10 Questions with Gene Baur




Your organization, Farm Sanctuary, is a farm in what sense?

It’s a farm in the sense that it has barns and pastures and fields. We grow hay for the animals, but it’s primarily a sanctuary, a place where animals get to live out their lives.

Like a Florida for livestock?

Kind of, but most farm animals who are raised and slaughtered in the U.S. are killed when they’re a few weeks or months old. You know, the only native farm animal in North America is the turkey. Turkeys have been so profoundly altered that they cannot even reproduce naturally anymore. And they grow so fast and so large that their hearts and their legs have a hard time supporting them. For some, it would be better if they were not born.

You’re a vegan. Isn’t it possible to eat eggs or wear wool without harming anything?

Whenever animals are…

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