#Periscope and the #Vegan Community 


Few things in life can compare to watching Leslie Durso make a homemade marinara sauce while being accompanied by her own personal guitarist; live from her Southern California home. 

Or listening to Jason Wrobel belt out rock tunes or sing happy birthday to a fellow vegan at a vegan restaurant. That man can sing. 

Or maybe you’re into watching Eco-Vegan Gal’s Whitney Lauritsen as she walks her dog, takes questions, and provides virtual hugs along the way to anyone tuning in. 

Or perhaps, live from London, you fancy watching the Fat Gay Vegan miss his bus.  

All vegan. All live. And all in the palm of your hand. 

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s Periscope. The new app from the people who brought you Twitter. Downloaded free, and accessed on your smartphone or tablet, Periscope provides voyeuristic access to thousands of live broadcasts from around the world. 

While the individual broadcasting transmits full audio and video (oftentimes with mixed quality results), the viewer (you) can send short chat-style messages to have read (or ignored). While I’ve done one broadcast from the desk of ThankTank Creative (working on a logo design) and got pretty good reviews (@ThankTankCr8), for the most part, I just watch and interact. 

So far in the vegan community, Periscope has found a nice niche in cooking demos, Q&A sessions, community support, and live events. Some of the known names in the vegan world worth watching include:

  • @lesliedurso
  • @jasonwrobel
  • @ecovegangal
  • @tesschallis
  • @joyfulvegan
  • @wtfveganfood
  • @jlfields
  • @veganyakattack
  • @fatgayvegan
  • @thesexyvegan
  • @abigailcoopertv

While any one of these would be entertaining, nothing can compare to the NEW weekly broadcast that showcases the very best of what Periscope has to offer.  

The new, innovative game show from the always-entertaining Brian Patton of The Sexy Vegan fame, called: “Flex Your Foodie.”

Using Periscope’s live streaming video platform, your host Brian Patton, vegan chef and cookbook author asks food trivia questions during his outrageous weekly game show. 

To make the show even more legit, Brian broadcasts from his garage in California. 

Ranging from easy to mind melting, his questions cover everything from corn dogs to cookies, noodles to nasturtium, and everything in between. The first viewer to type the correct answer into the comment box wins prizes from amazing vegan companies like Beyond Meat, Follow Your Heart, Eat Pastry and more!

A quirky, fast paced, highly dramatic battle of brains (and thumbs) ensues every week, while the host sweats his balls off in this non climate-controlled garage — complete with game show sound effects and broadcast-quality title graphics. 

Not only can viewers win awesome prizes but they learn all kinds of rare and interesting food facts. So even the losers are winners! For the most part I just try to trip Brian up with my own distracting comments. He has yet to block me but I’m sure it’s coming. 

To tune into “Flex your Foodie,” just download the free Periscope.tv app to your mobile device, create an account (sign in with your Twitter account), and follow: @thesexyvegan.

“Flex Your Foodie” goes live every Thursday at 7:45 p.m. PDT, and runs about 15 minutes. 

Do you have a favorite Periscope user? Are you broadcasting vegan content? Let me know in the comment box below and, as always …

Go vegan

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