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Yesterday’s blog post, this one here, generated more traffic to The Meaty Vegan than any other blog post before it. In fact, its two-day total generated more views than all the other blog posts I’ve written over the past year combined. And I’ve written almost 300 to date.

All told, and the numbers are still coming in, the post “BREAKING NEWS: Man Dies; Veganism Blamed” has had over 4,000 views and 378 Facebook shares. This number still blows my mind and will probably topple 5,000 by the end of the weekend.

Not sure if you can even SEE the past month on the report above but an “average” blog post generates about 100-200 unique views. Occasionally, like this one featuring The Sexy Vegan, I can get 400-500 views. Even at 500 views, that comes nowhere near 4,000!

What made it so popular?

It had a catchy lead-in teaser and headline that made the reader believe that being vegan somehow contributed to the death of someone who was already old. It also had humor and a very clever photo (if I do say so myself) that felt “real.”

Like all my blog posts, I usually start a draft at night while in bed. I get an idea and type a headline and a few paragraphs and then re-address it the following day; getting in there with a coffee-induced re-write.

I thought this was a pretty strong concept to begin with, so I checked in with the folks over at HappyCow to see if they wanted to publish it first, I waited about ten minutes and went ahead on my own (by the way, you can read my new blog post on HappyCow at this link).

All of my satire pieces, like this one about vegans dying from a lack of protein take place in Oklahoma. I, for some reason, think this might be the most un-vegan state in the union. I find a small town on a map and write it as if it’s news. In this case, I also found this photo of an unassuming home in Oklahoma for my character to live (and die) in.


As an aside, I’ve gotten numerous emails from people wanting to know if the house is for sale now that “David Nash” has expired. As a matter of fact, this house is on the market and it costs less than $40,000 … but, alas, it’s in Oklahoma. Nice porch, eh?

The other major factor that made this blog post work was that the majority of the readers thought it was real. The lead-in paragraph that shows up in social media was enough for them to draw their own conclusion and then immediately comment. Some of the comments are pretty hilarious, especially after the person who posted it goes back and actually reads the piece. SMH.

Readers from the U.K., Germany, Norway, Israel, Netherlands, and even Finland found this post. I may have to start publishing in other languages.

Can lightning strike twice? We’ll see. Am I incredibly proud of this accomplishment? You bet.

The goal of has been to entertain first and educate second and with 4,000+ new readers of The Meaty Vegan, we know our important message is going out to the masses …

Go vegan.

ThankTankBannerAdNOTE: If HALF of these readers clicked this banner ad for my business … then I’d really be in business! 😉


10 thoughts on “The Blog Felt ‘Round the World [#vegan #govegan @wordpress #meatyvegan]

  1. Hey!! I’m pleased as punch for you. Even before reading this (I read the other first), I wondered t myself if it would be recognized by the WP Gods for a Fresh Press. Surprised it hasn’t with initial stats like that.

    As an aside, my stats are abysmal, but nevertheemind. Dirt and kids doesn’t appear to be a hot topic. And being vegan in Texas doesn’t help much either. Good thing I blog for me, I guess.

    Way to go on your followers. You have found your stride!


    • It’s spiked again today! Almost 2,000! Do you know where it was linked from? I can’t tell from the WordPress stats. Something happened on Facebook that is generating another banner day!


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