Animal Concerns Texas (ACT) Radio Interview: ThankTank Creative



Last night my interview with Animal Concerns Texas (ACT) Radio aired and I cannot say enough nice things about Greg, Liz and Tom and this NPR program. Everyone from the radio hosts to the producers was great to work with and I am thankful they are doing what they are doing in the great state of Texas.

If you’ve ever wondered what the Meaty Vegan sounds like … here is your chance.

Listen here.


4 thoughts on “Animal Concerns Texas (ACT) Radio Interview: ThankTank Creative

  1. Listened. Loved it. What you’re doing gives me hope that the vegan community is indeed expanding. And in Texas? Wow! I still feel like a loner here with my wacky plant-based ways [they all say]. Not only did ACT Radio surprise me, but I had no idea Eric Johnson was vegetarian. Thanks so much for the uplifting share and keep up what you do.


    • Shannon,

      I was intentionally leaving out the “Texas Vegans” shock factor in my brief blog post but it is really cool to know we are, in fact, everywhere. If a state like Texas can turn things around (thinking about their vegan mayor in Marshall …), it gives such hope for everywhere else.

      As always, thanks for commenting and thanks for all you do for the animals.



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