ThankTank Creative is to Blame!



I haven’t blogged in quite a while. When I first started, I was blogging every day. Every. Single. Day. Then it went to once a week. I could manage once a week. Then I started my own vegan consulting firm, and now the meaty is on the back burner.

ThankTank Creative, a consulting, design, and marketing firm for socially-just, environmentally-conscious, and vegan businesses was launched on June 4 and its been a whirlwind ever since. Starting any company is a risk but starting a company like ThankTank, so focused on working exclusively with like-minded businesses, is an even greater risk. In this instance, it is a risk that has paid off.

The first call we received was from a woman in Sacramento and she started the conversation by saying, “thank you for being ethical vegans.” From that moment on, each of the businesses looking to expand, create, define, and design has had the same attitude. It’s as if they were waiting for a marketing firm that was run by vegans their entire life. We can end every conversation and email with “thank you for all you do for the animals.”

Without the other person saying: “bacon.”

And thank you to all our premier clients for supporting our business and being there as we rolled out over the past month. Know that we are busily working on your projects all day and appreciate your trust in us.

In addition to the range of services offered by ThankTank, we are also so incredibly proud of our GiveBack8 program where we donate 8% or every project to a vegan not-for-profit and our line up is very impressive. Organizations like:  Catskill Animal Sanctuary, New York Coalition for Healthy School Food,, Our Hen House, Sistah Vegan Project, Tompkins County SPCA, and A Well Fed World are all recipient organizations and we will keep adding to this list as inquiries come in.

So, to my MeatyVegan faithful, I say THANK YOU. Thank you for following, sharing, commenting and becoming a part of my vegan journey and I hope you all tag along as ThankTank rolls out.

And, I promise you … I will blog more often!

Go vegan.

ThankTankBannerAdOh, one last thing: Please take a moment to “like” ThankTank on Facebook!


4 thoughts on “ThankTank Creative is to Blame!

  1. You’re incredible! I can’t say much more than this is awesome news! I’m so glad that your risk is paying off. I have no doubt that you will be getting many more clients. The blog can wait. What you’re doing is important and needed. If I ever start my business like I want I’ll be sure to contact you.


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