate New York dropping it off to us.

The loaf we tried was their quinoa, brown rice and it was delicious. I can now say was, because we finished it within a couple of days. The hand-written note from the bakery said we could “refresh the bread” by putting it in the oven at 350° for 12 minutes.

Instead, we sliced it and started eating it right away.


Jen spent many years living in California and is no stranger to the nuanced properties of a great sourdough and this bread from Mario’s did not disappoint. We toasted, grilled, sliced, buttered, baked, sandwiched, and grill cheesed it … just to make sure it could hold up to any culinary challenge.

It did.

A real delicious loaf of organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan sourdough available at any time online? Yes. We’ll be back to Mario’s for more! Visit them at the Ojai Certified Farmers Market, on their website to see their other amazing options, and get to know them better on Facebook today!

Go vegan.

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The Beast in Me.


I’ve been a BeyondMeat fan pretty much from the start. The first time I tried the “chicken” I, like many vegans before and since, had to check the ingredients twice to make sure it didn’t contain actual chicken. Taste and texture are so spot-on that its been known to even fool world-class chefs.

BeyondMeat has done it again. This time with beef. The Beast Burger, packed with 23 grams of protein, this is not your ordinary “veggie burger.” In fact, if a veggie burger were walking down the sidewalk and saw The Beast coming from the other direction, it would cross the street. Against the light.

Move over wimpy veggie burgers. The Beast is in town.

I didn’t know what to expect although I had a tiny taste when I was at ExpoWest. The Beast had babies (of course it did) in the form of sliders. I got to sample a BeyondMeat slider and was blown away. Their booth, reminiscent of a certain burgercentric fast food franchise, was slinging the sliders alongside some chicken tenders (which I am anxious to get into my belly after drowning them in Buffalo sauce). The Beast Baby (Beastly Sliders) was very convincing. I was hopeful The Beast was just as good; and it is.

But bigger.


This is the burger you bring to the BBQ when everyone is expecting you to bring hummus.

This is the burger you bring to the potluck when everyone is expecting you to bring kale salad.

This is the burger you bring to the marina when everyone is expecting you to bring quinoa. But bring quinoa anyway since it’s a superfood.

The very same day that I got to try The Beast for the first time, also happened to be Taco Tuesday so I whipped up some pepper quesadillas with the BeyondMeat chicken. Folded into a gluten-free brown rice tortilla, glued it all together with melted VioLife cheese and Tofutti sour cream, and served with some Mexican rice and hot sauce.

It was a very good day. Beyond very good.

There is no reason whatsoever to eat animals ever again thanks to companies like BeyondMeat (and other trend setters in the meat-replacement market). Delicious, nutritious alternatives make it easier than ever to …

Go vegan. 

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Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Spicy Mexican ChorizOats



This recipe for Mexican-style chorizo made with gluten-free steel cut oats (vegan, soy free) was originally created for a contest that Bob’s Red Mill (a company I love) was conducting. Create your best recipe with steel cut oats. I thought this recipe would win based on the clever name alone: ChorizOats. Get it? It’s chorizo combined with oats. You probably didn’t need me to explain, huh?


Anyway, it turned out amazing. It’s not unlike soy chorizo except that you use cooked steel cut oats (gluten-free) and therefore this is health food. Seriously, there is nothing wrong in this list of ingredients.

I brought a huge container to one of our local Tex-Mexican restaurants (Viva) and we spiced up the already vegan burritos with this delicious addition.



  • 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Steel Cut Oats
  • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
  • 1 medium green pepper, finely chopped
  • 4 garlic cloves, pressed or finely chopped
  • 1 6 oz. can organic tomato paste
  • 3 T. apple cider vinegar
  • 2 T. (or more, depending on preference) favorite hot sauce
  • 2 T. fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 2 T. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 T. vegetable bouillon
  • 2 T. chili powder
  • 1 T. paprika
  • 1 T. smoked seasoning
  • 1 t. black pepper
  • 1 t. cinnamon
  • 1 t. cumin

Vegan sour cream (optional, depends on recipe but is worth every extra calorie. I prefer Tofutti brand), and vegan cheese (optional, but get your hands on some VioLife or Chao).

