Will I Grow a Vagina from Eating Too Much Tofu?



Q: Will I grow a vagina from eating too much tofu?

A: That is a valid question. Let’s explore. Tofu, derived from soy, is an excellent source of protein in the vegan diet, as well as a very versatile ingredient in so many dishes. From silken to firm, this white block of goodness takes on whatever personality you ask it to and, when cooked to perfection, adds a delicious bite to any recipe.

However, as any meat eater will tell you, there are certain risks associated with eating too much tofu (soy). So much so, that any time I actually tell someone that I eat tofu, they are suddenly nutritionists who warn me against the adverse health consequences of eating tofu/soy. Or, worse yet, they learn about the little known side effect of men eating too much tofu:


Supposedly, tofu acts like a super-charged estrogen that when men eat too much of it, they start to form breasts and could begin to grow a vagina. Of course, there are risks and side effects associated with everything we eat, so why should tofu be any different and why should they care?

It’s because soy/tofu poses the biggest threat to big meat.

I’ll say that again because it’s actually pretty clever and would make an excellent t-shirt: tofu poses the biggest threat to big meat.

The industry doesn’t want consumers to have access to viable protein sources. Once we all discover new sources of protein (and regular sources of B12), it’s over. The meat, dairy, and egg industries will feel the pinch — more than they already are. Also, soy is so readily available and versatile that it can be used in place of any meat.

As much as omnivores have had it drilled into them that meat isn’t bad for them and you need milk for calcium and eggs for protein, they are also being fed half-truths about soy. Think about it, if there were an alternative food for everything meat (and dairy), the only reason people would continue to eat those foods would be that they hate animals.

Is there a limit to how much soy you should consume? Of course, there is a limit to how much of anything you should consume (even water). Dr. Greger, of NutritionFacts.org, recommends no more than 3-5 servings per day. That’s a lot of tofu. You can listen to his research in this video and lay to rest once and for all that tofu causes growavaginaitis.

In fact, soy has some decidedly incredible health advantages you can’t find in other foods. From Dr. Greger:

” … studies have repeatedly found that women who eat lots of soy appear to have a lower risk of getting breast cancer and a better risk of surviving breast cancer than those who don’t.”

So, grab an organic (non-GMO) brick of tofu and grill it, fry it, bake it, blend it, scramble it, slice it, press it, and enjoy it! Tofu is one of those foods that makes it easy to …

Go vegan.

Want more? The Skeptical Vegan comes out August 2017 from Skyhorse Publishing! Follow this blog for updates and more on the upcoming book release!


9 thoughts on “Will I Grow a Vagina from Eating Too Much Tofu?

  1. Also, several studies suggest that men who consume soy products have a lower rate of prostate cancer. Evidence suggests that the phytoestrogens in soy block the absorption of animal estrogens. This is the direct opposite of what we are hear via the meat and dairy apologist machine.


  2. Love tofu. Easy to make at home too, just as nut milks are. Tofu is coagulated soy milk, so concentrated protein much as cheese is — without the nasty side effects. No boob required either.

    My husband eats a lot of tofu, but it did the opposite to him. I could use an extra vagina. Perhaps I’ll up my intake.

    Great post as usual!


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