The One-Day Vegan Challenge: Making it Easy on the Omnivores



My birthday is this Sunday. I’ve always loved my birthday, pretty much since the day I was born. My Mom always tells a story about me being a little boy growing up and being happy with anything. Didn’t have to be a toy. I just found happiness in anything and everything. I was always grateful. These days I am still that way and I’m feeling happier than ever. In fact, for my birthday this year I really only want one thing:

For you to be vegan for one day.

This Sunday, April 6th, in honor of that historic day in Queens, New York, I want you to go vegan. If you’re already vegan (which many of my followers are), please pass this challenge along to the omnivores in your life. One day. Sunday brunch through Sunday dinner.

This is very different than the popular Meatfree Monday (which I love, by the way and is a perfect follow up to this Vegan Sunday) because being vegan also means not consuming dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.) or eggs. Drink your coffee black or splash in delicious vanilla coconut creamer. Make rugged roasted potatoes with thick cut onions and rosemary. Make a tofu scramble or retrofit that scramble into a quiche. Eat fruit. Vegetables. Oatmeal with brown sugar. Or, finally check out that vegan restaurant you’ve been avoiding. Trust me, you won’t go hungry.

This also means for this one day set aside your wool socks and leather belt and dress like a vegan (which is jeans, t-shirt, and canvas shoes, if you’d like). From the moment you wake up on Sunday … be vegan.

Think about what you are eating, wearing, doing, saying, and thinking.

For one day.

If you’ll do this for me, for my birthday, I will be even happier than I already am. Let me know you’re up for the challenge, or you have convinced someone to try it by commenting here on my blog (or, comment on Monday to let me know how it went).

Go vegan (for one day).

8 thoughts on “The One-Day Vegan Challenge: Making it Easy on the Omnivores

  1. DetoxMama

    My eating style is basically: I’m vegan all day and paleo at dinner. Challenge accepted. From one Queens kid to another. Happy birthday!


  2. mhaithaca

    Actually, when I saw your post on Facebook about wanting a motorcycle for your birthday, I thought about saying, “No, but I can be vegan for a day.” Hadn’t even seen this.

    I can be vegan for a day.


  3. Mark,

    You’re the best! Let me know how it goes. Keep track of everything you do and eat and report back to me. I know you’ve been a supporter of this blog since the beginning and I’d love to think that you could guest blog/let others know about your experience.

    Meanwhile, I guess the motorcycle will have to wait.



    • mhaithaca

      Happy to write a guest post! Looking forward to planning an interesting menu for the day. I do know there are some good vegan brunches around town.

      The vegan belt I bought years ago fell apart a while back, but it occurs to me I have a nylon belt I can wear.


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