Kimchi, Our Vegan Dog


Kimchi, our poodle mix recently got her hair cut in time for a recent 80° day. The following day it snowed and was 20° and she needed a sweater. Welcome to an Ithaca spring.

When we went vegan we decided we would do what we could to have our companion animal vegan as well. In addition to loving her vegan dry dog food, she loves kale, bananas, apples, and gluten-free waffles. Pretty much everything every vegan eats.

Dogs are natural omnivores and can thrive on a plant-based diet just as easily as humans. All the required nutrition she needs can be found in plants and she has boundless energy can can jump at least four feet straight up in the air.

Kimchi was adopted three years ago from the Tompkins County SPCA, one of the nation’s premier no-kill shelters. When I started learning more about SPCA and no-kill facilities, it also happened to be the time that Nathan Winograd was the Director. He has since moved to California and continues to be a prominent voice in animal rights and celebrated author.

“Millions of healthy animals are [killed] in shelters every year. Nathan Winograd wants that reduced to zero … Winograd is helping to save thousands, even millions.” – Reader’s Digest

Kimchi would have loved Nathan (and she loves, Jim, the current director who helped place her in our home). In addition to barking whenever someone walks into a shared hallway, Kimchi loves to frolic across all of Cornell University and is friends with all the other dogs on West Campus. Duncan, Pepper, Molly, and others love to spend time with Kimchi and are constantly asking her where she gets her protein.

She ignores them.

Go vegan.

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2 thoughts on “Kimchi, Our Vegan Dog

    • Dear Cowgirl,

      Thank you for commenting and for the recommendation. Kimchi hasn’t tried that brand yet but I’ll look into it for her since she cannot use a computer.

      Since she’s a dog.


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