Cook Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Steel Cut Oats according to package (1 cup oats, 3 cups water). Add vegetable bouillon just before adding oats and covering (will take 20 minutes to cook covered, stirring occasionally).


In heated skillet, saute onions, pepper, and garlic in 1 T. olive oil (you can do this step oil-free if you’re one of those people) until soft, stir in tomato paste and lower heat. Add apple cider vinegar, hot sauce, cilantro and stir. Continue stirring over low heat for five minutes.


Combine all dry ingredients in separate bowl and stir into tomato mixture and set aside.


Once Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Steel Cut Oats are done (can be left a little chewy) combine in large bowl with tomato mixture. You now have enough Chorizoats to fill six burritos, tacos, or quesadillas. The Chorizoats is also an excellent addition to vegan chili or cook further in medium heat frying pan and add as a healthy, spicy vegan pizza topping.

Go vegan.



Miyokos Kitchen Launches New Website (and ThankTank Creative was there …)!


MiyokosKitchenFullSiteI first met Miyoko Schinner at the Vegetarian Summerfest two years ago. That was a huge turning point for me as a vegan. As with many before me, cheese (especially creamy, rich, artisan cheese) was something I was not looking forward to giving up. During this event, Miyoko conducted a demonstration and tasting of her amazing culinary skills and actually performed a miracle … she made vegan cheese right before my eyes (in one instance, she made mozzarella … which, on its own is not an easy task). I was immediately in love.

So, years later when I started my vegan marketing and design firm, I knew I wanted to work with Miyoko as she launched her incredible collections of vegan cheeses (referred to as cultured nut products because of California state law) to the world.

Interesting to note, that mid-way through the design and programming of the site, Miyoko was invited to New York to speak at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen (about 40 minutes from where I live). Being the amazing woman that she is, she drove to have dinner with us in the pouring rain and got to be a part of one of our last-minute vegan potlucks. Needless to say, I became somewhat of a hero that day since she also traveled with three wheels of cheese. Plus, I got to introduce her to the Ithaca Vegan Mafia and take her on a post-rain walk around Cornell campus. It was a really nice evening.

So, today finally launches. With the help of ThankTank Creative and a huge team effort, is open for business. The new site (which is still in its “organic” stage) features collections of cheeses that will satisfy anyone … especially omnivores. What I am most excited about, beyond having had this opportunity to be a part of history, is that Miyoko’s cheeses are so good … SO good … that they will help so many thousands of people take that next step toward veganism.

And that makes the world a better place.

Follow Miyoko’s Kitchen on Twitter and Facebook and go buy some cheese!



DFMavens. Why Does Everything Amazing Come from Queens, NY?


DF Maven Ice Cream

Earlier this year there was some buzz on Cornell campus by the Cornell Vegan Society about this “new” vegan ice cream’s availability at a few locations around the university. I shrugged it off thinking this would be “just another dairy-free dessert” and didn’t really make it a priority to try it. The dairy-free frozen dessert I’m referring to is DF Mavens and it’s probably a good thing I didn’t discover it months ago since that would be been another 5-10 quarts I would have consumed since then.

It’s pretty amazing.

We were lucky enough to buy a variety of flavors at the Ivy Room and sample each and eventually devour them. From their Madagascar Vanilla Bean to their New Orleans Salted Praline to my personal favorite, the Mint Almond Cookie. We took home 5-6 quarts and some minis and have been getting fatter by the minute. You can browse all their offerings on their beautiful website.

And, with the variety of varieties they offer ranging from soy to coconut, to no sugar and almond, they also cover all the common allergens so that everyone on the planet can enjoy their desserts. This is very important to the future of our planet, after all.

Something else amazing about this company? They give back. A portion of their proceeds goes to Mercy for Animals, so you know this company backs up what they believe in.

But what’s most exciting about DF Mavens? It’s comes from New York. As in, New York City. As in, the borough of Queens. Which, as it turns out … is also where I come from.

A little meaty vegan to be in Queens, NY (1969)

This is me in 1969 in Queens Village at my second birthday with my Nana, my mom, and my big sister who also blogs about being vegan. Our little sister is inside my mom and would make an appearance in August of that year.

If only DF Mavens were around back then, it would have gone great with that cake!

Go vegan.

