@Ruby_Roth: Vegan Children’s Book Writer and Illustrator (and, Pet Portraitator)



Anyone who knows me knows I was born a cartoonist. This is something that I can’t get rid of if I wanted to. Ever since I was a kid, I could draw. There was nothing more exciting to me as a 10-year-old than my mom buying me a ream of paper. A ream. That was like a million blank canvases to attack with my pencils and Sharpie markers.

Sharpie is the official marker of cartoonists and breast-signing rockstars.

I’ve said for years that when I “retire,” I would live on Cape Cod and illustrate children’s books for fun. I love kids and I love cartooning and I love Cape Cod … so, there you have it.

Flash forward a couple decades and my God-given talent for art translates into graphic design and a career. Meanwhile, especially with two little babies at home, I’m still a fan of children’s books and right now I am an admitted #fanman (the grown up version of #fanboy) over Ruby Roth. I blogged about her a while back.

Her style of drawing is so unique and magical and her vegan messaging is … relentless. She is gorgeous, intelligent, and talented and can go toe-to-toe with any media outlet accusing her of being too honest, and possibly morbid, in her writing.

Ruby tells it like it is. Animals are raped, tortured, and killed so kids can have a “Happy” Meal.

Want to see what I’m talking about? Watch this. The reporter in this introduction actually says, “… the kids hear the lines, then they repeat it and then they don’t want to eat meat.”

Um, yeah. That’s the point. Seriously, watch this now. The blog will wait. I have NO idea how Ruby keeps her cool.

il_570xN.743947785_9zoqOkay, this was a very long introduction to my surprise gift for Jen.

Jen is a cat person. In spite of the fact she is followed everywhere she goes by Kimchi (known by some as either “Shadow” or “Kiwi,”) our rescue vegan poodle mix, she’s still not a dog person; she’s a Kimchi person.

It was my encouragement that we got a dog and Jim at the SPCA hooked us up with the best little dog possible. Kimchi is great with the kids and is spoiled whenever Cooper eats (as more than half of what he eats ends up on the floor). Kimchi is a part of our family.

So, when I discovered that THE Ruby Roth does pet portraits … well, I had to have one (shown at top). He style translates beautifully into this arena and, since the portraits are of animals, it fits right into her vegan messaging.

Amazingly, yesterday, I also had the privilege to talk with Ruby over the phone and she is every bit as delightful as you’d imagine. Enter: #Fanman. She was so generous with her time to talk with me about her career, cartooning, children’s books, veganism, and the relentless media. As it turns out, we were both in Anaheim at the same time but didn’t know it (hoping to actually meet her in person soon).

I really can’t encourage you enough to get your own portrait done of your pet from Ruby. Support a true vegan!

This illustration of Kimchi is a surprise gift for Jen … who is only finding out about it by reading this blog post. Love you, Jen.

Go vegan.



6 thoughts on “@Ruby_Roth: Vegan Children’s Book Writer and Illustrator (and, Pet Portraitator)

  1. Cool, thanks for sharing!

    ‘The reporter in this introduction actually says, “… the kids hear the lines, then they repeat it and then they don’t want to eat meat.

    Um, yeah. That’s the point.’

    ‘Um, yeah,’ is right. It often seems like people, well adults, are afraid children might actually, goodness forbid, think for themselves. Aw, shucks. And they might even end up choosing compassion over confused guilt and violence. Again, aw, shucks.


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