Vegan Cheese? Do You *Even* Know What’s In That!?


IMG_5700 I think one of the more interesting aspects about being vegan is the reaction you get from your friends who knew you as an omnivore their entire lives. They are very inquisitive about what I eat and, what I really love, are concerned about my health. Aside from the standard “where do you get your protein?” my favorite reaction is …

“You eat that? What’s in it anyway?”

My own mother is guilty of this. If I offer her vegan cheese, for example, she would immediately ask that question. What’s in it anyway? As if the vegan version of food is somehow terrible for you and you should question every ingredient. Where this becomes particularly hilarious to me is that she never once asked me what was in anything I ate when I was an omnivore. Ever.

So now for her, and all the other curious and concerned…

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3 thoughts on “Vegan Cheese? Do You *Even* Know What’s In That!?

  1. You have such a beautiful mind. I actually have had to answer this question about a vegan queso
    I made. “Well if it’s not cheese what is it then?” Asked in a rather snotty tone. To which I replied,”Lots of good things, it’s called flavor.” As if I have chemicals laying around the kitchen to cook with that she needed to be concerned about. Yup, not cheese at all.


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