If You Stop Selling Cigarettes in Drugstores, Shouldn’t You Stop Selling Meat?


MarlboroRecently the Tobacco-free campaign where I live has been plastering the buses and the radio with the “duh” messaging about selling cigarettes in drugstores. Why would drugstores still sell cigarettes when they also sell the drugs and medications to both help quit as well as deal with the nasty side effects and diseases of smoking?

Why does my gym give away free pizza and bagels?

They have a captive consumer that completes the “circle of death.” Drug companies (and doctors) rely on sick people to survive. Healthy people contribute nothing to the global economy so let’s keep Americans ill.

CVS drugstores this year made the very smart decision, in spite of the fact they will lose billions in revenue, to stop selling cigarettes. The pressure from the public and the obvious disconnect in this messaging will eventually force other drugstores to follow suit and stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products. This is a very good move forward toward a healthier nation.

But when will the public, and these very same retailers, make the same connection with meat, eggs, and dairy?

The headline for an article that was heavily circulated this week reads: “Diets high in meat, eggs and dairy could be as harmful to health as smoking.” You can read the entire article here but the basic message is in the headline. Meat, eggs, and dairy cause cancer. When you see someone smoking, you imagine their lungs suffering. When you see someone drinking, you think about their liver deteriorating. But, how many people watch someone eating a burger or bacon and think to themselves: “hmm … he’s going to get cancer … probably shouldn’t eat that …”

It’s just not as obvious.

I’ve said it previous posts, I believe in my lifetime there will be warning labels on meat, eggs, and dairy. These foods are actually causing more cancer, and other horrible diseases, than smoking will ever cause, but, alas, you can still buy them at your local drugstore. Of course there is a solution for all of this …

Go vegan.

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