Pull (that shirt) Over (your head)! It’s the Vegan Police!


Our two shirts arrived in the post today and they are SO incredibly cool! Perfect timing for summer. Thank you so much, Heather!


Recently, I had the chance to interview Heather Doherty of the Etsy Shop “VeganPolice.” Heather started VeganPolice about two years ago after moving from Southern Ontario to a very small town in British Columbia with her family.

She had been screen-printing for about five years mostly working on clothing for other people and moving to BC gave her the time to concentrate on her own artwork and prints and inspired her to start working on her own vegan shirts. Her operation is very “DIY” which, as she says, “is fun but keeps me quite busy.”

Heather has an adorable 3-year-old boy (pictured) and another baby on the way due to arrive in September. The family is very excited to be moving to Victoria BC very soon. Where they live now is “pretty isolated and we are looking forward to living in a city where we can actually go out for vegan food,”…

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