One Step Beyond: Glutenfree Vegan Beef Stroganoff



I got in trouble tonight.

Jen told me I was eating too much “processed foods” (whatever that means) and not enough whole foods and vegetables. All of my vegan pizzas and vegan Buffalo wings and vegan soy chorizo tacos are nearly as bad for me as meat (according to Jen … I said that last line in a whiny voice).

So, tonight, I decided to go down in a blaze of glory: Gluten-free, vegan Beef Stroganoff. Boom. Epic.


I always liked beef stroganoff. What’s not to like? Beef on noodles swimming in gravy with sour cream stirred in. Sounds like heaven to me. So when Beyond Meat introduced their Beyond Beef product, I was game to try and recreate this hearty Russian fare.

Really, the ingredients are pretty basic but to be able to make this gluten-free and vegan took some doing (especially since it is traditionally served over egg noodles).

I started with thin sliced onions, a variety of mushrooms, some parsley, vegetable stock, pepper, and gluten-free rice flour to create the gravy.


After the gravy was bubbling, I added the Beyond Beef and stirred. It immediately took on the personality of a traditional beef stroganoff but SO much better for me (yeah, right).

Once the beef was hot, I stirred in my favorite Tofutti sour cream and poured the delectable concoction over my gluten free tagliatelle noodles (these look and taste very much like egg noodles).


Jen and I stared longingly at each over across the stroganoff and she reiterated the importance of adding more greens to my diet. To which I responded by eating the parsley garnish.

Go vegan.

Do you own, or know someone who owns, a vegan company? Point them to ThankTank Creative!


7 thoughts on “One Step Beyond: Glutenfree Vegan Beef Stroganoff

  1. Cowgirls & Collard Greens

    Oh my. I hear ya Jen, but I love my vegan processed foods too! Parsley is really high in Vitamin K, Vitamin C and is loaded with antioxidants and of course, has very low calories. Eat up Meaty Vegan!


  2. paigewolfe08

    Wow Beef Stroganoff is one of my childhood favourites and I nearly forgot about it. Although access to beyond meat is still scarce in Toronto ( 😦 ) I will definitely try this out, perhaps with Gardein strips


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