Dominos Pizza’s Death Toll: The Pizza Australians Die For


lRecently a fellow vegan blogger shared a link with me about a program being piloted in Australia by food companies where the consumer develops the recipe and reaps the rewards in profits per unit sold. The more popular your creation, the more product sold, the more money you make. The link specifically referred to Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (Australia’s master franchise of Domino’s Pizza) and their Pizza Mogul Program. Where you “Create. Share. And Earn.” from your creativity. In theory, this is a wonderful idea. I’d love to develop a vegan taco pizza or a vegan mushroom “bacon” pizza or a vegan kale and white garlic pizza … or any other variety of delicious and nutritious pizzas using a nice thin crust and vegan cheese. But, of course, this isn’t the direction this promotion is headed in.

The number one selling pizza is (drum roll please): “Mega Meat Lovers.” What a surprise. How Australian. How American, actually.

This pizza is topped with a heart-stopping combination of rasher bacon, ground beef, seasoned chicken, smoked ham, pepperoni, pulled pork, Italian sausage, mozzarella, and barbecue sauce and, so far, has earned it’s Dr. Frankenstein creator $28,000 (US). Good for them. Right?


There are so many things wrong with this being promoted and perpetuated (yes, I know I am inadvertently promoting it now). Set aside the health issues, does anyone find out abou this pizza,, go online, order it, pay for it, eat it, and digest it … thinking about the carnage?

Let’s take a quick body count:

  • Rasher bacon = 1 pig
  • Ground beef = 1 cow
  • Smoked ham = 1 pig
  • Pepperoni = 1 pig
  • Pulled pork = 1 pig
  • Italian sausage = 1 pig
  • Mozzarella = 1 cow (min.)
  • Barbecue sauce = 0 animals

One pizza. Seven dead animals. Seven.

Seven innocent animals that are being tortured, raped, brutalized, abused, and murdered unnecessarily to create a pizza. A pizza? There is no reason. NO reason to ever eat animals. Unless you are an awful person.

Go vegan.



In the interest of fairness, there is one pizza called the Jalapiña that includes pineapple and jalapeño. This, with some shredded VioLife pizza cheese? Yes, please.


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