As Someone Who Is Gluten-free and Vegan … I Eat Too Much


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I eat more, and more often, as someone who is on a “limiting diet” than I ever did as an omnivore. And no one has to die for my meals.

When I first went vegan I was the first to complain that there was nothing to eat. Other vegans would disagree and I’d offer up irrefutable evidence exhibited in a vending machine.

“See?” I would point out. “Nothing is vegan.”
To which they’d look at me as if to say, “are you really using a vending machine as an example?”

I now know what an idiot I looked like.

Today I am planning, preparing, plating and pounding out more amazing vegan dishes than ever before. Like this home made gluten-free, vegan breakfast pizza (breakfast pizza, of course, used to be a mainstay of my diet since I could grab two slices at the local gas station).

Yes, I used to eat at gas stations.

By the way, you are more than welcome to drool over your keyboard.

Go Vegan and Don’t Go Hungry.


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