Organ Lickin’ Good!



I have to laugh when I read articles like this one in Time Magazine today: “Teen Found a Chicken Organ in His KFC Order.” Of course I can laugh, I have the privilege of being vegan so this will never happen to me. However, I laugh more thinking about this kid, and probably thousands more around the world, who find a dead body part in their fast food lunch or dinner order … which, ultimately, contains dead body parts.

That poor woman who was horrified finding a chicken foot shrink-wrapped in the chicken breast packaging at her local grocer. You know … that shrink-wrapped packaging that was keeping dead body parts fresh long enough to bring home in time to cook? Well, that very same package contained dead body parts.

The disconnect still baffles me.

Sure, it is disgusting. Consider that other unfortunate woman who found a fully-fried chicken head in with her … um, fried chicken body parts? Not sure what she was expecting when she ordered it but the chances of finding a dead animal in your order of fried dead animal is pretty high. That’s no Happy Meal … for anyone.

Well, today’s Time Magazine article concluded with:

Cobarubies (the victim) says he eventually heard from a KFC official, who said that the organ was probably a gizzard or kidney and was completely edible. Still, the episode may deter the teen from visiting KFC again soon. “I’m probably just going to have to start packing my own meals, making my own sandwiches,” he said.

Sandwiches, which, I am pretty sure have a 100% chance of containing dead body parts.

Go vegan.


5 thoughts on “Organ Lickin’ Good!

  1. Daryl Denning

    I believe that Yum Foods owns KFC, Taco Bell and Olive Garden, and is one of many food companies fighting GMO labeling. Maybe they should be more concerned about what “extras” they include in the food they serve! What we don’t know about what we don’t see with our food and the policies (or lack thereof) of those behind the scenes is a great concern and makes me rather chicken! A couple carnivores recently speculated about my vegan diet as a factor in my surviving and relatively good condition after a near death accident Nov. 30, 2014. Glad it made them think of this as a life affirming diet!


  2. Ha! “Excuse me, waiter, but there is a dead animal part in my rotting carcass.” Nice post, Eric. I hope this means you’re back again. 😀

    The disconnect astounds me, too. Have you seen this yet? It is most probably the BEST presentation (to vegans and non-vegans alike), albeit long, to support a switch to veganism. Just have to share…


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