Tofurky! You Did It! Gluten-free Vegan Pesto Pizza Goodness!



I have longed for Tofurky. Not so much that lump of tofu they became famous for making to replace the bird at Thanksgiving but all their other products.

Products like:

  • Deli slices – bologna? Are you kidding me?
  • Hot dogs and sausage
  • Breakfast links. A perfect accoutrement to my tofu scramble.
  • Ground beef.
  • Pocket sandwiches. Hot pockets? I. Want. Inside. Me.

But alas, I can’t eat any of these. They all contain gluten.

You can see for yourself the full-line of vegan foods that Turtle Island Foods makes and how many of them contain “vital wheat gluten” on their website. Not sure why it’s considered vital but apparently it’s in high demand or something. Just not by me.

So, needless to say, when fellow blogger Tuxedo Cat posted a photo of the NEW (not even on their website yet) gluten-free pesto supreme pizza … I waited outside Greenstar, our local food co-op, the next morning at 7:29 am.


From the above photo you probably can see that it looks exactly like MY meat-free gluten-free pepper and onion pizza (check out other posts on this blog, or follow me on Twitter). This pizza is twinning my pizza.

But, the fact that this store-bought, pre-built, loaded. pesto supreme pizza is available in the freezer section of my local co-op already made… is just shy of a miracle. This thin-crust pie is delicious.

I’m talking really delicious.

A perfect blend of vegetables, cheese, pesto sauce, and a gluten-free meat alternative? Fuggedaboutit.

How good is it? Jen has an aversion to all things fake and hasn’t had an urge to try one of my pizzas. She also avoids processed foods whenever possible and very rarely engages in the same sinful decadence of vegan junk food overindulgence that I enjoy … but she loves this pizza.

Most importantly though, since this pizza came from Tofurky, there may be an oven light at the end of this vital wheat gluten tunnel. Maybe this is the first of many products that they’ll roll out that are gluten-free? Maybe they’ll start rethinking all their other products sans gluten?

Or …

Maybe they will read this blog post and hold a special meeting in the big boardroom at the Turtle Island Foods headquarters in Hood River, Oregon, and have agenda item #1: “Replace vital wheat gluten in all our products with a gluten-free alternative. All in favor. Say aye.”

Aye! It’s unanimous.

Go, Tofurky and …

Go vegan.


A Slice of Heaven: Gluten-free Vegan Pizza from Verde Pizza in Baltimore


I’ve never reviewed a restaurant on my blog that isn’t vegan. Until now.


Jen and I recently traveled to Baltimore for a conference and of course, any time you go to a new city you have to find the best vegan restaurants and try them out. Unfortunately, after a few failed attempts we discovered Baltimore isn’t as vegan-friendly as we’d hoped.

However, and this is a pretty big however, we did discover Verde Pizza on South Montford Avenue and, while it’s far from vegan, our gluten-free, vegan lives will never be the same.


We met a friend of Jen’s for lunch on her recommendation. I was disappointed that we weren’t going to a vegan restaurant but glancing over the menu online it seemed like there could be some nice options and they do advertise a “nearly gluten free” pizza.

We had no trouble finding the corner restaurant, were promptly seated and ordered one of their “nearly” gluten-free pizzas (the Verdure Miste) with no cheese and what we got was quite simply the greatest gluten-free, vegan, wood-fired pizza we have ever tasted. The crust was out of this world and the freshness of the ingredients was incredible. It was one of those “are you sure this is gluten free?” moments since the crust was stretchy and crispy and delicious. Perfetto!

Now, they probably could sprinkle on some vegan cheese on any of these pies … but they better not. They are perfect just the way they are. Sono stato chiaro?


And the atmosphere? When all my hard work finally pays off and I have an extra million dollars and finally open that really nice vegan restaurant in Ithaca … I’m going to have the people of Verde come help with the decor (and I will consult with them on turning their place vegan). Verde è Bello!

They did such an incredible job of designing a beautiful, welcoming and upscale space with the perfect touches around every corner. Not convinced? Check out this photo of their bar area on their website. Nice, huh?


The second time we were there (this time for dinner) we actually got to meet the owner, Edward. An Italian-American from Brooklyn. He spent a good 20 minutes telling us about the place and was full of questions about our diet. He really listened and you can tell he puts a ton of care into each item on the menu.

