Tofurky! You Did It! Gluten-free Vegan Pesto Pizza Goodness!



I have longed for Tofurky. Not so much that lump of tofu they became famous for making to replace the bird at Thanksgiving but all their other products.

Products like:

  • Deli slices – bologna? Are you kidding me?
  • Hot dogs and sausage
  • Breakfast links. A perfect accoutrement to my tofu scramble.
  • Ground beef.
  • Pocket sandwiches. Hot pockets? I. Want. Inside. Me.

But alas, I can’t eat any of these. They all contain gluten.

You can see for yourself the full-line of vegan foods that Turtle Island Foods makes and how many of them contain “vital wheat gluten” on their website. Not sure why it’s considered vital but apparently it’s in high demand or something. Just not by me.

So, needless to say, when fellow blogger Tuxedo Cat posted a photo of the NEW (not even on their website yet) gluten-free pesto supreme pizza … I waited outside Greenstar, our local food co-op, the next morning at 7:29 am.


From the above photo you probably can see that it looks exactly like MY meat-free gluten-free pepper and onion pizza (check out other posts on this blog, or follow me on Twitter). This pizza is twinning my pizza.

But, the fact that this store-bought, pre-built, loaded. pesto supreme pizza is available in the freezer section of my local co-op already made… is just shy of a miracle. This thin-crust pie is delicious.

I’m talking really delicious.

A perfect blend of vegetables, cheese, pesto sauce, and a gluten-free meat alternative? Fuggedaboutit.

How good is it? Jen has an aversion to all things fake and hasn’t had an urge to try one of my pizzas. She also avoids processed foods whenever possible and very rarely engages in the same sinful decadence of vegan junk food overindulgence that I enjoy … but she loves this pizza.

Most importantly though, since this pizza came from Tofurky, there may be an oven light at the end of this vital wheat gluten tunnel. Maybe this is the first of many products that they’ll roll out that are gluten-free? Maybe they’ll start rethinking all their other products sans gluten?

Or …

Maybe they will read this blog post and hold a special meeting in the big boardroom at the Turtle Island Foods headquarters in Hood River, Oregon, and have agenda item #1: “Replace vital wheat gluten in all our products with a gluten-free alternative. All in favor. Say aye.”

Aye! It’s unanimous.

Go, Tofurky and …

Go vegan.


10 thoughts on “Tofurky! You Did It! Gluten-free Vegan Pesto Pizza Goodness!

  1. fred

    i used to live on vital wheat gluten/ seitan, until a few years back after discovering the pain in my lower front left quadrant was a negative reaction to gluten. man, if somebody could come up with a gluten free seitan, i would truly be the happiest man.
    and why is everyone so down on soy, except for an allergic reaction? discovered tofu in 1980, eating it pretty much every day since in every conceivable way i can come up with, tempeh 3-4 times a week, miso pretty much every day as well. don’t care for store bought soy milk. used to love eden foods soy milk, a basic honest clean drink until i discovered the owner is a homophobic bigot. have been a vegan for 46+ years, still have a full head of hair at 59, am strong and athletic, have more energy than i know what to do with.
    i do avoid soy protein isolate after i read it was conceived as a packaging material. my partners new toyota had over $3000 in damage after mice had gotten up inside the car and eaten away at all the wiring as the casing is made with soy protein isolate, so it is edible and apparently quite delicious. good to know i guess if we ever get caught in a snowstorm.
    and, oh yeah, the reason for your blog, the pizza. it does sound good, will have to see if the rochester co-op carries it, pretty sure wegmans will.


    • As always, thanks for commenting. To fuel the conspiracy fire about soy, I am 100% sure any negative news or health reports is backed by big meat. 100%. They are terrified at the prospect of such a high protein, versatile, replacement.

      Everyone I know who is an omnivore who finds out I’m vegan, immediately starts taking about the dangers of soy.

      It’s a bean.

      They try to validate their free-range, grass-fed, humanely-killed diets.


  2. Pat

    I’ bought it after coming upon it at Good Health in Quincy. MA. I was so shocked I had to stare it for 10 minutes and examine it closely to be sure I hadn’t MIS-read that it was Vegan and gluten-free And had sausage? Whaaaaat? Needless to say I bought it and LOVED it!! I can’t wait to have it again! I hope they DO make gluten green sausages as I used to love them before I went gluten free!!! Yay!


  3. Pat

    Lets start a petition mad email it to them – we want gluten-free sausages!! I miss the Italian one most- sooooo good! Oh yea and your idea of GF bologna- wow that would be something else! It’s been a while!


  4. soypainful

    Just bought this at a discount grocery store for $2.99. Cool to find a vegetarian fake meat product that’s also gluten-free. Unfortunately for me it IS lots of soy and no dairy. Luckily I can eat dairy without too much issue, but not soy.
    What’s the problem with soy? Well for many it’s not digestible. I am one of the many. Soy products have given me stomach pains and worse since before I even knew what a food sensitivity was. Seriously, I can’t be around other humans when I eat soy. But little worry as the stomach pains make me unlikely to eat it.
    And soy, like wheat, makes me break out in cystic acne.
    Still, I bought the pizza and will try it. I’ll just make sure to have it when I plan on being home alone all night.


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