Sometimes You Just Have to Fake It



Just outside of Chicago there is a company that ships meats around the world. Everything from “chicken” to “beef” to “pork,” “jerky,” and even “eggs.” However, this “meat market” is decidedly different than any of the others in the Midwest. All the meat they ship is, well, fake., a family-owned and operated business, is every Meaty Vegan’s dream come true. Delicious, different, decadent, and innovative vegan meat substitutes that make making any meal meaty.

When I first met co-owner Steven, the connection was immediate. He and his wife, Kim, are the two nicest and accommodating people you would ever know and are passionate about their products. Just browse their amazing website … I’ll wait.

See? Pretty much everything you would ever need to make any omnivore convert! I am in love with all of their products but a few stand out as my favorites.

One of these favorites is the Butler Soy Curls. I first had these at a Super Bowl Party where they became fried crunchy Buffalo bites. After that, I always make sure to have a bag on hand. They are perfect in chicken cheesy burritos and as a topping on a Buffalo pizza.


What I really love about these soy curls (besides the incredible price), is that they are shelf-stable. As a sailor, I am always looking for dried foods that are versatile and delicious and these soy curls fit the bill. To re-hydrate these, simple soak in warm water for ten minutes and drain. They immediately become “shredded meat” that can be used in almost any recipe.


Once my soy curls are reanimated, I season them with my favorite Arizona Gunslinger Jalapeno Pepper Sauce, GF/V BBQ sauce, a touch of salt and a dash of cinnamon.


The soy curls take on a delicious flavor and color and one cup of dry soy curls is enough to make four crunchy cheesy burritos.


I warm my brown rice tortilla (Food for Life), with a neatly centered slice of VioLife cheddar cheese and microwave for exactly 35 seconds. The tortilla becomes very pliable and while it’s still warm, I add the seasoned soy curls, some avocado, a little salsa and fresh cilantro and fold and roll.


I lay the burrito seam-side down on a pre-heated non-stick pan and cook for two minutes on medium heat (don’t turn it over yet … be patient). After two minutes, flip it over. See? Aren’t you glad you waited? Cook on top side for 2-3 minutes more.


Slice diagonally to reveal all the goodness that is contained within. Seriously, look at all that goodness!

The same recipe can be created using the Dixie Diner’s Club’s Beef (Not). Another wonderful dehydrated soy product that is the perfect starting point for ground beef or, more importantly, soy chorizo. This product is also available in other variations and I would recommend buying one bag of each and experimenting.

Not sure what to buy? Subscribe to any of their meat-of-the-month plans and let them send you samples of their best new products. Meal packs … jerky of the month … snack packs … makes it simple to enjoy meat again … without harming a single animal.

Find them online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Go vegan.

STAY TUNED for more reviews including a New York City cupcake spectacular using this amazing product from Vegg.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Fake It

  1. theveganmuffinwoman

    Thanks for sharing! I used to call meat imitation products “Frankenstein” products because it seemed to contradict everything I was going for as a clean-eating vegan. I wanted to use everything nature gave me, no more, no less. However, after almost a year of trying new things, sometimes a replication is nice. I had a Smart Dog recently at a BBQ, and it hit the spot. Daiya cheese pizza when I’m craving pizza works. I’ll have to check out this company. Looks like they’re doing it right! And it is a better way to convert the skeptical.


    • It is a better way to convert but it was also a BIG part of me becoming and ethical vegan. With these faux meats out there, I can honestly say to ANYONE … there is NO reason to eat animals.


      That is hard to argue.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. perrilove

    I use soy curls in my amazing vegan matzoh ball soup recipe that I make every Passover. Interestingly, the only place that sells the soy curls in Phoenix is at the Seventh Day Adventist Church bookstore! Always interesting going there with my kids and having to explain to them why I won’t buy them the kids books/toys about Jesus…


  3. paigewolfe08

    Wow I can’t believe I haven’t heard of soy curls until now. I feel so behind :(. Gotta try those out ASAP, they sound super conveinent! Also those veggie burger mixes available on their website seem great. Anyone tried them?


    • I haven’t tried the veggie burger mixes but (as I mention in the blog post), I love the Beef (Not) “crumbles.” Re-hydrate those and it immediately looks like (you know) … ground beef.

      Add ALL the spices and tomato paste for a good soy chorizo and you’ll never use anything else!

      Thanks for commenting.


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