MeatyVegan Exclusive: Interview with Film Star Lexi Love



Why shouldn’t a follow-up vegan celebrity interview with Rob Bigwood be none other than multi-award-winning entertainer Lexi Love. Model, actress, and star of countless adult films and music videos; Lexi Love also happens to be vegan.

Lexi was nice enough to answer a few questions about being vegan and offers us an exclusive glimpse into her life and into her refrigerator.

MV: How long have you been vegan and what inspires you to stay vegan?

LL: I’ve been Vegan for 8 years, it’s the way I live. I hope to inspire others to eat healthier through a vegan diet.

MV: I know Riley Reid is also vegan, do you know any other actors in the industry who are vegan?

LL: I don’t know Riley Reid, and I haven’t made films in years, but if she has a twitter I’m going to follow her and add her to my Vegan list.

MV: What is your favorite vegan food and what non-vegan food do you miss the most?

LL: Favorite food is a toss up between kale, Chanterelle mushrooms, and vegan pizza. Most non-vegan foods have been replicated or are able to be replicated … so now there’s really nothing to miss.

MV: What would we find in your refrigerator right now?

LL: Fresh homemade vegetable juices, lots of greens such as mâché rosettes and kale, fresh fruit, gluten-free vegan bread, Daiya cheese, Braggs apple cider vinegar and amino acids, daRosario Organics truffle vegan mayonnaise, Chanterelle mushrooms, and raw cashew butter.

MV: Do they have craft services on your film sets? Do they provide you with vegan options?

LL: When craft services were available on set, they’d always make a special meal for me. Every set I’ve worked on, craft services or not, always kindly accommodated my Veganism.

MV: What “level” vegan are you? Do you still wear leather? Do you sometimes wear leather for your films?

LL: I don’t wear leather jackets, I gave them all away years ago. I still wear leather shoes until more options become available. I read labels on items I purchase to see what they are made of and won’t buy them if they are made from animal skin or other parts. The producers and directors I have worked with have always been willing to work with me on wardrobe and have never tried to force me to wear anything.

MV: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

LL: I have a very cute iguana. Cats and dogs are great but unfortunately agitate my allergies.

MV: Did you see “Blackfish”?

LL: I haven’t watched any of the documentaries. I read a decent amount but don’t watch much of anything.

MV: Who is your celebrity crush? And what celebrity would you want to make dinner for?

LL: Since I don’t watch TV or go to the movies very often, or watch music videos, I don’t know enough about any particular celebrity to have a crush. But, if I was to make dinner for any celebrity I think I’d choose Prince.

MV: Do you ever hashtag #foodporn? Because that’s kind of ironic.

LL: No. I think it could be offensive to people who don’t enjoy porn and I wouldn’t want to push them away from healthy eating with a hashtag.

Bonus question: What’s next for Lexi Love?

The next place you will be seeing me is in Director’s Cut by Adam Rifkin and Penn Jillette. Which I am incredibly excited about :).

PS – Feel free to check out … they are awesome!

Watch for Lexi in the upcoming “Director’s Cut” and follow her on Twitter, “like”her on Facebook, and … of course …

Go vegan.

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