2017: The Year of the Vegan Book


V“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Toni Morrison

The number of vegan book titles available these days is just incredible and this list is expanding at an amazing rate each year. Just over the last few years some of the most anticipated books, by some of the most respected names in veganism (Gene Baur, Jason Wrobel, Mary Mattern, Jackie Sobon, Ruby Roth, and so many more), were released and this upcoming year is going to prove to be one of the most exciting years yet. Everything from ethical veganism to plant-based cuisine to Dave Loves Pigs, there is a wide selection of books for every taste to round out your own personal collection.

Or, better yet, get some of these books into the hands of your friends to spread the word!


Below is my own list (so far) of titles you can expect to see. If you have any to add, please comment below so I can update the blog post and we can keep this current through the coming months!

From the good people at Vegan Publishers, 2017 is going to prove to be a very exciting year with new titles like:

  • Farm to Fable by Robert Grillo. This book, written by the director of Free From Harm, who formerly worked in the advertising industry, is about the many fictions we are taught about non-human animals.
  • The Skinny on Soy by Marie Oser. This book counters a massive amount of misinformation about soy that has been put out there by those with connections to the meat and dairy industries.
  • Millennial Vegan by Casey Taft. My next book will be a guide for younger vegans that provides support, tips for navigating in a non-vegan world, and tips for advocacy.
  • Dave Loves Pigs by Carlos Patino. This is a follow up to the popular Dave Loves Chickens, and is about a monster from outer space who can’t believe that humans eat these amazing animals we call pigs.
  • Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary by Julia Feliz. As far as we know, this is the first every vegan-themed board book for young children. It’s about a turkey who is rescued and brought to a vegan sanctuary.

And from BenBella Books, expect:

  • PlantPure Kitchen from the same people who brought us the amazing PlantPure Nation film, cookbook, PlantPure Summit, and so much more.
  • The China Study Family Cookbook from the same people who brought you the China Study film, cookbook, and so much more. Someone should come out with a Campbell’s soup or something.
  • Kushi Institute Cookbook founded in 1978 by Michio and Aveline Kushi, Kushi Institute has offered guidance and support to thousands of individuals, families and organizations. The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is among those organizations which have engaged Kushi Institute to instruct and guide their chefs in creating healthful macrobiotic menu choices which meet the Institute’s  guidelines.

And from Book Publishing Company, check out these titles:

  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS and RECIPES: Using the Power of Plant Foods to Heal and Prevent Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Chronic Pain  by Beverly Lynn Bennett
  • HERBAL ANTIVIRALS: Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally by Sorrel Davis

From Skyhorse Publishing:

Other upcoming titles include:

  • NYC Vegan by Michael Suchman and Ethan Ciment (VeganMos): NYC Vegan brings New York’s fabulous foods to the plant-based table. The book was written by native New Yorkers as a tribute to the city they love. From the diners and delis of Brooklyn to the traditions of Little Italy and Chinatown, the foods of New York are the foods of the world.
  • The Vegan Air Fryer: Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Comfort Foods by JL Fields
  • 15 Minute Vegan by Kate Beskow
  • Now available!MeatLess: Transform the Way You Eat and Live–One Meal at a TimeGo Vegan by Kristy Middleton
  • No Meat Athlete Cookbook from Matt Frazier. From the founder of No Meat Athlete: plant-based recipes packed with nutrition to help athletes perform better and recover faster! ORDER here!


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Vegan Foods, Products and Restaurant Review Page Announced!



After 21,000 views to my little blog and over 215 blog posts to date, things have really started to get exciting as I am finding more and more wonderful, thoughtful, and delectable vegan products in my mailbox at the MeatyVegan headquarters. I excitedly check the mailbox each day to see what has arrived.

Just today I received a sample of TheVegg (the 100% plant-based egg yolk replacement) and a copy of their gorgeous little cookbook (shown above)! Cannot wait to try and review this product. I have been wanting to use this since I first heard of it and it was so thoughtful of them to send me a sample.

Also upcoming is a review of Tofutti who sent me some product coupons and an adorable Tofutti Stuffed Bear. We love their sour cream and cream cheese products and I am hoping to share more than a review as I would also love to share some of our Tofutti recipes.

And, expect a long overdue review of the Manna Organics products that were sent to me last week. The gluten-free-vegan cinnamon bread was SO good … I literally didn’t have a chance to take a photo of it before it was gone! If you don’t know about this company yet, please check out their website. It is very inspiring.

Since so many new products are coming in and I am privileged to try and review each, I have now dedicated an entire page to these reviews. Over there on the left hand column is the link titled “VEGAN REVIEWS.” Please start there as I have scoured every blog post and linked directly to the extended review for each.

Have an item you want reviewed?

Please contact me at the “ABOUT MEATY VEGAN” link and I will send my postal address. I love trying new amazing vegan products! You can also simply email me at ericcharleslindstrom@gmail.com to get more information.

MeatyVegan.com already has a VERY loyal vegan following (so far thousands in just the first 6 months), 21,000 blog views (and growing) and every one of the entertaining posts reaches 50,000 vegans on Facebook and about 5,000 (plus many more retweets) on Twitter and many more on Instagram. A single blog post can easily be seen by 75,000 vegetarians, vegans, and (opinionated) omnivores. I LOVE opinionated omnivores.
Personally, I am also a very active vegan citizen with known followers and guest bloggers from around the world. Having your food, product, or book reviewed on MeatyVegan.com reaches a very targeted, and trusting audience and I would love to add you to my ever-growing list of vegan/cruelty-free products!
Go MeatyVegan and …
Go Vegan.

“Vegan is Love” and Other Books by Ruby Roth


#Vegan is Love and Other Books by @RubyRoth

I was first introduced to Ruby Roth’s book “Vegan is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action” at Friday Dinner when vegan friends brought it and showed it around. I was immediately drawn in by the amazing illustrations and then further impressed with the excellent writing! A children’s book about being vegan! This is just what I needed!

Lovingly, Jen bought me “Vegan is Love” and “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals” for Christmas last year so I could read them over and over again at home. Sometimes I need help with the big words but that’s okay because the drawings are SO good. These were the best books ever since “Steven the Vegan! The books cover all important topics and issues about being kind to all animals and not hurting or eating them! I kept reading them over and over and then suddenly … BOOMwe had a baby! Now we have someone else who can enjoy Ruby Roth’s books besides me!

Ruby’s one-of-a-kind illustrations are vibrant and colorful and her words are so meaningful. I highly recommend buying these and displaying them on your coffee table. Adults will be tempted by the books, they’ll start reading them … and then they’ll become vegan! If these books don’t do it, nothing will. Oddly, when “Vegan is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action” came out, there were some mean people who didn’t like it. They don’t like being reminded about how poorly animals are treated, I guess. Anyway, these books are not for them! These books are for me and baby (and millions of other lovers of great literature). I can’t wait for the movie!

Now Ruby has a NEW book! “V is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind.” I am very excited to get this book, too!

Find out more about Ruby Roth and all her creative goodness at We Don’t Eat Animals or follow her on Twitter at @Ruby_Roth.

Go vegan.