Why are their gluten-free pizzas “nearly” gluten-free? They prepare them with 100% gluten free flour (shipped directly from Italy) in a dedicated gluten-free prep area and use an independent gluten-free paddle to move them in and out of the oven … but their pizza shares the same 900 degree space as the regular pizzas. The crust cooks for about 90 seconds and comes out with tiny air holes and crispy edges. Jen, who has been gluten-free for over ten years, didn’t have a reaction so I am convinced that gluten “can be cooked off,” in spite of what we’ve been told.

From where we were seated, we also got to watch each of our pizzas being handmade in the open kitchen and the dough that is formed is stretchy. Exactly what you would want a pizza dough to act like. I also am convinced Edward is quite proud of his pizza maker … since it’s his son. Tutto in famiglia!


If you live in Baltimore, go to Verde. If you plan to go to Baltimore, plan to go to Verde. If you know someone who lives in Baltimore, send them to Verde. If you’re driving anywhere within an hour of Baltimore … go out of your way to get to Verde. And tell them the Meaty Vegan sent you. Capish?


Really … how good are their pizzas? Jen and I each ate one ourselves that night and we ordered another one to go. Fuhgeddaboudit!


Oh yeah … go vegan.

Who Wants: Gluten-free Vegan Steamy Stretchy Homemade Bready Goodness?


On Jen’s request this weekend I made a loaf of my gluten-free, vegan bread. This also gave me the opportunity to portion out the ingredients for testing since this is the bread that I am taking to market and last night’s loaf is a testament to it’s steamy, stretchy, yeasty goodness that I know those living wheat-free will love.

IMG_5812I put aside all the dry ingredients, and one yeast package, with hand-written instructions for a newly-diagnosed Celiac I know who works at Cornell University. She is going to test my recipe for ease of preparation and to see if this satisfies the one major craving most wheat-free individuals are seeking: really good bread.

IMG_5818This loaf turned out particularly good and we couldn’t wait for it to cool before slicing into it. I always (after learning the hard way) check the center temperature of a loaf of bread (205°) for doneness. Tapping on the bottom is for the real experts, sticking a thermometer into the middle … well, that guarantees success every time.

IMG_5820This is the kind of real bread that makes people who are gluten-free ask a few times, “are you sure this is gluten-free?”

IMG_5827When these initial test results come back, I will price out all the ingredients, create some stunning packaging, and offer it to the masses. All you will need on your end is a mixer (standing preferred), 4 X 8 loaf pan, 1 1/2 cups of warm water, and 3 T of olive oil. Oh, and an oven.

IMG_5833With last night’s loaf I made another VioLife grilled cheese sandwich (this time with their Olive Oil flavor). I know I am prone to be hyperbolic, but this was the best grilled cheese I ever had. I later followed it up with a piece of toast topped with Manna Organics’ Coconut Cashew Butter. Delicious!

Think you’d like to purchase this gluten-free, vegan bread for yourself? Fill out this form and I will put you on my list to let you know when it’s ready to go!

Go vegan.

Vegan Cheese? Do You *Even* Know What’s In That!?



I think one of the more interesting aspects about being vegan is the reaction you get from your friends who knew you as an omnivore their entire lives. They are very inquisitive about what I eat and, what I really love, are concerned about my health. Aside from the standard “where do you get your protein?” my favorite reaction is …

“You eat that? What’s in it anyway?”

My own mother is guilty of this. If I offer her vegan cheese, for example, she would immediately ask that question. What’s in it anyway? As if the vegan version of food is somehow terrible for you and you should question every ingredient. Where this becomes particularly hilarious to me is that she never once asked me what was in anything I ate when I was an omnivore. Ever.

So now for her, and all the other curious and concerned omnivores out there, I will compare my vegan cheese that I ate at lunch today to the standard dairy cheese.

