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For the past 20 years I have been developing designs and managing marketing for small to mid-sized businesses around the world. Today, ThankTankCreative.com expands on this rich history by offering complete consulting, award-winning graphic design, and marketing support alongside social media management, product and package design, as well as complete marketing plans. Some of our recent clients include:

  • ASI Energy
  • By Any Greens Necessary
  • Campbell Plan
  • Cornell University
  • Center for Nutrition Studies
  • Great Life Cookbook
  • Honeycomb Consulting
  • Miyoko’s Kitchen
  • New Moon Harvest
  • Nuttin’ Ordinary
  • Optimized Partners
  • Plant Based Solutions
  • PlantPure Nation
  • Vegan Business Media
  • VoltageXchange

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For more information, visit ThankTankCreative.com. Browse the OUR WORK link and use the simple contact form on the bottom of the page to get started.

ThankTank Creative. Ideas in Action.

ThankTank Creative: Vegan Consulting, Design, and Marketing


Aside from writing this very popular blog, co-parenting two vegan babies, and supporting Jen as she works full-time while also pursuing a Ph.D., I am the President of ThankTank Creative, one of a handful of ethical-vegan-owned design and marketing firms. 

With over 25 years experience in design, advertising, and marketing (experience that pre-dates desktop publishing and the Internet, if that’s possible), last year I made the decision to combine my skills in graphic design (born a cartoonist) with my passion for compassion and ThankTank Creative was incorporated

It was the best decision of my life. 

We were so fortunate early on to secure Miyoko’s Kitchen and PlantPure Nation (from the writer and producer of Forks Over Knives) as our flagship accounts. We were also fortunate enough to work with both Nelson and Dr. Tom Campbell as well as their father, the distinguished Dr. T. Colin Campell. 

From there the work has been so rewarding and the variety of projects has been just incredible. 

This past week we finally got around to populating our testimonials page; it’s really worth checking out. We have been so fortunate to work with so many amazing vegan, socially-just, and environmentally-conscious companies from around the world. 

If you own a company and need a new logo (packages start at $375) or brand; or perhaps a dynamic package design for that incredible new product you want to bring to market; or, maybe you need a full-fledged marketing plan …

ThankTank Creative can help.  

Know someone who owns a business that could use a brand update or social media campaign? Or perhaps you know someone about to launch a crowdfunding campaign? Referrals are welcome and you’ll actually get a finder’s fee (upon successful completion of the project). 

Browse our online portfolio. Fill out the contact form and click send. NO obligation at all to discuss your project. We want to work with you. We want to show you how much we love what we do and the creative ways we can make your business more profitable. And, of course, we want the world to …

Go vegan. 

Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition (Working Title)


vegan poster art

I have always been a fan of great poster art and typography. The way in which type is used to effectively, and hopefully beautifully, communicate a message is the very foundation of design excellence. We often remind our clients that content comes first and that design follows.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

~ Jeffrey Zeldman

This was the inspiration for an online art exhibition we are curating at ThankTank Creative.

The “Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition (Working Title)” is a collection of assorted posters dedicated to three of our favorite things: animals, veganism, and music.

Inspired by lyrics from songs inspired by animals, written by some of the greatest song writers of our time, we are provided  exemplary content to drive our designs.

Not wanting to have all the fun ourselves (and wanting to make sure we didn’t end up with 10 orange posters), we invited nine other vegan designers to come on board to show of their design chops and to help this exhibit be as diverse as the song titles themselves. The list of designers, so far:

The “Animal Lyrics Project: A Vegan Exhibition (Working Title)” will officially go live on/around July 15th and be featured on numerous vegan blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and through numerous respected media channels. Our hope is that these graphics will be shared and re-shared, promoting great design as well as the message of veganism.

Do you have an animal lyric you’d love to see turned into poster art? Comment below and, as always …

Go vegan.


ThankTank Creative is to Blame!



I haven’t blogged in quite a while. When I first started MeatyVegan.com, I was blogging every day. Every. Single. Day. Then it went to once a week. I could manage once a week. Then I started my own vegan consulting firm, and now the meaty is on the back burner.

ThankTank Creative, a consulting, design, and marketing firm for socially-just, environmentally-conscious, and vegan businesses was launched on June 4 and its been a whirlwind ever since. Starting any company is a risk but starting a company like ThankTank, so focused on working exclusively with like-minded businesses, is an even greater risk. In this instance, it is a risk that has paid off.

The first call we received was from a woman in Sacramento and she started the conversation by saying, “thank you for being ethical vegans.” From that moment on, each of the businesses looking to expand, create, define, and design has had the same attitude. It’s as if they were waiting for a marketing firm that was run by vegans their entire life. We can end every conversation and email with “thank you for all you do for the animals.”

Without the other person saying: “bacon.”

And thank you to all our premier clients for supporting our business and being there as we rolled out over the past month. Know that we are busily working on your projects all day and appreciate your trust in us.

In addition to the range of services offered by ThankTank, we are also so incredibly proud of our GiveBack8 program where we donate 8% or every project to a vegan not-for-profit and our line up is very impressive. Organizations like:  Catskill Animal Sanctuary, New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, NutritionFacts.org, Our Hen House, Sistah Vegan Project, Tompkins County SPCA, and A Well Fed World are all recipient organizations and we will keep adding to this list as inquiries come in.

So, to my MeatyVegan faithful, I say THANK YOU. Thank you for following, sharing, commenting and becoming a part of my vegan journey and I hope you all tag along as ThankTank rolls out.

And, I promise you … I will blog more often!

Go vegan.

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ThankTank Creative to Launch 6.4.2014



[ITHACA, NY] ThankTank Creative to launch new agency on June 4, 2014. The firm, headed by Eric C Lindstrom, will provide expert consulting, design, and marketing for the socially just, environmentally-conscious, and vegan communities.

“ThankTank Creative ties together my two passions: creative communication with veganism,” said company President, Eric C Lindstrom. “With my two decades of experience in marketing small and mid-sized businesses around the world, ThankTank helps me target and focus better on what I believe most in: saving animals and helping the environment.”

ThankTank Creative has partnered with an impressive array of socially just, environmentally-conscious, and/or vegan not-for-profit organizations with their GiveBack8 program. 8% of every project they work on is directly donated, in the client’s name, to the organization of your choice from the list of participating organizations.

The company mission?
Provide unparalleled creative services to socially-just, environmentally-conscious, and vegan companies worldwide; give back to like-minded businesses; and promote compassionate living in everything we do.

Working with like-minded businesses, ThankTank Creative takes socially just, environmentally-conscious, vegan businesses to that next level. Some of the services the firm provides are:

Expert small business consulting – Boardroom-level advice that, through branding and positioning, grows your business.

Award-winning design – From corporate identities to package design, to brochure and collateral design, the award-winning design team has done it all.

Sound ROI marketing – Whether you need an online social media campaign or a robust annual marketing plan, ThankTank Creative gets the job done. On time and on budget.

Photography and online videography – Take your message to the next level with professional images and video production.

For more information visit ThankTankCreative.com or “like” them on Facebook.