Meat’s Better Dead




If you have to eat meat and, face it, it seems like some of us need meat to survive, you should always check for the “100% Dead Animal” seal on every package. Your family deserves this and, this way, you’ll be sure that you “don’t let that meal get away.”

Forget “grass-fed, or “free-range” or even “humanely-killed,” what’s most important when planning your dinner is making sure you are cooking 100% dead animal. Don’t settle for anything less …

Go vegan.


4 thoughts on “Meat’s Better Dead

  1. Yeah, and they should put a different “expiry” date on it too — the date the animal was slaughtered with the animal’s serial number right underneath. That sure would confound the hot dog and ground chuck industry.

    It would be nice to go back to the butcher shop days of my youth. A lot less might get consumed, methinks.


  2. For those “humanely raised and slaughtered animals” that people claim they buy & eat, I’d like to see the name, date of birth and slaughter date as well for the animal. Plus perhaps some of the things they liked to eat and do!


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