VioLife vegan slices (mushroom flavor):

  • Water
  • Coconut oil
  • Modified starch
  • Sea salt
  • Dried mushrooms
  • Vegan flavours (spices)
  • Citric acid
  • Sorbic acid
  • b-Carotene

Gourmet dairy cheese slices (natural):

  • Milk
  • Whey
  • Milk protein concentrate
  • Sodium citrate
  • Calcium phosphate
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Salt
  • Lactic acid
  • Sorbic acid
  • Cheese culture
  • Paprika
  • Enzymes
  • Vitamin D3

Of course, with the top ingredient being milk, you also get these delicious added ingredients not listed on the label at no additional charge:

  • Pus
  • Blood
  • Bacteria
  • Rennet (stomach lining)
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Artery-clogging saturated fats
  • High bad cholesterol
  • Rape, torture, and murder

It has been said numerous times that there is more torture, animal cruelty, and murder in one slice of cheese than there is in an entire steak. So, there you have it. What’s in your cheese?

Go vegan.

Blogger’s note: Even since writing this original post, my favorite vegan cheese, VioLife, has removed its only preservative (sorbic acid) and replaced it with non-GMO corn. This is now a preservative-free food (in addition to being gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and lactose-free). Vegan food producers are making constant improvements to their food. What is the milk industry doing to filter out the pus?

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Look for The Reluctant Vegan from Skyhorse Publishing in fall 2017!

FoodPorn Pizza: Gluten-free, Vegan, Beef Not, with Onions


#FoodPorn Pizza: #Gluten-free, #vegan, #BeefNot, with Onions

Didn’t know what I was going to make for dinner and opened the recently-received box from … lo and behold! Beef Not! The perfect topping for my #vegan pizza. SO good and animal, sugar, dairy and gluten-free (Dixie Diner’s Club).

Not sure if you’ve got the right vegan/meat-free ingredients in your pantry? Fear not. can hook you up with a wide variety of eclectic ingredients that, when used with their included recipes, can make any meal meat-free.

I can’t wait to explore the other goodies in the box! It’s like being on a FakeMeat version of the Food Network’s Chopped. “Open you baskets … you have to make an entree out of the following items …” offers a subscription service for MeatyVegans like me. An 8-item pack is just $24/month with free shipping and you get a wide array of meat-free offerings along with recipes. It’s a deal.

Will post many more recipes and reviews once I start exploring the rest of the products …

Go vegan.


Tofutti Milk-Free Makes Everything SO Tasty


I have always been a big fan of cream cheese and sour cream, two things I thought I would have to give up when I went vegan. Thanks to Tofutti (or, maybe not since I cannot stop eating it) … I can still enjoy both!

The sour cream.

The Tofutti brand sour cream tastes just like sour cream but it’s so much better, it’s: VEGAN, DAIRY FREE, KOSHER PARVE, GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE, MILK FREE, NO BUTTERFAT, NO CHOLESTEROL,  and NON-GMO. Plus, you can enjoy it when your cow friends come over to watch the game without feeling guilty.

Want to watch the most incredible woman make the most delectable vegan nachos you’ve ever seen? Leslie Durso, everyone’s Veggie Dream Girl, was recently taped by the Food Network‘s One Last Bite, showing off her amazing vegan nacho recipe. If this doesn’t convince you that going vegan can be easy, delicious, and sinful … I don’t know what will.

When she gets to the point of mentioning non-dairy sour cream, there is a very good chance she is referring to Tofutti brand (at least I like to think she is). Whether you are making nachos, tacos, burritos (all vegan, of course) or want to whip up a simple sour cream and onion dip for those chips you love … this is the stuff. Seriously, you need to give it a try. The only thing slightly better than sour cream is …

The cream cheese.

Tofutti brand cream cheese. Soft and spreadable and it tastes just like cream cheese. Smear it on toast or a bagel. Melt it into some marinara sauce to make a creamy Al Forno Sauce. Or, dip those Snyder’s Gluten Free Vegan Pretzels into it. This cream cheese is every bit as good as “real” cream cheese and it comes in three different flavors: Garlic and Herb, Herb and Chives, and French Onion.

Not in the mood for savory? Boom. Make a cream cheese frosting to put on those Babycakes cupcakes.

Tofutti Brands also makes delicious frozen desserts, pizzas, ravioli, and so much more.

Being vegan doesn’t mean giving up the foods you love … it’s more about trying new things and trying to limit yourself from eating all the amazing foods that are available!

Go vegan.

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Vegans Never Have to Ask …


“Is this broccoli free range? Said no one, ever.”

~ Meaty Vegan

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