#MeatOut: A Vegan Curmudgeon’s Perspective



Today is MeatOut 2015. One of these days where we encourage omnivores to set aside their bacon, put down their turkey, and give their beef a rest. Like its weekly counterpart, Meatless Mondays, I’m really not a fan.

Enter the Grumpy Vegan.

Sure, asking the masses to embrace veganism (a plant-based diet) for a day is a nice concept. Those who commit to it wake up and have toast (probably with butter), a bowl of cereal (most likely with dairy milk), and a cup of coffee with cream. Hardly vegan but they’ve only committed to no meat— good for them.

For. One. Day.

Big whoop. I am unimpressed. These same people have had countless meatless days in their lives and they never even knew it. Oatmeal with fruit and juice in the morning (not to mention they will eat as many eggs as they want today). A salad at lunch with a crust of bread and vegetable soup. Pasta with tomato sauce for dinner. This is a plant-based day and somehow having them say they are taking part in MeatOut …well, it’s meaningless.

If these same individuals actually cared about animals or the environment at all, they would stop the rape, torture, and ruthless killing of animals full time. They don’t. They haven’t made the connection or they simply don’t care. I really don’t want them on “my side.”

Guaranteed, tomorrow they will eat extra bacon. Order a meat lover’s pizza, and swallow down two dozen chicken wings because “they earned it” for what they endured. They will do all this in their leather sneakers and wool socks while adjusting their silk underwear.

Poor bastards. So glad they lived through today … tomorrow the animals won’t.

Go vegan.


7 thoughts on “#MeatOut: A Vegan Curmudgeon’s Perspective

  1. Fred Remus

    Last week was talking with a friend and I told her how it pisses me off that wheat gluten and me don’t get along any longer, she says, “yeah, and you already have to give up so much by being vegan”.
    Just looked at her and said, “Really? What am I “giving” up being vegan? Knowing a sow isn’t trapped in a gestation crate, or laying hens aren’t crammed into battery cages, or a fellow human being isn’t staring into the eyes of a calf while slicing it’s throat? Really, you think I am giving up so much?”
    After 46 years, one thing I have learned, most people in this world are clueless.


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