DFMavens. Why Does Everything Amazing Come from Queens, NY?


DF Maven Ice Cream

Earlier this year there was some buzz on Cornell campus by the Cornell Vegan Society about this “new” vegan ice cream’s availability at a few locations around the university. I shrugged it off thinking this would be “just another dairy-free dessert” and didn’t really make it a priority to try it. The dairy-free frozen dessert I’m referring to is DF Mavens and it’s probably a good thing I didn’t discover it months ago since that would be been another 5-10 quarts I would have consumed since then.

It’s pretty amazing.

We were lucky enough to buy a variety of flavors at the Ivy Room and sample each and eventually devour them. From their Madagascar Vanilla Bean to their New Orleans Salted Praline to my personal favorite, the Mint Almond Cookie. We took home 5-6 quarts and some minis and have been getting fatter by the minute. You can browse all their offerings on their beautiful website.

And, with the variety of varieties they offer ranging from soy to coconut, to no sugar and almond, they also cover all the common allergens so that everyone on the planet can enjoy their desserts. This is very important to the future of our planet, after all.

Something else amazing about this company? They give back. A portion of their proceeds goes to Mercy for Animals, so you know this company backs up what they believe in.

But what’s most exciting about DF Mavens? It’s comes from New York. As in, New York City. As in, the borough of Queens. Which, as it turns out … is also where I come from.

A little meaty vegan to be in Queens, NY (1969)

This is me in 1969 in Queens Village at my second birthday with my Nana, my mom, and my big sister who also blogs about being vegan. Our little sister is inside my mom and would make an appearance in August of that year.

If only DF Mavens were around back then, it would have gone great with that cake!

Go vegan.

9 thoughts on “DFMavens. Why Does Everything Amazing Come from Queens, NY?

  1. I was LUCKY enough to sample many of the DF Mavens flavors last month when I visited their booth at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. My thoughts? Let’s just say my cowgirl boots nearly blew off. Amazing taste, offerings and, I’m so thrilled they cover their bases with their allergy-friendly ingredients.

    PS- I agree, their ‘cream’ would have gone nicely with that fat birthday cake of yours! The good news is that you can celebrate all your future birthdays with DF Mavens from here on out. Yeehaw!


  2. Ooohh, that sounds absolutely amazing! I think that the mint almond flavor would be my favorite one as well! YUMM!!! I can’t wait to try this out! Now I just have to find a place that carries it!


    • I totally left out of the post that so many of these flavors taste and feel like gelato. So creamy and delicious. It belongs inside your mouth.

      As. Soon. As. Possible.


  3. DetoxMama

    I agree. Everything amazing does come from Queens! And thanks for the heads up. Sounds amazing. I’ve resorted to making my own well…everything – especially deserts and ice cream. But sometime a girl needs a break. Go Mets!


  4. I swear you people need to stop giving me reasons to ditch my family and move to New York. Thanks for introducing me to another product I must try. Too bad I have to travel for this one. Oh darn…


    • Celeste,

      You might want to ask at your local grocery or co-op to see if they carry or can carry DF Mavens. It’s worth an ask.

      Really, it’s the best dairy-free frozen dessert I’ve had. I’d mail some to you but it would be a warm shake by the time it got there!

      Thanks for commenting,



      • It’s the thought that counts. I will definitely ask our vegan market Nooch about it the next time we go. Actually, they’re hosting their annual world wide vegan bake sale event today. Perfect opportunity. Thanks, enjoy your weekend!


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