“Most Vegans I Know …” ~ Guest Blog Post



Guest Blog Post by Jen

Most vegans I know are introspective and give deep meaningful thought to how their actions and choices affect others and our planet. Most vegans I know think critically about social, political, and economic disparities. Most vegans I know are trying to live an ethical and moral life and help others along the way. Most vegans I know are concerned about the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones. Most vegans I know are nonviolent folks who wouldn’t want to permanently and severely damage or kill other people, including innocent babies.

Most vegans I know wouldn’t drink and drive, endangering their lives and others, even though it’s their personal choice to drink. Most vegans I know have a visceral reaction to the unnecessary suffering of animals and also don’t like the thought of seeing their fellow humans suffer. Most vegans I know wouldn’t visit an oncology ward with even a head cold knowing a simple cold to someone with a compromised immune system could give them pneumonia. Most vegans I know don’t exercise their constitutional right to bear arms thereby making it impossible for them to accidentally shoot other people, even though it would be their personal choice to own a gun. Most vegans I know are loving and compassionate and I’m fortunate to have them in my life.

Most vegans I know are anti-vaxxers because vaccines are not vegan.

And yet it is indisputably the fault of anti-vaxxers that we are seeing a serious, highly contagious and potentially deadly disease reemerge in this country of wealth and privilege and education and freedom. Most vegans I know, my friends, wouldn’t want my baby to suffer brain damage or blindness or deafness or even death. Yet their very presence in a room with my daughter could kill her. Most vegans I know want to do the right thing for themselves, their families, their friends, and for the good of public health.

Most vegans I know strive for an organic lifestyle free of toxins, yet most vegans I know breathe air (polluted with toxins), drink water (polluted with sterilizing chemicals), eat out at non-organic restaurants, touch plastics, wear non-organic cotton, buy clothes and use iPhones and droids and computers made halfway around the world in sweatshops, use unsustainable energy, drive cars, fly in airplanes, and generally leave a carbon footprint everyday despite recycling efforts, water conservation, and being vegan. Most vegans I know believe in the science of climate change, the science of nutrition, and science in general, but choose to deny the science of vaccines. Most vegans I know aren’t perfect people, but they’re doing the best they can.

Please vegans, vaccinate your kids. Save lives. Do what you say you are all about: compassion, nonviolence, love for all living beings which includes doing your part to not kill babies and those who cannot get vaccinated because of weakened immune systems. Your emotional politics are making people suffer unnecessarily and we will start seeing deaths in this country as a direct result of your in-action. The time to vaccinate is now. You won’t be any less-vegan, less-pure, less-organic for doing so. We can save lives together while at the same time advocating for veganism.

Jen is a mother of 2 under 2, an ethical vegan, a social justice educator, a public health advocate and a pro-vaxxer.

Go Vegan (and vaccinate).


21 thoughts on ““Most Vegans I Know …” ~ Guest Blog Post

  1. Vaccinated!! Against the advice of my (non-vegan) friends. It’s just the right thing to do. Fantastic piece; thank you for the guest blog. Glad to see MeatyVegan back in my feed, even if Jen is filling your void. Cheers to you all.

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    • Elijah Wood

      Agree with you 100% Mitch. The writer is a fool. At least he/she recognises that your comment is ‘eloquent’ though. Your comment sums up the piece quite well – stupid, but also blatantly ignorant


      • Elijah Wood

        “an ethical vegan, a social justice educator, a public health advocate and a pro-vaxxer.” Let’s correct this. Jen is a person who pretends to be vegan, has no comprehension of social justice or public health – Jen supports vaccination because she is incapable of thinking for herself


  2. I am at a loss to understand this refusal to vaccinate. Do people need a history lesson? I work with a man who has struggled to walk all his life because as a child he contracted polio. I would rather we put our energies into developing technology or advocating for funding into research that could enable the incubation of vegan vaccinations rather than putting vulnerable people, especially children, at risk.

    You have the right to refuse medical intervention for yourself, but when you don’t vaccinate you make a life and death decision for others.

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  3. i am vegan and pro vaccines. Being vegan is about non violence and non suffering as much as we can. But vaccines are important for our herd immunity. I really don’t like veganism to be associated to anti vaxxers- veganism is already ostracised enough and even more if you associate us with people putting everyone at risk 😦


  4. Fred

    I had not heard the vegan argument against vaccinations.
    It had always been a right-wing fueled government conspiracy argument.
    Heard someone say yesterday that you cannot get your dog or cat licensed without proof of vaccinations.
    Cannot believe the arrogance of the so called “non-vaxxers”.
    Measles were thought to be completely eradicated, now it has come roaring back with a vengeance due to people unwilling to vaccinate their kids.
    Thanks for the post!


  5. Jen

    MeatyVegan posted my guest blog on a handful of vegan Facebook groups and wow, there be some cray cray vegans out there! When I wrote that most vegans I know are compassionate, nonviolent, loving, do the least harm individuals, I clearly was not talking about the vegans who have responded that they basically place greater value on their vegan dogma than they do on human lives and human suffering and human maiming. Being vegan and anti vaxxers means more to them than the health, well-being, safety, and lives of babies and the immunocompromised. Sorry vegans. Your militancy, lack of compassion, aggressive verbal assaults, self centered righteousness, not to mention ignorance to science, is not my brand of veganism.

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  6. Annelies

    Thank you so much for this post. As a vegan in an overwhelming non-vegan world, it is hard enough already to life our lives. On occasion we will be forced to not be 100% strict if a greater cause is served by this. It is unfortunate we have to make those choices but when it comes to vaccinations, it shouldn’t be too difficult. When I met my new doctor, I sat down and discussed this with her. She understood my vegan choices and indicated that she would help me with vegan medicine if a choice is present. However, I also made it clear that I would not refuse vaccinations or other necessary medication solely on the grounds of my veganism. Alive, I can do so much more for veganism then being dead because of my veganism. Or worse: causing other people to die because of our beliefs (how does that seperate us from fundamentalists of all walks?). As vegans, we are already doing the 99%, let’s not trip over the last 1%.


  7. Suzanne Schafer Bakert

    As a conscientious vegan healthcare worker (activities), I chose to be vaccinated rather than compromise the health of the elderly I care for. I could have opted for a mask, but wearing a mask and trying to communicate with those with dementia and hearing deficits didn’t make sense to me. It’s not a perfect world, I do my best and hope for the best.


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