“We’re Vegan” by Anna Bean “… this season’s must read children’s book!”



This past Christmas was the best. All three of my kids were very excited to see what Santa brought and both sides of the family got to spend time together. We had Christmas morning at our house (complete with two gluten-free, vegan quiches) and Christmas Day at my mom’s (complete with a bathtub full of my vegan gravy). What more could you want for the holidays?

Maybe a wonderful new vegan book for the kids (and, as it turns out, the grown ups, too). Santa delivered!


We’re Vegan (2013) by Anna Bean (drawings by Andere Andrea Petrlink/Shutterstock) is the best children’s book I’ve read about veganism since Ruby Roth’s Vegan is Love. Bright, beautiful illustrations and the the perfect amount of prose to inform and entertain; touching on all the key points of being vegan.

I recently had an opportunity to talk with the author about her book and ask her what she wanted readers to get from it.

“I want readers to gain an understanding of what veganism is – that it is not merely a diet or a lifestyle, but a philosophy based on the values of compassion and justice, and seeks to end ALL animal use,” Anna said. “I want children (and adults too, of course) to understand that there is another way to live, without relying on the use and abuse of animals. I’ve tried to explain this in a way that a small child can understand.”

While I agree that the writing is perfect for small children, I really think the writing is also perfect for large adults. As an ethical vegan I am constantly asked the usual “why” and “how” questions and Anna’s book answers them in a very approachable and thoughtful way. This book is for everyone who ever wondered what it means to be vegan.


Anna went on to say, “The book kind of just “arrived” in my head one day! I’ve been a vegan for over 30 years but have only just started writing children’s books. I will be releasing another one soon.”

IMG_1129“Ever since I was a small child I wanted to dedicate my life to helping animals, and eventually I worked out that rather than be a vet (my initial career choice) the best way I could help animals is to be vegan and to promote veganism. I am so grateful that now there are many others who share this view and are working together to end the use and abuse of animals by humans,” Anna concluded.


You can purchase We’re Vegan here (it also has been translated and is available in a variety of languages). All proceeds from the sale go towards feeding rescued animals.

Go vegan.


2 thoughts on ““We’re Vegan” by Anna Bean “… this season’s must read children’s book!”

  1. Ellie

    What a wonderful idea to introduce children to veganism! Looking back, I don’t know how I was able to love Disney movies and still eat meat. I LOVED all the characters, yet did not connect that I was also eating them. By getting children to make the connection between cruelty and meat early, they will hopefully understand before they become addicted to all the chemicals pumped into the animals they are served. Go vegan!


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